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365 Things Every Successful Leader Should Know,  by John Edmund Haggai 365 Things Every Successful Leader Should Know
by John Edmund Haggai | Genre: Christian Living
Renowned leader John Haggai has instructed many on the enduring characteristics and principles at the core of successful leadership. Now his leadership wisdom has been distilled in this collection of 365 pithy sayings sure to inspire and motivate readers. Here ...
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A Dream for Hannah, (Hannah's Heart Series #1) by Jerry S. Eicher A Dream for Hannah
by Jerry S. Eicher | Genre: Fiction
Having grown up in the Amish faith, author Jerry Eicher (over 100,000 copies in combined sales) treats his fast-growing readership to his firsthand knowledge in A Dream for Hannah. Hannah Miller’s Amish faith is solid. Her devotion to her family and ...
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A Hope for Hannah, (Hannah's Heart Series #2) by Jerry S. Eicher A Hope for Hannah
by Jerry S. Eicher | Genre: Fiction
Growing more popular with each new novel (over 100,000 copies in combined sales), author Jerry Eicher continues the Hannah series with this intriguing glimpse into a young Amish couple’s early marriage. Hannah Byler is now married. She and Jake live ...
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A Reluctant Queen,  by Joan Wolf A Reluctant Queen
by Joan Wolf | Genre: Fiction
You know the Bible story. Now discover the love story. Experience the intimate, profoundly stirring story of Esther, a simple Jewish girl, and the Great King of Persia, who finds in her the companion of his soul. In this meticulously researched ...
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All of Grace, (Moody Classics) by Charles H. Spurgeon All of Grace
by Charles H. Spurgeon | Genre: Christian Living
C. H. Spurgeon writes, “Only God can justify the ungodly, but He can do it to perfection. He casts our sins behind His back; He blots them out. He says that though they be sought for, they shall not be found.” In an age of limited travel and isolated ...
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An old-fashioned girl. --,  by Louisa May Alcott An old-fashioned girl. --
by Louisa May Alcott | Genre: Fiction
This is an EXACT reproduction of a book published before 1923. This IS NOT an OCR'd book with strange characters, introduced typographical errors, and jumbled words. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, ...
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Angels & Idols,  by Regie Hamm Angels & Idols
by Regie Hamm | Genre: Worldview
Those interested in reading the remarkable story behind the new music, will want to pick-up Regie Hamm’s new book, Angels & Idols, now available nationally in bookstores from Tate Publishing. Both the CD and the book are available at major retail outlets ...
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As I See It: Thoughts on Current Issues and Things That Matter From a Biblical Perspective,  by Greg Laurie As I See It: Thoughts on Current Issues and Things That Matter From a Biblical Perspective
by Greg Laurie | Genre: Christian Living
Because Life Matters. Of course it does. Not just life in general, but your life, today. The decisions you make, the words you speak, the faith you exercise, and the perspective you bring to the next 24 hours can literally shape your eternity. There are ...
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Back on Murder, (A Roland March Mystery) by J. Mark Bertrand Back on Murder
by J. Mark Bertrand | Genre: Fiction
Det. Roland March is a homicide cop on his way out. But when he's the only one at a crime scene to find evidence of a missing female victim, he's given one last chance to prove himself. Before he can crack the case, he's transferred to a new one that ...
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Because He Loves Me, How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life by Elyse Fitzpatrick Because He Loves Me
by Elyse Fitzpatrick | Genre: Christian Living
God’s love has the power to change lives. Christians, then, should exhibit the greatest transformation of all because, rightly understood and cherished, God’s love makes them increasingly more like the One who has lavished his love on them. So why ...
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Betrayed By God?, Making Sense Of Your Expectations by Shana Schutte Betrayed By God?
by Shana Schutte | Genre: Christian Living
Heartbreak. Disappointment. Betrayal. These are words every woman is familiar with. They may have first been experienced in high school, when one young teen loses her best friend because of a silly fight. Or in college, when a supposedly-perfect boyfriend ...
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Between God and Me, A Journey through Proverbs by Vicki Courtney Between God and Me
by Vicki Courtney | Genre: Bible Study
Vicki Courtney speaks timeless truth to school-age girls in a modern language they understand. Her TeenVirtue and TeenVirtue: Confidential releases won ECPA Christian Book Awards while Between (for ages 8 to 12) landed on the industry’s young adult best ...
