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by Aleathea Dupree | Genre: Fiction
Release Date: June 2010

“One day...I realized that being angelic and fallen was very similar to being human and fallen—except for one major difference: the provision of a messiah. I immediately wondered what it must feel like to be unquestionably damned—and worse, to watch humans luxuriate in and take for granted the grace made available to them from a doting God. And I thought: Why wouldn’t a fallen angelic creation resent a human recipient of God’s grace? And why wouldn’t a demon want to prove that creature unworthy again and again as a result? Now I knew what it must feel like to be an angelic outsider looking in with jealous eyes and...through this new lens Demon: A Memoir was born.” —Tosca Lee


"So few books rattle me to the core yet lift my hopes to the heavens in the same breath. Tosca Lee's Demon: A Memoir is a rare find that must be read."

Ted Dekker, New York Times best-selling author of the Circle Trilogy

"Wise, imaginative, funny and poetic, this is a book that lingers in memory after you've turned the last page."

Sophy Burnham, New York Times best-selling author of A Book of Angels

"Fresh, yet older than time. Years from now, we may find other books being compared to this one."

Eric Wilson, New York Times best-selling author of Fireproof

Previously published in 2007

Pages: 352
Format: Trade Paper
EAN/ISBN: 9781433668807
Publisher: B&H Fiction

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A must read | Posted January 08, 2009

Demon: A Memoir is the first work of fiction by Tosca Lee. In Demon, book editor Clay comes face to face with a fallen angel named Lucian. Lucian wanting to tell his story, chooses Clay who is hungry to write a best selling novel and sets upon him like the plague.
Lucian appears before Clay whenever and wherever he chooses, sometimes pre-warning Clay through the use of his computer calendar program and sometimes appearing where Clay least expects him. Lucian not only surprises Clay, but as a shape shifter of sorts, he takes on different human forms for every interaction so Clay can never recognize Lucian by sight.

As the story unfolds, Clay literally lives to hear Lucian tell his story of the angels fall from grace and the motivation behind demons in our world today—lives to get Lucian’s story on paper and in print, bringing fame and fortune to himself. Clay loses focus, forgets about his job, his life and finds himself adrift and failing in the game of life. Soon, Lucian’s story becomes Clay’s story, the very ending holding the potential to affect Clay’s eternal life.

Demon is one Christian novel that has generated many reviews touting the book. Terms like unique, a work of art, stunning, original, and mind-twisting are bandied about. Though Tosca Lee must appreciate and enjoy these reviews, not having read Demon myself, I imagined how this praise might work against her. Before I even opened the cover of Demon, the book had so much to live up to that I didn’t think it could possibly climb even half the length of the ladder of praise.

So with an open mind, I started Demon. I hadn’t finished the first chapter before I admired the strong prose—Lee’s wonderful way with words. As a writer, I appreciated the quality of her writing, her unique turn of a phrase. The story was unique not one to be found on the shelves in current Christian fiction.

But did the book live up to its press?

Yes, I have to say it lived up to and in one aspect even surpassed the reviews I’ve read. It wasn’t the superb writing, the pacing, or even the creativity that made Demon a winner for me, but it was the contemplative message that set my mind in motion and even months later continues to wrestle with the spiritual truths portrayed through this work of fiction. So if you want to read a well crafted novel that leaves you no option but to ponder the meaning of life, this is the novel for you.

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Don't let the title deter you. | Posted April 23, 2013
 Demon: A Memoir, by Tosca Lee, is one of those books that make you think. The title’s strong; it will draw you in or make you run away. If the title turns you away I urge you to read specifically about what led Lee to write this novel. The questions she asks are ones that you’ll wonder why you’ve never asked yourself. If it draws you in, let it continue to work its magic. This love story that God is so intricately writing, Lee retells in a way that you probably have never heard nor read; from the view-point of a demon. Maybe the least important aspect is how the demon feels, which is what propels the story--therefore making it the most important. Let me explain, through the demon’s story you will find your own. Lucian, the demon, is ravenously jealous over God’s love for humans who mess up repeatedly. This is why “it” wants to tell this story through an editor. The editor, who is cleverly named Clay, becomes wholly enthralled into this task. In the end he faces an ultimate decision, the same as us all. Clay symbolizes every one of us-- those who have heard of God’s love, of his sacrifice, and those who have not. Either way we all must make the same choice, or choose not to make it, that’s still a choice. I urge you to make the choice to read this book.

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pacemaker (319)
Rated 4 Stars

good book | Posted June 28, 2012
 if you want a good and scary and mysterious book to read, demon by tosca lee is the one for you. i really enjoyed this book and have shared it with a few of my friends who have liked it as well. go buy it now!

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From a clay creature | Posted October 26, 2010
Tosca Lee's Demon: A Memoir is a jaw-dropping novel of suspense and great intrigue. Lee's way with words is purely amazing, and the story moves at an equally remarkable rate.
Clay, a failed editor with a painful new life in the wake of his wife's divorce, meets a mysterious "man" in Boston, his hometown, at a local restaurant. This creature claims to be a fallen angel, a demon, called Lucian, who tells Clay that Clay must write down every word of what he says and publish it. Clay, not believing Lucian for a minute, challenges him, but Lucian proves to have either been planning a trick encounter for many years, or is genuinely who he claims to be. Lucian knows things about Clay's life that no one could possibly know, and his timing is laced with perfection. Clay, rather shaken up after Lucian leaves, goes home and lives in paranoia for the rest of his day, waiting to see if Lucian, this captivating yet terrifying entity, shows again as promised. Lucian is true to his word by the next day, making use of Clay's work calendar to warn him of his appearances. This time Clay meets Lucian in a large library, and a series of increasingly bizarre encounters ensue as Clay is compelled to write it all down. Soon in complete disarray, Clay is literally living his life for these tumultuous encounters. Lucian details his rather lengthy life story during the span of the meetings, always obsessed with time. The fallen angel tells of his fall from grace, his imprisonment on earth because of one wrong choice, watching humanity disregard El's sacred gift never offered to him. The fascinating story's finale is astounding, the characters are easy to identify with (particularly Clay), and as stated above, Lee's writing is magnificent. I can hardly wait until my hands hold her second novel, Havah: The Story of Eve.

Demon: A Memoir is an amazing work that I was unable to stop reading. The flow is perfect, the imagery that the novel produces with regards to many briefly covered events in Scripture is resonant with meaning, and the demon Lucian's well-painted hatred of humans seems well-motivated, about which I had always wondered. Now I see more clearly how the fallen angels are motivated to wreak havoc as they do, hating El's chosen creatures "made of clay; the dust of the ground". This novel is an imaginative, wonderful work illuminating several aspects of theology which are often overlooked.

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