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Best of Christian Pop 2023
NRT's Bradden Ford highlights ten of the best pop songs of the year

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE EDITORIAL, Best of Christian Pop 2023
Posted: December 06, 2023 | By: BraddenFord_NRT
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Every year, Christian music continues to blow me away with the fantastic quality and diversity of music released. Maybe you've heard the statement, "Christian music doesn't sound as good as secular music." I've heard this many times, and I can confidently say that Christian music is better.

This list of songs is just a tiny peek at Christian pop music's message, style, and sound that matches the quality of mainstream pop music while giving listeners a much more meaningful and impactful message in their lives. Here are ten Christian pop songs of 2023 to listen to, featuring both big names and independent artists.

for KING & COUNTRY - "What Are We Waiting For?"

The famous Australian brothers in for KING & COUNTRY dominated Christian music in 2022 with their album What Are We Waiting For. Surprising fans, the duo released a deluxe edition in 2023 featuring the radio hit song and title track "What Are We Wating For?"

The hit is an inspiring call to action, urging listeners to embody the change they wish to see. Hopes, dreams, and what we pray for are on our hearts for a reason. We have only one life to live as God is destined and loves the world no matter its size. 


Jordan Feliz - "The King Is Alive"

Contemporary artist Jordan Feliz's latest song, "The King Is Alive," is nothing short of a joy-bomb. Since 2015, Jordan has released some of Christian music's most uplifting pop songs. This year, he released two new pop singles fans have been loving, "Somebody Loves You" and the already mentioned "The King Is Alive." "The King Is Alive" is more than a catchy pop tune. It's a great, upbeat song of praise and victory. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, which gives us a new life to live joyfully and with praise. 


LIN D - "Breathe Again"

Hailing from Sweden, LIN D is an upcoming band making waves in the Christian music pop scene. Since signing to music label Dream Records, the sibling trio has released several pop singles and was recently announced as part of the 2024 Winter Jam Pre-Jam lineup. Their beautiful song, "Breathe Again," surrenders to God's peace amid anxiety, depression, and fear. He's our lifeline and always keeps us steady in the storms.

LVRDR - "Honest"

Adam Laverdere, aka LVRDR, is an upcoming pop artist and the first independent artist on this list. He released his debut album in 2020 before rebranding as LVRDR in 2023, with a renewed focus on creating music that inspires hope in its listeners.

His first single, "Honest," is a chill pop song that doesn't shy away from being vulnerable. The song shares Adam's struggles with brokenness and the inner battles we can all relate to. The chorus brings a message of hope and features one of the catchiest choruses of the year. It reminds us that He won't fail us now, just as God restored us through every storm that held us together. 

Lauren Daigle - "These Are The Days"

Lauren Daigle released her self-titled album, her first since Look Up Child, in 2018. The album features 20 tracks showcasing Lauren's signature sound, including her hit "These Are The Days," a fun soft-pop song that has been making waves on radio. It's a joyful song of gratitude, calling us to focus on the light of God's work instead of the darkness we often see. We can be encouraged to sing praise, love each other, and have hope in our current place and for what is to come.


Charlotte Adelle - "Serotonin"

Australian pop artist Charlotte Adelle is an upcoming pop princess in Christian music. The indie artist has released three upbeat songs in 2023, catching listeners' ears with her stellar artistry and production talent.

Charlotte's powerful and creative pop song "Sertonin" shares her testimony of finding Jesus. Her song mentions how she used to chase anything, searching for "the next best thing" before Jesus transformed her. The freedom and joy in Jesus are more than any worldly object can offer.


SOFYKA - "A Fool To Change The World"

German artist SOFYKA stepped into 2023 and dominated underground Christian pop music. Starting the year with her anthem, "A Fool To Change The World," the indie artist released several uplifting singles and even one German single. Her fantastic songwriting and music have gained her a passionate, still-growing fanbase of listeners.

"A Fool To Change The World" is a much-needed anthem for believers. It encourages listeners to live differently and chase what God has put in their hearts. Living out God's vision is worth foolish or misunderstood, no matter what. We can change the world by loving and living out the Gospel.


Connor Flanagan (feat. Maggie Youngs) - "Closer"

Indie pop/hip-hop artist Connor Flanagan is one of the most diverse artists on this list. Connor has released seven singles this year, touching on his many pop, EDM (electronic dance music), hip-hop, and acoustic musical influences. His latest pop single, "Closer," is an excellent showcase of his talent and musical skill.

The song features Connor rapping on the verses and Maggie Youngs singing the chorus, blending EDM and chill pop to convey a powerful message. "Closer" is an honest cry for God to pull us closer during life's complex and tiring moments. Following Him isn't always easy, and there are times when we can feel lost and worn down. In these times, we can trust that He hears and cares for us, knowing He is with us every step.


JSteph (feat. JAZLYN) - "Snow In June"

Jordan Stevens, aka JSteph, is a rising pop artist in the Nashville music scene. He released his latest indie project, MMXXII, featuring several pop songs from the singer-songwriter. One of the songs, "Snow In June," featuring fellow pop artist JAZLYN, has quickly become one of the hottest songs of the album.

"Snow In June" is a fun, upbeat song about the good things God brings into our lives. The blessings, friendships, and opportunities He gives are worth thanking Him for with joy. Even just knowing Him and His love is beautiful. Knowing He is good, we can be grateful for the expected and unexpected blessings He provides.


SPARK - "Come Back Shining"

Before releasing their first original music in 2023, pop trio SPARK spent years touring the country and performing covers of Christian songs. This year, the indie pop group released three singles, capturing listeners with fun and encouraging music.

The group's first single, "Come Back Shining," is a stellar debut song and a powerful anthem for listeners. The song encourages listeners to rise and shine the light of Christ. No matter how hard life can get, we can trust and come alive again in the identity and purpose God has given us to live out.


Bradden Ford is a Christian music junkie charged with maintaining NewReleaseToday's new release database of artists and releases. He lives just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

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