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Beyond the Cosmos: What Recent Discoveries in Astrophysics Reveal about the Glory and Love of God,  by Hugh Ross Beyond the Cosmos: What Recent Discoveries in Astrophysics Reveal about the Glory and Love of God
by Hugh Ross | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
New and updated Third Edition from Hugh Ross. Since the publication of "Beyond the Cosmos" first and second editions, scientists have made even more discoveries substantially strengthening the evidence for general relativity (hence for a transcendent ...
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Demon,  by Tosca Lee Demon
by Tosca Lee | Genre: Fiction
“One day...I realized that being angelic and fallen was very similar to being human and fallen—except for one major difference: the provision of a messiah. I immediately wondered what it must feel like to be unquestionably damned—and worse, to watch humans ...
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Double Take: A Novel,  by Melody Carlson Double Take: A Novel
by Melody Carlson | Genre: Fiction
It's spring break of her senior year and Madison Van Buren is fed up. Stressed over Ivy League pressure, her parents' marital problems, and her boyfriend's neglect, Madison gets in her car and drives west. Meanwhile, eighteen-year-old Anna Bronner wants ...
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Driftwood Lane,  by Denise Hunter Driftwood Lane
by Denise Hunter | Genre: Fiction

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Enemies of the Heart,  by Andy Stanley Enemies of the Heart
by Andy Stanley | Genre: Church Life
Divorce. Job loss. Estrangement from family members. Broken friendships. The difficult circumstances you are dealing with today are likely being fed by one of four emotional forces that compels you to act in undesirable ways, sometimes even against ...
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Evangelism Is . . .: How to Share Jesus with Passion and Confidence,  by Dave Earley Evangelism Is . . .: How to Share Jesus with Passion and Confidence
by Dave Earley | Genre: Christian Living
Evangelism Is . . . contains forty brief chapters of high-octane, rut-breaking equipment, empowerment, and encouragement for all who are ready to share Jesus more passionately and confidently with others. Each call-toaction entry stands alone but can ...
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Firestarter,  by Greg Stier Firestarter
by Greg Stier | Genre: Teens
"I woke up to find a text from Kailey. "I just became a Christian. Do u hate me?" "Of course I hate u," I texted back. "Have u told Jen and Nick yet?" Passionate, impulsive Kailey quickly jumed into her new Jesus thing feet first, sending sparks ...
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For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls: A Romance Mystery,  by Nancy Mehl For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls: A Romance Mystery
by Nancy Mehl | Genre: Fiction
In For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls, the wedding planner is dead, and Ivy is a suspect. Now the wedding of Ivy Towers and Deputy Sheriff Amos Parker is on hold -- along with their blissful future -- until Ivy can figure out just who nixed their nuptials. ...
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Futurecast, What Today's Trends Mean for Tomorrow's World by George Barna Futurecast
by George Barna | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
The world and culture are changing at a pace beyond anything ever seen in history. But where will all these changes lead? What’s in store for our government, economy, families, and churches? Between the Internet and other news media, we’re getting a lot ...
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God Can't Sleep, Waiting for Daylight on Life's Dark Nights by Palmer Chinchen God Can't Sleep
by Palmer Chinchen | Genre: Christian Living
A new book by Palmer Chinchen that will radically change the way you think about pain, sorrow, and hope. God has a better way -- and it's beautiful. This book is for everyone who has... lost a job moved out of state been sick had a teenager rebel cried been ...
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God's Shelter for Your Storm,  by Sheila Walsh God's Shelter for Your Storm
by Sheila Walsh | Genre: Womens Interest
In a world of uncertainty, pain, and struggle, where do you go to find solid and steadfast assurance? Gifted Women of Faith® speaker Sheila Walsh offers powerful, heart-filled teaching on ten bedrock promises of God, providing the foundation for daily ...
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Hello, I Love You, Adventures in Adoptive Fatherhood by Ted Kluck Hello, I Love You
by Ted Kluck | Genre: Parenting
There is perhaps no feeling lonelier than that of being a stranger in a strange land -- an experience many adoptive parents know well. Touching down in a crowded airport, with tens of thousands of dollars in cash strapped around your waist, to pay people ...
