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"Majestic Poetry "
by Thelma Cunningham | Genre: Fiction
Poetry Love, Spiritual, Everyday Messages, Jingles
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A Home For Christmas, The Sweetest Gift / A Christmas Angel by Mary Connealy A Home For Christmas
by Mary Connealy | Genre: Fiction

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An Amish Wedding,  by Beth Wiseman An Amish Wedding
by Beth Wiseman | Genre: Fiction
Three best-selling authors. Three possible brides. Three separate tales. They come together for an Amish wedding. Priscilla King has dreamed of being married to Chester Lapp since she was sixteen. With the help of her sister Naomi’s matchmaking skills, ...
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Athera's Dawn,  by Christopher Hopper Athera's Dawn
by Christopher Hopper | Genre: Fiction
Those in deepest darkness fight most valiantly for the light. Hard pressed on every side, the Dibor struggle to overcome insurmountable odds in an effort not just to regain territory, but to survive. In addition to the growing ranks of the taken, ...
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Being George Washington, The Indispensable Man, as You've Never Seen Him by Glenn Beck Being George Washington
by Glenn Beck | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW GEORGE WASHINGTON, THINK AGAIN. This is the amazing true story of a real-life superhero who wore no cape and possessed no special powers—yet changed the world forever. His life reads as if it were torn from the pages of an action ...
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Courageous,  by Randy Alcorn Courageous
by Randy Alcorn | Genre: Fiction
From the creators of Fireproof comes an inspiring new story about everyday heroes who long to be the kinds of dads that make a lifelong impact on their children. As law enforcement officers, Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes, and their partners willingly stand ...
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Every Body Matters,  by Gary Thomas Every Body Matters
by Gary Thomas | Genre: Christian Living
Every Body Matters explores how positively addressing our physical condition can lead to a fortified soul better able to serve and love others. Through confessional and engaging stories of people who intentionally got physically fit as a way to grow spiritually, ...
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Financial Sozo,  by STEPHEN DE SILVA Financial Sozo
by STEPHEN DE SILVA | Genre: Finance
Financial Sozo is a tool designed for leaders and Sozo ministers who want to delve deeper into the important area of financial deliverance. Building on the work of the Sozo ministry, Stephen DeSilva explains what is going on behind the scenes in his popular ...
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Forgotten Memories,  by Jansina Forgotten Memories
by Jansina | Genre: Fiction
Ella became a goal-driven woman before it was fashionable, or even acceptable. In spite of her mother's constant admonitions, Ella rejects the expectations put upon the “young ladies” of the 1950s. Her life will be decided only by her own choices, and ...
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Heaven is for Real for Kids: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back,  by Todd Burpo Heaven is for Real for Kids: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back
by Todd Burpo | Genre: Childrens Books
Colton Burpo came back from his trip to heaven with a very important message: Jesus really, really loves children. In an effort to reach even more families with this eternally significant story, this runaway bestseller is now told from Colton-kid to kids! ...
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Heresy: A History of Defending the Truth,  by Alister McGrath Heresy: A History of Defending the Truth
by Alister McGrath | Genre: Christian Living
Historian and theologian McGrath believes that heresy has become fashionable. More than that, contemporary Western society considers it radical and innovative, perhaps even cool. This attitudinal change he sees reflected by the renewed surge of interest ...
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Invasion,  (C.H.A.O.S. Series #1) by Jon S. Lewis Invasion
by Jon S. Lewis | Genre: Teens
He didn't ask to be a hero, but now all that stands between us and chaos . . . is Colt. Colt McAlister was having the summer of his life. He spent his days surfing and his nights playing guitar on the beach with friends. He even met a girl and got ...
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Longing,  by Karen Kingsbury Longing
by Karen Kingsbury | Genre: Fiction
Longing, book three in the Bailey Flanigan Series, picks up where Learning ended. After a long and lonely silence from Cody Coleman, Bailey Flanigan becomes closer to her one-time Hollywood co-star, Brandon Paul. Nights on the town in New York City and ...
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Love's Surprise,  by Karen Ball Love's Surprise
by Karen Ball | Genre: Fiction
In this collection of three whimsical and fresh stories of romance in unusual settings, Karen Ball's writing will delight readers of all ages and in every season. Infused with love, tenderness and humor, the stories are threaded together with common characters ...
