#102 - Camel Smooch
Christian artists update fans throughout the week via Twitter and NRT's Mary Burklin uncovers her Top 10 favorite tweets and photo uploads of the past seven days in this weekly column.

This week brought a heavy dose of advice from artists on subjects ranging from music to cooking, in addition to documenting dcTalk covers sung for cake and shows played for pirates. Catch up on the weird and wonderful in 140 characters or less below!

As always, if you'd like to keep tabs on over 1,200 Christian artists, check out our NRTwitter page to read the latest tweets from the Christian music community. 
#1 - Back to School
@nickdepartee: Well I officially return to college education tomorrow w/ @gcu I’m gonna need lots of prayers from you, friends! Stoked to learn. (April 15)
It’s never too late to stop learning. Nick of Kutless is trying his hand at school again through Grand Canyon University.
#2 - Music Matters
@amygrant: This advice my mom gave me is something I think about often, “When you get on stage, sing something that matters.” ~ Gloria Napier Grant. (April 15)
As iconic Christian artist Amy Grant celebrates the release of a new single and the approach of a new album, she shared this bit of her inspiration via twitter.
#3 - Style Quips
@calebgrimm: "This hairspray is unscented... but it's the greatest smelling hairspray I've ever had." -@josephstamper #stuffjoeysays (April 26)
This is how it really goes down in band dressing rooms. At least if you’re in Anthem Lights.
#4 - Fast Food Crossovers
@codydriggers: Overheard a Burger King employee hum the McDonald's theme song and then talk about how awesome Wendy's is... #fastfoodtwilightzone (April 17)
Cody of The Wedding ran into this fast food crossover this week. Perhaps this helps confirm that in the restaurant family, one fast food place is never too far separated from the others.
#5 - Heating Up
@AdamCappa: Hot Tubs are natures microwave. Need to warm up a sandwich? No prob, do it while being relaxed. Remember to put it in a Ziplock. (April 18)
You might want to take this cooking advice from Adam Cappa with a grain of salt... and a real microwave.
#6 - Piano Repair
@nicholenordeman: @jamiegraceh tall building. open window. push. buy new piano. That's what I do. (April 18)

When Jamie-Grace was having piano trouble this week, veteran artist Nichole Nordeman had some radical--but certainly effective--advice on how to deal with the problem.
#7 - Will Sing for Cake
@disciplerocks: Disciple sings DC Talk for cake in a local Butte, Montana pizza joint? Yes. (April 19)
It’s amazing what a band will do at the mention of free food. This week the offer of cake led Disciple to sing DC Talk classic “In the Light” at a pizza place... complete with dishes as drums.
#8 - Broadened Horizons
@kevinmax: Playing a show outdoors on an jerusalem village stage surrounded by a moat being serenaded by pirates on a fake ship- I've done it all now (April 19)
Even after years in dcTalk, performing solo, and time fronting Audio Adrenaline... some performances are still a new experience for Kevin Max.
#9 - Lesser of Two Keyboards
@JFrankenstein: Glad the $3000 keyboard fell on top of the $300 keyboard and not the other way around. (April 20)
There is always a bright side to be found. 
#10 - Friday Night Fun
@owlcity: I like to get wild and crazy on Friday nights! *reads iTunes Terms and Conditions* (April 20)
Adam Young of Owl City likes to live on the wild side, bravely going where few of us have been before...

#1 - Backstage Hang Outs
@jonnydiaz: and my rainsong guitar about to go have some fun in Delaware! (April 14)
Sometimes the best backstage hangtimes simply involve a guy and his guitar.
#2 - Artist Homework
@jamiegraceh: homework. night two. for you. :) #imreallygoodatwritingmyname #ilearnedwheniwas3 (April 15)
When you’re a musician, ability to write your own name quickly and consistently is one of the most important skills in your arsenal.
#3 - Van Mascots
@TheRocketSummer: the Yolo rat is coming for you, AZ. (April 17)
Look out: The Rocket Summer has adopted a new mascot.
#4 - Driven to Desperation
@LMontherun: Vending machine coffee. #tour (April 17)
Sometimes touring requires making the ultimate gamble: trying vending machine coffee.
#5 - Summer Fun
@shaneandshane: Who doesn't love blowing bubbles? Let the summer games begin... (April 17)
A little bit of summer is already here for the Shane & Shane family
#6 - Cultural Quirks
@mikescheuchzer: East Texas... Where the mullets flow like a waterfall (April 18)
In case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in the deep South... well... this. Dallas-based band MercyMe knows the cultural signs by heart.
#7 - Age Gap
@ChrisAugust: Ages 5-12? We'll see about that... (April 18)
What do you think-- with this expression, can Chris August pass as a 12-year-old again?
#8 - Manic Moral Support
@josephrojas: I kissed my first Camel today! Mike from @ManicDrive was there to lend support by dressing up in a suit and posing. (April 19)
Seventh Day Slumber frontman Joseph Rojas is as fearless as Michael from Manic Drive is well-dressed.
#9 - Coincidental Combinations
@audreyassad: What a coincidence...exactly the four things I was looking for when I stopped for gas! (April 19)
At gas stations like this, you have to wonder if they picked four random words out of a hat and decided that would be what they sell.
#10 - Smashing Stereotypes
@koreycooper: Who says we can't b fun:) (April 20)
Things are continuing to speed up for Skillet. They spent time this week shooting some video work to coincide with their album release this summer, proving that even rockers can be cheerleaders sometimes.

Mary is a Christ-follower and writer who has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. She recently earned a B.A. in Digital Writing and currently resides in Nashville with a camera, guitar, and coffee cup always close at hand.

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