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Holiness, Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties and Roots by J. C. Ryle Holiness
by J. C. Ryle | Genre: Christian Living
J.C. Ryle’s Holiness has imparted a standing challenge to Christians for 130 years. In this new, slimmed-down series of excerpts from Ryle’s masterwork, we aim to present his original message to a whole new generation. Holiness, Ryle argued, was not simply ...
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Hopeful Heart,  by Kim Vogel Sawyer Hopeful Heart
by Kim Vogel Sawyer | Genre: Fiction
Awkward and clumsy Tressa Neill is devastated when her socialite aunt sends her west to Kansas in 1888 to attend a new school that trains young ladies to be wives to hardworking ranchers. But Tressa soon finds that she is quite handy at practical matters ...
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I Know I'm Not Alone (Turning Points),  by Janice Hanna I Know I'm Not Alone (Turning Points)
by Janice Hanna | Genre: Fiction
Find yourself in a season of singleness? Need some comfort, encouragement, and advice for this transition? Look no further than Turning Points for divorced women, an inspirational roadmap to help you find new direction, power, contentment, and joy! Written ...
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Las 21 Oraciones Mas Efectivas de la Biblia: 21 Most Effective Prayers of the Bible (Spanish Edition),  by Dave Earley Las 21 Oraciones Mas Efectivas de la Biblia: 21 Most Effective Prayers of the Bible (Spanish Edition)
by Dave Earley | Genre: Christian Living
Enseñanza bíblica oportuna y alentadora con un estilo informal y fácil para el lector: así es la serie Las 21… del escritor Dave Earley. Dos de los populares títulos de Earley—Las 21 Oraciones Más Efectivas de la Biblia y 21 Razones por las que Suceden ...
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Love Finds You in Groom, Texas,  by Janice Hanna Love Finds You in Groom, Texas
by Janice Hanna | Genre: Fiction
Always the groomsman, never the groom… It’s 1914, and Jake O’Farrell has gained an unusual reputation among the locals: He’s played the roles of groomsman and best man in all four of his older brothers’ weddings, but he’s never been able to find the woman ...
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Love is Patient: A Sun-Kissed Romance (Thorndike Press Large Print Christian Fiction),  by Cathy Marie Hake Love is Patient: A Sun-Kissed Romance (Thorndike Press Large Print Christian Fiction)
by Cathy Marie Hake | Genre: Fiction
Love Blossoms in Unexpected Places A couple seeks love and romance along California's sun-kissed shores. But will the insecurities brought on by life's disappointments beach their hopes? Vanessa's heart does a flip-flop when Nathan and his son walk ...
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Love On A Dime,  by Cara Lynn James Love On A Dime
by Cara Lynn James | Genre: Fiction
Turn-of-the-century novelist Lilly Westbrook learns that being faithful to her calling means more than just putting pen to paper. In 1899, she struggles to conceal her career from family and friends because of the stigma attached to dime novels. She finds ...
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Loving God with All Your Mind Interactive Workbook,  by Elizabeth George Loving God with All Your Mind Interactive Workbook
by Elizabeth George | Genre: Womens Interest
An exciting new resource for use with Elizabeth George's best-selling book Loving God with All Your Mind (more than 250,000 copies sold)--this interactive workbook is designed for use with the dynamic DVD presentation! The more a Christian woman loves ...
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Mere Churchianity, Finding Your Way Back to Jesus-Shaped Spirituality by Michael Spencer Mere Churchianity
by Michael Spencer | Genre: Christian Living
Jesus has gotten lost in institutional Christianity. Those who have left the church to find Jesus are on the right track. Pastors and other Christian leaders have long known that a generation is missing from the pews on Sunday morning. Impressive ...
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Out of the Spin Cycle, Devotions to Lighten Your Mother Load by Jen Hatmaker Out of the Spin Cycle
by Jen Hatmaker | Genre: Devotions
Following Jesus shouldn't be just one more thing to do Motherhood sometimes feels like a list of expectations. You may be busy or even overwhelmed. But you are also strong and brilliant. And here's a secret: a lot of those things on your list of expectations ...
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Overcoming Lust of the Flesh,  by Kyle Searcy Overcoming Lust of the Flesh
by Kyle Searcy | Genre: Christian Living
Overcoming Lust of the Flesh is a timely book on the often misunderstood sin of lust. In this book, Kyle Searcy thoroughly explores the topic of lust from its origin to its defeat. Through scriptures and personal testimonies, many misconceptions about ...