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Made to Crave Devotional, 60 Days to Craving God, Not Food by Lysa TerKeurst Made to Crave Devotional
by Lysa TerKeurst | Genre: Devotions
Last year, author Lysa TerKeurst released the book Made to Crave, providing the Biblical answer to why people diet, regain the weight they lose, and continue to find themselves stuck in this vicious cycle. Made to Crave helped thousands of people finally ...
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Muted Grey,  by Dianna Young Muted Grey
by Dianna Young | Genre: Christian Living
In a world where black and white has turned a muddy shade of grey... WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU DISCOVERED THE PATH YOU HAD CHOSEN FOR YOUR LIFE HAD BEEN BASED UPON LIES? "She'd had the dream again, that recurring nightmare which she could never ...
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Noah Primeval, Chronicles of the Nephilim Book I by Brian Godawa Noah Primeval
by Brian Godawa | Genre: Young Readers
The beloved story of Noah re-imagined for a new generation. This is the tale of an ancient world submerged in darkness. Fallen angels breed giants and monsters. Mankind is enslaved to evil. Noah, a tribal leader, has been prophesied to bring an end to ...
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Rally 'Round Green, The Green Series #4 by Judy Christie Rally 'Round Green
by Judy Christie | Genre: Fiction
Lois and Chris are eager to settle into a calm married life, but that won't happen. While Green continues to recover from a horrendous tornado, the state of Louisiana announces plans to close Green's schools, citing poor academic performance and the area's ...
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The Bride's Prerogative: Fergus, Idaho, Becomes Home to Three Mysteries Ending in Romances (Ladies' Shooting Club),  by Susan Page Davis The Bride's Prerogative: Fergus, Idaho, Becomes Home to Three Mysteries Ending in Romances (Ladies' Shooting Club)
by Susan Page Davis | Genre: Fiction
Enjoy all three of Susan Page Davis’s Wild West novels in one jumbo book. Gert Dooley organizes target practice for the women of Fergus, Idaho, but the shooting club soon becomes an integral part of solving a murder—and bringing the sheriff and Gert together. ...
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The Cloud and the Line, Alternative Thoughts On Religion (The Kingdom Trilogy, Book 2) by Paul Gibbs The Cloud and the Line
by Paul Gibbs | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
Does God have favorites? If not, then what is it that affects the way He deals with us? Is there more to Christianity than the dos and don'ts of religion? How can we live above the line and why should we want to? The Cloud and the Line addresses these ...
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The Encounter,  by Stephen Arterburn The Encounter
by Stephen Arterburn | Genre: Fiction
The past can be a dark and haunting place - full of secrets and mysteries too deep, too painful to confess. For Jonathan Rush, a wealthy and famous entrepreneur, this is an agonizing and startling reality - one he never knew existed in his life until ...
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The Errant King,  by Wayne, T. Batson The Errant King
by Wayne, T. Batson | Genre: Teens
Deep in the caves of the distant Hinderlands, an ancient menace stirs. Townsfolk shudder at violent memories of The Red Queen and even dare to whisper the name Raudrim. At the same time, word comes to Alastair that Cythraul has at last resurfaced, seeking ...
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The Joshua Covenant,  by Diane and David Munson The Joshua Covenant
by Diane and David Munson | Genre: Fiction
Hang on for a thrilling ride as CIA agent Bo Rider moves his family to Israel after years of clandestine spying around the world. As he serves America’s Embassy using his real name, a menacing plot jeopardizes Bo and his family. God’s ancient covenants ...
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THE LUCADO INSPIRATIONAL READER: Hope and Encouragement for Your Everyday Life,  by Max Lucado THE LUCADO INSPIRATIONAL READER: Hope and Encouragement for Your Everyday Life
by Max Lucado | Genre: Christian Living
For more than 25 years, Max Lucado has walked with us through life's journey. With wisdom, grace, and compassion, he's covered topics like salvation and victory. Comfort and the cross. God's love and ultimate grace. The Lucado Inspirational Reader ...
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Turnabout's Fair Play (The Matchmakers),  by Kaye Dacus Turnabout's Fair Play (The Matchmakers)
by Kaye Dacus | Genre: Fiction
Acclaimed author Kaye Dacus will provide you with hours of humor, romance, and inspirational reading with book 3 of The Matchmakers series. When Maureen O’Connor begins scheming to match her grandson Jamie with Flannery McNeill, the last thing she has ...
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