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  • "Colors" from Hello Again
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  • "Dimensions" from The Rush & the Roar
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  • "Fire Inside You" from Fightback Soundtrack
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  • "Oxygen" from Hello EP
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  • "Supernova Sunrise" from Hello EP
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  • "You're The Best Thing" from Fightback Soundtrack
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    (Thursday, March 13, 2014)
    We Are Leo
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    "For me, the right music has always made me feel closer to God: Switchfoot, Skillet, U2, ...Now being an artist myself, it's amazing; when i make music I feel His pleasure."
    - David Duffeld of We Are Leo

    After 12 months, working in 4 studios with 5 producers, WE ARE LEO is finally surfacing with a new record. THE RUSH & THE ROAR (2017 Dream Records), WE ARE LEO's 3rd studio album, is a creatively upbeat take on pop, dance, rock & roll.

    Born out of a love for music, and an obvious love for Jesus, this record is quickly standing out with some of the best songs the band has written. Tracks Astronaut, CRZY AWSM & Low Key highlight the band's ability to share the joy and start dance parties 4 days. While "Songs like Warrior," "61/ Twenty-Three," and "The Rush & The Roar" offer insight into the band's experience of a genuine, redemptive faith.

    This new record is a snapshot of what the last 3 years of life have been for the band. It celebrates beauty and joy. It hints at pain, deeply felt. And it is a sort of road map of how they've come thru the hard times to find hope all over again.

    The story started in Kenosha WI almost 10 years ago, where David Duffeld attended the Living Light School of Worship, later meeting Doug Weier and finally Josh Sentner (who also attended the School of Worship). The band began learning to self-produce records by watching videos online. While working mornings at Starbucks, they built up a small following playing at local youth groups. They were soon discovered by Ben Kasica of SKILLET who signed them to their 1st record deal, producing their debut studio effort, "Hello," which featured a #1 Billboard Christian Rock Song Supernova Sunrise. Following "Hello" the band signed with Dream Records and released their second album, "Fightback Soundtrack." While the record sales didn't initially start strong, We Are Leo didn't give up. Their persistence & resilience was rewarded when the band was thrust into the YouTube spotlight, as the sensation Dude Perfect channel featured 7 We Are Leo songs the tune of 200 million plays and counting. In 2016 the band was featured to headline the "Get Schooled Tour" performing for over 35,000 students in 60 public schools.

    "It's incredible to be in front of so many teens. I had a pretty rough go in my teens dealing with depression, insecurity and struggling with big questions about faith and my place in the world. Not to say that I'm not completely out of the woods yet, but through the struggle, I found Christ. Or maybe I should say He found me. Either way, I came thru the brokenness and in Him I'm finding a hope & a future. That's what our song 61/ Twenty-three (based on Psalm 23 & Isaiah 61) is about: 'You know the plans that You have for me, and You heal my heart and You set me free ...because You love me'

    Being able to sing these words really encompasses the journey I've been on. Feeling the pain of being broken and finding Christ in the midst of that... I know he's my shepherd. Expressing that, creatively, thru music, it's a dream come true. When I got the mixes from the studio, I'm running around and dancing while I listen. I still get that excited. The music just pulses through me. It's incredible." - David Duffeld of We Are Leo

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    RT @AStepFWD: Singer @Abigail_Duhon 'Rebound' on God's Not Dead "A Light In Darkness" album which also ft. @MatthewParker2​ @LongHollowWAVE…
    Posted by @weareleo on 04.23.18 | View Tweet
    yeah dude! https://t.co/gZMBtjvD0w
    Posted by @weareleo on 04.23.18 | View Tweet
    @Dideriksen1998 Of course! That'd be rad. We're not always on twitter so our agent handles all our booking: https://t.co/NdgTqqrr5j
    Posted by @weareleo on 04.05.18 | View Tweet
    Behind the Scenes video for our new song. https://t.co/W21zMwMwYL
    Posted by @weareleo on 04.03.18 | View Tweet
    RT @IHS_mag: We carefully selected four songs that will further enrich your #Easter season. Check them out here: https://t.co/TMJ0aKF4PX. F…
    Posted by @weareleo on 04.03.18 | View Tweet

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    Theable (1)
    Great! | Posted January 15, 2018
    I liked the most of the album, good cheering up music. Easy to listen yet having some meaning to its words. Perfect as a background for creating a rating for Writemypaper.io at https://alltopreviews.com/services/writemypaperio to me. The cover is a bomb too!

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    good post | Posted October 23, 2016
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    PureHeart (35)
    Hold on a minute | Posted November 27, 2013
    You guys played with House of Heroes?! How could I have missed that!?

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    Awesome!!! | Posted June 27, 2012
    I would recommend these guys to everyone! I saw them at Alive Fest and was totally blown away!!! My whole family loved them (which is saying something)! If you fused Owl City with Decyfer Down and added a little bit of tobyMac in there, you might get something like We Are Leo! Definitely check them out! You will not be disappointed!!!

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    awesome sound!! | Posted October 01, 2011
    This is just amazing, when I was looking for a new sound here it is!! I think the youth in the Church will love this!

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    I Live for Love | Posted October 01, 2011
    Thank you so much this fresh song. i enjoy it very much.

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    We are Leo | Posted September 30, 2011
    I enjoyed listening to your latest release. It's great to hear new and fresh musical styles in the Chrsitian music sphere. My favorite track was "I'm With You".

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    Love Leo! | Posted September 29, 2011
    So glad you are on New Artist Watch! I have been following "we are leo" on facebook for a while now.. I love love love this band, so fresh and new, and different, in a good way of course.. Live for Love is such a cool song. I just LOVE IT!

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    hunthd01 (69)
    We Are Leo - Live | Posted September 28, 2011
    I saw We Are Leo perform live at Fandana Festival in Huntington, IN this past August. Their stage presence was AMAZING. As was their sound. Keep up the good work!

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