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Ozark Weddings: The Hills Are Alive with the Ring of Romance,  by Janice Hanna Ozark Weddings: The Hills Are Alive with the Ring of Romance
by Janice Hanna | Genre: Fiction
Take a journey into the Ozarks where romance disrupts the lives of three women. Larkspur Wendell s new neighbor Everett Holden is more interested in his computer than communication. Will Larkspur s zest for life draw the reclusive Everett out of his shell ...
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Priceless,  by Tom Davis Priceless
by Tom Davis | Genre: Fiction
Photojournalist Stuart Daniels has found purpose in life. After suffering the fallout of a tragic assignment, Daniels rediscovered his faith while helping a young African orphan. Now his photo work carries a greater mission: To educate people about social ...
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Ransome's Crossing, (The Ransome Trilogy) by Kaye Dacus Ransome's Crossing
by Kaye Dacus | Genre: Fiction
Set in the early 1800s, this captivating, romantic second book of the Ransome Trilogy from author Kaye Dacus unfolds with the grace, power, and excitement of an ocean storm. Charlotte Ransome, desperate to reach Jamaica to see her secret fiancé, disguises ...
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Seductive Delusions, Exposing Lies About Sex by Gerard Henry Seductive Delusions
by Gerard Henry | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
In Seductive Delusions, Gerard Henry addresses one of the most important topics of this millennium--sexuality and the new sexual ethic. Henry emphasizes how the bombardment of sexual images on TV, billboards, the Internet and other forms of media continually ...
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Soaking 101,  by Faith Blatchford Soaking 101
by Faith Blatchford | Genre: Christian Living
Encountering God Series Book 1 You're invited to . . . Get Soaked! "Faith Blatchford reveals profound keys in a simple manner that will unlock deeper realms of God in your life. It left me wanting more of Him." - Joaquin Evans Director Healing ...
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Summer Dream, Seasons of the Heart by Martha Rogers Summer Dream
by Martha Rogers | Genre: Fiction
The first book in the Seasons of the Heart series is set in Connecticut in 1888, the year of what historians call “The White Hurricane.” The story reveals the power of God’s love to change lives and heal hearts. Summer Dream tells of a young couple’s ...
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Take Four, (Above the Line Series #4) by Karen Kingsbury Take Four
by Karen Kingsbury | Genre: Fiction
In Take Four, after Chase Ryan returns to his family and a job in his hometown, filmmakers Keith Ellison and Dayne Matthews finally ink a deal to have the nation's top young actor star in their current film. But at the same time, the actor takes a very ...
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The Breath of Life, A Christian Exploration of Personhood by Bob Smietana The Breath of Life
by Bob Smietana | Genre: Christian Living
Author Bob Smietana explores life issues in an irenic way throughout The Breath of Life, honestly engaging the “other side” in the debate. But he isn't merely fair and measured; he also takes a stance. Through careful research and interviews with experts, ...
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The Dawkins Delusion?: Atheist Fundamentalism and the Denial of the Divine,  by Alister McGrath The Dawkins Delusion?: Atheist Fundamentalism and the Denial of the Divine
by Alister McGrath | Genre: Theology
When authors write books that criticize other books, they have usually already lost; the original book has set the agenda to which the critics respond, and the outcome is foretold. Not in this case. The McGraths expeditiously plow into the flank of Dawkins's ...
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The Gunsmith's Gallantry (Ladies' Shooting Club),  by Susan Page Davis The Gunsmith's Gallantry (Ladies' Shooting Club)
by Susan Page Davis | Genre: Fiction
Can the shy gunsmith and the widowed storekeeper find love when everything around them is in an uproar? Hiram Dooley has problems—women problems! His sister’s about to leave him to get married (if Sheriff Ethan Chapman ever proposes); his sister-in-law, ...
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The Heart of Remarriage,  by Gary Smalley The Heart of Remarriage
by Gary Smalley | Genre: Marriage & Relationships
Too often, couples enter remarriage unaware of potential problems and unprepared for the challenges stepfamily life will bring. The Heart of Remarriage takes a unique approach to success in remarriage by going straight to the heart, helping couples heal ...
