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A Place for Truth: Leading Thinkers Explore Life's Hardest Questions  by Hugh Ross
Beyond the Cosmos: What Recent Discoveries in Astrophysics Reveal about the Glory and Love of God  by Hugh Ross
More Than a Theory Revealing a Testable Model for Creation by Hugh Ross

Why the Universe Is the Way It Is  by Hugh Ross
Creation As Science: A Testable Model Approach to End the Creation/evolution Wars  by Hugh Ross
Who Was Adam?: A Creation Model Approach to the Origin of Man  by Hugh Ross

A Matter of Days: Resolving a Creation Controversy  by Hugh Ross
Origins of Life: Biblical and Evolutionary Models Face Off  by Hugh Ross
Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men: A Rational Christian Look at Ufos and Extraterrestrials  by Hugh Ross

The Genesis Question: Scientific Advances and the Accuracy of Genesis  by Hugh Ross
The Creator and the Cosmos: How the Latest Scientific Discoveries of the Century Reveal God  by Hugh Ross
The Fingerprint of God: Recent Scientific Discoveries Reveal the Unmistakable Identity of the Creator  by Hugh Ross

The Creator and the Cosmos: How the Greatest Scientific Discoveries of the Century Reveal God  by Hugh Ross
Creation and Time: A Biblical and Scientific Perspective on the Creation-Date Controversy  by Hugh Ross

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    HUGH ROSS launched his career at age seven when he went to the library to find out why stars are hot. Physics and astronomy captured his curiosity and never let go. At age seventeen he was the youngest person ever to serve as director of observations for Vancouver's Royal Astronomical Society. With the help of a provincial scholarship and a National Research Council (NRC) of Canada fellowship, he completed his undergraduate degree in physics (University of British Columbia) and graduate degrees in astronomy (University of Toronto). The NRC also sent him to the United States for postdoctoral studies. At Caltech he researched quasi-stellar objects, or "quasars," some of the most distant and ancient objects in the universe.

    Not all of Hugh's discoveries involved astrophysics. Prompted by curiosity, he studied the world's religions and "holy books" and found only one that proved scientifically and historically accurate: the Bible. Hugh started at religious "ground zero" and through scientific and historical reality-testing became convinced that the Bible is truly the Word of God! He then observed, with amazement, the impact of describing for people the process by which he came to personal faith in Jesus Christ. Imagine Hugh's surprise to discover how many individuals believed or disbelieved without checking evidence.

    Hugh's unshakable confidence that God's revelation in Scripture and nature do not, will not, and cannot contradict became his unique message. Communicating that message as broadly and clearly as possible became his mission, wholeheartedly encouraged by family and friends. He and his colleagues at Reasons To Believe keep tabs on the frontiers of research to share with scientists and nonscientists alike the thrilling news of what's being discovered and how it connects with biblical theology. In this realm, he has written many books, including: The Fingerprint of God, The Creator and the Cosmos, Beyond the Cosmos, The Genesis Question, A Matter of Days, Creation As Science, and Why the Universe Is the Way It Is, due to be released October 1, 2008.

    Between writing books and articles and hosting Creation Update, a weekly live webcast, Hugh travels the world challenging students and faculty, churches and professional groups to consider what they believe and why. He presents a persuasive case for Christianity without applying pressure. Because he treats people's questions and comments with respect, he is in great demand as a speaker and as a talk-radio and television guest.

    Hugh lives in Southern California with his wife, Kathy, and two sons—and two cats.

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