#11 - "Gone" by The McClures
"Gone," from The McClures latest album, 'The Way Home,' celebrates the freedom we have in Jesus.

Posted: November 14, 2019 | By: JasminPatterson_NRT
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Gone, gone, gone / Forever gone in the name of Love / Defeated on the cross / Forever gone in the name of Love

The Bible frequently mentions that part of Jesus' work in our lives is setting us free from things that hold us captive. Let's dive into "Gone" by The McClures and learn what this song teaches us about how the freedom we have in Jesus manifests in our lives.


#1 Jesus sets us free from sin.

This is what You paid for / This is what You died for / The battle's done, by Your blood / This will be our anthem

What we learn in passages like Romans 5:6-11 an Romans 8:12-14 is that Jesus not only frees us from the penalty of sin, He frees us from the power of sin. Through His Spirit, He helps us to overcome sin, no longer following its lead in our lives but following the leading of His Spirit into obedience to His Word, with transformed desires, actions, and thoughts.

Because of Jesus, our sin no longer separates us from relationship with God, now or in eternity. Also because of Jesus, we no longer have to live controlled by the impulses of our sinful nature. Each of us can be led by the Spirit of God into living according to our new nature that reflects the righteousness of God.

#2 Jesus sets us free from shame.

The weight of shame that told me that I had to hide / The heavy chains that kept me in the dark of night / The enemy that tried to steal my destiny / By the blood of Jesus / God, I believe that they're gone...

Psalm 32 is one of my favorite psalms, but when I read it again recently verse 5 stood out to me in a new way: "Finally, I confessed all my sins to you and stopped trying to hide my guilt. I said to myself,' I will confess my rebellion to the Lord.' And you forgave me! All my guilt is gone." I love that David celebrates not only that God forgave him of his sin, but that God removed his guilt also!

When we confess our sin and shortcomings to God and set our hearts to turn from them, He not only frees us from our sins, He frees us from the guilt and shame we feel because of them. 

Because of Jesus there is hope for us to know that we are securely loved by God, genuinely forgiven and that change is possible through God's work in our lives. We can walk free from guilt and trust the renewing work of the Holy Spirit in our lives as we yield to Him and to God's Word.

#3 Jesus sets us free from lies.

The lie that said I will never be enough / The fear that said I will not amount to much / The voice that speaks and tried to steal the light in me / By the blood of Jesus / God, I believe that they're gone...

You may have heard the devil called the Accuser of the people of God. That thought comes from Revelation 12:11. Our own weak consciences, fears, temptation and trials that we go through, and the accusing voice of the Enemy can all cause thoughts to enter our minds that don't align with the truth of God's Word. Those beliefs can influence our thought patterns, feelings and behaviors.

Maybe you believe that God could never love you because of your mistakes. Maybe you believe that you will never find genuine community in the family of God. Maybe you believe that God wants to care for and provide for others, but not for you. Maybe you're like me, and you struggle sometimes to believe that you are securely loved and wanted by the people God has placed in your life.

The Enemy may accuse us about ourselves, about God's character or about others but his aim is that we think, feel and live out of lies and distance ourselves from God, God's people and God's purposes in our lives.

When thoughts come to us that don't agree with God's Word and, as 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 says, exalt themselves above God's truth, we can tear down those lies as we agree with the truths in Scripture about the lie we are believing. It's amazing that the Bible encourages, corrects and instructs us, speaking truth into every situation we may face in this life.

If God points out to you a lie or accusation from the Enemy in your life, do what Jesus did. (Matthew 4:1-11) Search out in the Word what God says about that area and cling to His truth--speak it out, sing it, pray it, write it out on notes to yourself--so God can use it to transform and heal your heart and mind.

Final Thoughts

Remember today that Jesus sets you free. Ask Him how you can surrender more to His work in your life, taking a new step of faith to walk in His freedom in a greater way.

Find on "Gone" on The McClures latest album, The Way Home. Listen on Spotify and Apple Music. Read the full lyrics of "Gone" here. 

NRT contributor Jasmin Patterson is a lifelong fan of Christian music who is passionate about helping others connect with Christ. She lives in Kansas City where she serves in college ministry and runs a blog to help seekers and believers discover and live biblical Christianity.

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