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The Overcoming Life,  by D. L. Moody The Overcoming Life
by D. L. Moody | Genre: Christian Living
D. L. Moody writes, “It is like this. When a man enters the army, he is a member of the army the moment he enlists; he is just as much a member as a man who has been in the army ten or twenty years. But enlisting is one thing, and participating in a battle ...
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The Overton Window,  by Glenn Beck The Overton Window
by Glenn Beck | Genre: Fiction
A plan to destroy America, a hundred years in the making, is about to be unleashed . . . can it be stopped? There is a powerful technique called the Overton Window that can shape our lives, our laws, and our future. It works by manipulating public ...
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The Portable Patriot, Documents, Speeches, and Sermons That Compose the American Soul by Joel J. Miller The Portable Patriot
by Joel J. Miller | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
An accessible and unique collection of foundational American documents, speeches, and sermons that shed light on where we came from and where we might go. America is an ideal and a philosophy as much as a place. That ideal is an amalgam of the dreams ...
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The Prophecy Answer Book,  by David Jeremiah The Prophecy Answer Book
by David Jeremiah | Genre: Prophecy
For anyone curious about prophecy and the signs of the end times, this book links the pieces of the prophecy puzzle in plain, simple language. There are 1,000 prophecies in the Bible so it's natural to wonder, have any prophecies been fulfilled? Do ...
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The QuickNotes Dictionary of Bible Places (QuickNotes Commentaries),  by Pamela L. McQuade The QuickNotes Dictionary of Bible Places (QuickNotes Commentaries)
by Pamela L. McQuade | Genre: Bible Study
Get more from your personal Bible time by understanding the meaning and story behind some 1,100 Bible places. This QuickNotes Dictionary of Bible Places describes the number of times each name is mentioned; whether it’s found in the Old Testament, the ...
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The Secret of Guidance,  by F. B. Meyer The Secret of Guidance
by F. B. Meyer | Genre: Christian Living
F. B. Meyer writes, “The grace of purity and self-control, of fervent prayer and understanding in the Scriptures, of love for men and zeal for God, of lowliness and meekness, of gentleness and goodness—all is in Christ; and if Christ is in us, all is ...
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The Unshakable Truth, How You Can Experience the 12 Essentials of a Relevant Faith by Josh McDowell The Unshakable Truth
by Josh McDowell | Genre: Christian Living
The name Josh McDowell promises real-life, on-the-street Christian apologetics. McDowell, along with his son, Sean, draws on a lifetime of work to create this comprehensive handbook on what Christians believe, why they believe it, how it is relevant to ...
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The Witness,  by Josh McDowell The Witness
by Josh McDowell | Genre: Fiction
From Monte Carlo to Morocco to Egypt and into Petra, Marwan Accad is pursued by authorities for murders he did not commit. Tracked by advanced intelligence-surveillance technology, his every location is eventually found out, thrusting those he loves into ...
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True Religion, Taking Pieces of Heaven to Places of Hell on Earth by Palmer Chinchen True Religion
by Palmer Chinchen | Genre: Christian Living
Give your life away to change this world and God will change you…for the best. A rising voice in the missional movement, Palmer Chinchen challenges Christians to a new kind of spiritual formation—one focused on pouring out our life for others and radical ...
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Wake Up: Hip Hop Christianity and the Black Church,  by Cheryl Kirk-Duggan Wake Up: Hip Hop Christianity and the Black Church
by Cheryl Kirk-Duggan | Genre: Christian Living
First an expression of black urban youth, Hip Hop music continues to expand as a cultural expression of youth and, now, young adults more generally. As a cultural phenomenon, it has even become integral to the worship experience of a growing number of ...
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Walker's Wedding, (The Western Sky Series) by Lori Copeland Walker's Wedding
by Lori Copeland | Genre: Fiction
Bestselling author Lori Copeland (Outlaw’s Bride and A Kiss for Cade) weaves together elements of another classic Western romance with themes of redemption, forgiveness, and second chances. Abandoned by his fiancée hours before their wedding, Walker ...
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What God Really Thinks About Women, Finding Your Significance Through the Women Jesus Encountered by Sharon Jaynes What God Really Thinks About Women
by Sharon Jaynes | Genre: Womens Interest
Popular speaker, teacher, and author Sharon Jaynes (more than 235,000 copies sold) reveals the stories of women in the Bible who had meaningful encounters with Jesus. With her trademark biblical perspective, Sharon spends time with Jesus’ mother, Mary, ...
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