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#155 - Plain James, Tedashii, Battz, & More...
NRT's CHH contributor Joshua Galla collects what's new in Christian Hip-Hop and Urban Soul for the week of Friday, September 1, 2023. (Photo: Plain James)

THE CHH DROP WITH JOSHUA GALLA, #155 - Plain James, Tedashii, Battz, & More...
Posted: August 31, 2023 | By: JoshuaGalla_NRT
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Each week, dozens of singles and a handful of projects are released in the Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) and Urban Soul spaces. Below, we listen to a few highlights and list the rest for your own discovery. As always, follow our New Christian Rap & Hip Hop playlist on Spotify and Apple Music to listen to all the latest.

It's A Trap EP by Plain James
Southern Georgia resident and street minister Plain James returns with his second project of 2023. The first EP, Trap Triology, dropped on March 3. James has always been vocally unashamed in regard to the Gospel and His faith walk with Christ Jesus. He equips such a strong relationship with God and heads deep into the streets or neighborhoods that need to hear the love of Christ and see the hands and feet of Jesus in motion. Similar CHH artists carry the same goal through street ministry including Thi'sl, Reconcile, BigBreeze, 5ive, Sevin, Knine, and several others. 

The latest EP is a small, three-track collection of songs driven by hope, God's love, and reconciliation through Christ. My favorite of the three would be the second track, "I'm Ok." Also, this track is featured on our CHH playlist accessed through the link above. James connects the art of storytelling with his own personal struggles and faith walk and ties in how God can save anyone from any situation or life circumstance. The three tracks were produced by Meathouse Beats. Stream the It's A Trap EP on Spotify here.
Tedashii - "Dead or Alive"
Reach Records veteran Tedashii drops his second single within a two-week period. Previously, "MMA Freestyle" was released on August 18 showcasing some of T-Dot's strongest bars delivered to date. "Dead or Alive" continues the story of the "fight for his life." The track is lyrically honest and sonically a vigorous confessional track ranging from personal hardships faced to the applicable life impacts that ended in a stronger desire to follow God's plan over his and his family's lives. 

The single was produced by VinnyforGood, Zach Paradis, and Alex Dollar. "God whatever you want / I want all of it / I don't wanna be labeled as a counterfeit / I see evil is back on the prowl again," says Tedashii during the bridge of the song. He continues, "God I want you to come in my heart again / I've been lost if I'm bein' so honest." He reminds us we're destined for so much more than the lies, rejection, and attacks dealt harshly by the world. This song helps listeners see that and realize how strong and everlasting the love of God remains. Stream "Dead or Alive" 
on Spotify and Apple Music.

Battz - "FREEDUMB"
Nashville-based independent rapper Battz finally began album mode with the release of the first single off the forthcoming project titled, Shuck and Jive. The track was produced by Aaron Dews and mixed/mastered by TNY. Several relevant samples are used throughout adding a welcomed flavor to Battz steady cadence. Also, a healthy dose of melodic snippets exists throughout driving home the message behind the chorus (concept) of the track. Stream "FREEDUMB" on Spotify and Apple Music.
More CHH and Urban Soul Albums & EPs
Listen to these on our CHH Spotify Playlist
  • For the Evening EP by Lofi Sunday
  • Reminiscence of Love EP by BigGucciDame
  • GOD BE PRAISED by Mali Music
  • My Tribe (Extended Edition) by Blessing Offor
  • Faith Tawk EP by Mic Wise
  • GREATER IS HE by Jordan May
  • The Promise (LIVE) EP by William McDowell
  • Praise Through Pain EP by Joseph Goulding
  • #B4EPIPHANY by mainetoowavvy
  • Project Over Product EP by Peair
  • Let Me Be by Saint Jones

More CHH and Urban Soul Singles
  • Aha Gazelle - "Menace"
  • Reconcile - "Keep on Rising"
  • O’Bros x Lecrae – “Going My Way”
  • Maverick City Music – “Crazy Love”
  • Forrest Frank – “Thank You"
  • Phil J. – “2002”
  • George.Rose x Arik Nelson – “EXIT”
  • Azeekah - "The Warning"
  • KJ Carter x Kham – “Young”
  • Tylynn – “Ain’t That Something”
  • Byron Rhodes - "Hustle"
  • DJLC x Kelo - "Esther"
  • Toyalove x Childlike CiCi x Shirlvin Desir - "Fill Me Up"
  • GRAHAM – “Something Else”
  • L. Dejuan x Donutello x Reem - "NUMBERS"
  • Kemvr x Ali Wisdom - "Problem"
  • Nu Tone feat. Cyrus Sonata and Danmar – “The Wild West”
  • Shem Rivera feat. Parris Chariz – “DeLorean Doors”
  • International Show – “PANDEMONIUM”
  • Bro Ivory – “Rejoice Not Against Me”
  • Gospel Mike – “I Want It Back”
  • Xay Hill x B faith - "Bad" 
  • Ray G x OnBeatMusic x JusRzd - "Pressure"
  • Message Muzik x Kidd Lee x Iceberg5:17 x GodFearin - "GOAT"
  • HYLEM – “FINE”
  • John Michael Howell – “Mansion”
  • Virtuous x L. Dejuan - "We Win"
  • Eli Keen - "Jezuz Freeztyle"
  • Chris Elijah x 404 Chew - "Fear No Evil"
  • Cade Kellam x Leslie Perez - "Blessed"
  • LLC FLAME feat. DJ HTSW – “nobody else”
  • Spillz Ochai x Shirlvin Desir x EDEM Evangelist - "Make Sense"
  • iamezekiel x iamgft3d x YP aka Young Paul x Da Commissioner - "The King"
  • Da’ Gatherer – “Closer”
  • Drup x Lazy G x YBSO – “Glossy”
  • NobodyGHY x Thatboymassin - "You Are Worthy"
  • Kushim - "Christ In Me"
  • Reblah - "We Overcame"
  • LilMizzy x Vic Lucas - "Mindful"
  • Jamie Mura - "Wasting Time"
  • Bencomo – “NOBODY”
  • Razzie - "Father's House"

Joshua Galla is an audiophile hyped about all forms of art in music, but his passion rests behind CHH and soulful vibes. He's a devout husband, father, and child of God. Concerts are his happy place.

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