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Faith in Fitness
Energize your workouts with these Christian rock anthems

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Posted: November 15, 2023 | By: PaulPhillips_NRT
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In the world of fitness, consistency is vital. I've committed to my fitness journey for over two decades, never missing a week and attributing much of my enduring motivation to God. 
It all began in 1998 with a simple yet profound goal: to shed excess weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle. My initial approach relied heavily on cardio and weight machines, with stretches and free weights relegated to the back burner. But over time, my fitness routine developed, and my focus shifted. But I’m taking the long way to get to the point. So here it is.
What indeed fueled my perseverance, exercise after exercise, was music—something that has pushed me through countless reps and sets. Hard rock works best, but I’m not biased. Christian and mainstream music are intermingled to get the best muscle burn. 
So, join me as I unveil some of the standout tracks from my workout playlist—my carefully curated selection of Christian rock anthems that have become my steadfast workout companions.
Skillet "Psycho In My Head"
Skillet's high-energy song, "Psycho In My Head," explores inner turmoil and a struggle with one's darker self. The intense music makes it an ideal choice for your workout playlist, providing a powerful soundtrack to channel your determination and resilience. The song's theme of personal battles complements the physical journey of a challenging workout, making it an ideal choice for you to push your limits and find your inner strength. Another Skillet song similar to “Psycho In My Head” is their classic, “Monster.”

Kutless "Words of Fire"
Have you ever held two dumbbells in your hand and let gravity be your weight? That’s the method behind isometric training. You’re carrying a weight or getting into a position without moving a muscle. Gravity is your resistance. This is where Kutless’s recent single, “Words of Fire,” comes into play. The song gives you fuel to push through your 15-second rep. Feel the burn, baby. Feel the burn.

Disciple “The Executioner”
Like Skillet and Kutless, Disciple has ministered to Christian fans with their brand of hard rock for years. Lead singer Kevin Young said in a press release, “The song comes to grips with your flaws, failures, shame, sin.” It's something to ponder while you push that last rep on your biceps curl. Just a note to you: don’t forget to breathe between reps.

NF “Hope”
Hip-hop artist NF centers most of his music on inner conflicts, such as anxiety and depression. While he reflects on the negative aspects in much of his music, the artist changes his tune in “Hope” and speaks to himself, serving as a voice of reason without abandoning his past qualities. The song’s beat is something that’ll keep you motivated throughout your entire workout. Try this song with interval training—high-intensity exercises with short rest periods in between. It goes well with our next song, “Higher Power” by Scott Stapp, lead singer of the recently reformed famous rock band Creed.

Scott Stapp "Higher Power"
“Higher Power” is another lyrically positive song that inspires you during your workout. You’ll notice in most mainstream rock music, melancholy, and hatred take center stage. Scott Stapp’s music is a breath of fresh air. The music helps you channel your inner motivation instead of your anger. In a press release, Scott says, “‘Higher Power’ was born out of never-ending consequences with triggered yet naive defiance. It’s the realities and realizations of being human in this experiment we call life—holding on to hope in the dark, waiting for the light.”

RED "Surrogates"
"Surrogates" by veteran rock band RED mirrors the battle between losing your true self to the outside world, much like the intense struggle of interval training. Interval training involves pushing yourself through high-intensity bursts and short recovery periods, comparable to breaking through self-doubt and physical limitations. It's about leaving behind your previous "hate" for constraints and striving for a better you. Give interval training a try to conquer your physical challenges and become a healthier, stronger you.

Thousand Foot Krutch “War Of Change”
TFK released an updated version of the song featuring hard rock band Adelitas Way. TFK’s lead singer explained the song’s meaning to NewReleaseToday: “I think the song captures that urgency—that ways are going on all around us and inside us. There’s something beautiful about ‘the sound of change,’ I think the song covers those ideals and the essence of battle. Change can be beautiful and painstaking, but rarely is comfortable.” It’s a great addition to your workout playlist.

Southern rock band NEEDTOBREATHE’s music is usually not known for driving reps and sets. Songs like “Cages” and “Multiplied” help with stretches, but going the extra mile, no. With that being said, “The Cave” is a welcoming surprise. The song explores the need for self-discovery and the desire to escape the pressures of everyday life. The song’s message, the guitar riffs, and lead singer Bear Rinehart’s vocals send energy into the body to perform a great exercise.

Gable Price and Friends "I Don't Wanna Live Like This"
Gable Price and Friends’ music takes me back to 20 years ago when punk rock was king. The alternative rock band’s music gives me hope that this music genre is again making a comeback. This is a great song to fuel your cardio session. I challenge you to build a sweat on the treadmill or the elliptical.

Colony House "Cannonballers"
Colony House, an alternative rock band, has a music style comparable to that of Gable Price and Friends. The band’s song “Cannonballers” is rising on the mainstream rock charts and even getting covered by iconic pop legend Elton John. The music is excellent for steady-state cardio.

OpenAI's ChatGPT provided some assistance with this article. Paul Phillips is a Canadian journalist with over ten years of experience writing and editing digital and print content. He specializes in health, fitness, nutrition, and travel. He loves music, movies, and, of course, living for Jesus.

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