The Many Versions of "Way Maker"
NRT's Grace Chaves takes a look at some of the versions of the latest hit worship song "Way Maker."

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Posted: January 30, 2020 | By: GraceChaves_NRT
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"Way Maker" is a song that it seems like every church is playing, and every artist is recording! You can be pretty confident that you'll hear this song at an upcoming worship concert because it's such a powerful song with a powerful message. So many artists and bands have done a version of this song, and today we're going to take a look at some of them!


The African artist who originally wrote the song, "Way Maker," started this lastest worship hit. The music video was released at the end of 2015 and has well over 138 million views on YouTube. It's great to see that artists have stayed true to the original song, and have kept the same melody and key. The only difference is that in this original version of "Way Maker," there's a different bridge that says, "You wipe away all tears / You mend the broken heart / You're the answer to it all Jesus."



Passion is an incredible worship band, so I was excited to see that they too had released their own version of "Way Maker!" Passion's version features Kristian Stanfill, Kari Jobe, and Cody Carnes. The song was recorded live in front of 60,000+ college students at the Mercedes Benz Stadium during the annual Passion Conference earlier this year. Personally, I think this is one of the best versions of "Way Maker" that I've ever heard. You can almost feel the energy that was in the room when it was recorded, and I love that. This version is one that you have to listen to!


Mandisa recently released her version of "Way Maker," and I love it! Every version of this popular worship song is a little different, and in this one, Mandisa brings some pop vibes to the chorus of the song. Mandisa's voice really was perfect for this song, and I think it turned out wonderful. Plus the lyric video reached over 200,000 views in a little over two weeks, which is incredible!



Leeland's version of "Way Maker" really is one of my favorite versions! I love how this one is a live recording. Since Leeland is part of the Bethel Music Collective, his live version of "Way Maker" is similar to the style of Bethel Music's live songs. Leeland added his own interlude to the song which speaks of how big God is, "His name is above depression / His name is above loneliness / His name is above disease / His name is above cancer / His name is above every other name." Leeland released their version of "Way Maker" a few months ago on their album Better Word, and the music video has already gained 10 million views!


Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith has been doing music for 37 years. His daughter Anna introduced him to the song "Way Maker," and he says that it's a song he will be singing for the rest of his life. His version features Vanessa Campagna and Madelyn Berry, and together they released a version of "Way Maker" that has a pop edge to it, and has made it's way to many radio stations!


Paul McClure (of Bethel Music)

Paul McClure's version of "Way Maker" was recorded live at Bethel Church in Redding, California, so he was accompanied by thousands of worshipers in the audience. Although the song is 15 minutes long, it really is a great version! I love that Bethel was able to capture this moment. The last few minutes of the song also features Jenn Johnson and her spontaneous moments of worship. If you like Bethel Music, I'm sure you'll absolutely love this version of "Way Maker!"



Christafari released a funky reggae, pop version of "Way Maker," that totally puts a new spin on the song! It's fun to see artists put their own twist to the song, and Christafari knocked it out of the park with this one! Their version features Avion Blackman, who's the wife of the band's frontman, Mark Mohr. Her vocals on the song are exceptional, and this version is definitely worth a listen.


Sean Feucht (of Bethel Music)

Sometimes the most spontaneous moments of worship are the best. This is another version that was recorded live at Bethel Church, at a Sunday night service when Sean Feucht spontaneously jumped into "Way Maker" and Bethel was able to capture the moment. The spontaneous moment exploded into this beautiful version of the song, and I think you'll love it. There's nothing else like listening to a room full of people proclaim the greatness of God.


Britt Nicole

I've loved Britt Nicole for years and this version of "Way Maker" is amazing! This is another version that was recorded at Bethel Church, and like Paul McClure's version, it also features Jenn Johnson on backup vocals. Until I listened to this version of "Way Maker," I had no idea that Britt Nicole was a worship leader. She leads in a powerful way, and her voice is absolutely breathtaking!


Caleb + Kelsey

Caleb + Kelsey recently released their version of "Way Maker!" Caleb Grimm is part of the band Anthem Lights, and together him and his wife Kelsey form the duo Caleb + Kelsey. They've been doing covers of various worship songs, and of course they did a cover of "Way Maker." Like some of the other versions of the song, they brought some pop into their version. The song just came out last week, and is available now on all streaming platforms.


Steffany Gretzinger, John Wilds, and Jesus Image Choir

Steffany Gretzinger, John Wilds, and the Jesus Image Choir recorded an incredible version of "Way Maker" at the Jesus Image conference in Orlando, Flordia about a month ago. Their version is 28 minutes long, and it really is 28 minutes of powerful worship. John Wilds shares a personal testimony during the song, of how his mom trusted in Jesus even when they were about to get evicted from the home they were living in, and how she was able to still say that God was good. I highly suggest you check out this verison of "Way Maker!" Whatever situation you're going through right now, I'm sure this version will encourage you through your journey.


Grace Chaves is a fan of all things Christian music, and is one of NRT's youngest writers. She's homeschooled, and loves concerts, Jesus, and songwriting.

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