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The End Is Not The End [edit]
by House Of Heroes | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 03, 2009

The third album from rockers House Of Heroes includes the smash #1 single "In the Valley of the Dying Sun."

"House of Heroes has earned the title of artist by combining swift key and tempo changes with thoroughly narrative yet genuinely poetic lyrics, demonstrating that hit songs need not be the result of some worn-out formula for radio success. This track provides listeners with a much-appreciated display of true musical originality and inventiveness." --Jake Scott of The Refuge Reactor

Track Listing
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01. Intro
02. If
03. Lose Control
04. Leave You Now
05. Dangerous
06. In The Valley of The Dying Sun
07. Code Name: Raven
08. By Your Side
09. Journey Into Space, Part One
10. Sooner Or Later
11. Baby's A Red
12. Drown
13. Faces
14. Voices
15. Field of Daggers
16. The Young And The Brutal

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A Good Album That Caught My Attention | Posted May 13, 2010
I was a bit skeptical about all the hype this album was getting when it was released, and I still don't have the intense praise for it that many seemed to. But, with that said, I think it is definitely a good album and a great step ahead for House of Heroes.

The album dances between PopRock and Rock throughout and it's a pleasant mixture. The sound has a sound reminsicent of recent decades past with a modern tough, in my opinion. But it sounds good.

"If," "Journey Into Space Pt. 1" and "Sooner or Later" are darn catchy PopRock songs that earned their place on my playlist. "By Your Side" is an emotional ballad about brothers both drafted into war. "Lose Control" is a thrilling rock track and among the albums best. "In The Valley of the Dying Sun," "Codename: Raven," and "Field of Daggers," all provide more rock excellence.

Some missteps like "Baby's A Red," keep the album from perfection, but there's not much to complain about here. I don't think it was 2008's album of the year, but I definitely think it is a good release.

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Nathan (188)

Alternative energy | Posted September 26, 2008
(NOTE: the rating has nothing to do with this review)

The end is the end… Or is it? The quartette from Columbus, Ohio called House of Heroes is determined not to sound like something else or be like anyone else. The band wants to win over people because of the music they write and the emotions they inspire. For a band whose career was suspect for a time they sure have the first part down: not sounding like something else. The indie rock band’s latest album The End is not the End is definitely complex and original.

I’ll be honest up front, I found the album musically incoherent and difficult to enjoy because of the awkward riffs and disjointed tunes, but there is no question the amount effort and complexity that House of Heroes put into their album. From the first rock song, “if you were mine”, it’s obvious the music unorthodox and it doesn’t get any more traditional with “drown” where the tempos switch from a Men in Black style to an odd light rock beat with bad background music. “Lose control” is a solid alternative rock tune, where the vocals are impressive and guitars riffs are reminiscent of Thousand Foot Krutch, but only somewhat. There is a hint of some 80’s throwback on “baby’s a red” which features light rock which is very showy; perhaps it’s very creative or it might just lack actual depth.

“Journey Into Space, Pt. 1” is disjointed but clever at the same time, with a deep chorus of voices in the refrain, and “faces” is just odd clearly deserving the title of ‘alternative rock’. The acoustic guitar driven “by your side”, is a great change of pace proving that House of Heroes are unpredictably unpredictable because the ballad is normal but still top notch with some southern hints mixed in. “Leave you now” and “In The Valley of The Dying Sun” are both alternative tracks which both switch tunes erratically while the solid rock “sooner or later” sounds vaguely like Anberlin, with a bridge that sounds like Capital Lights. Very little on The End is not the End is traditional it starts off strangely and it stays that way most of the way but House of Heroes really solidified their album as alternative rock with the final song, the outstanding “field of daggers”.

If you thought the music was complex the lyrics are going to make listeners head spin ten times worse. House of Heroes takes faith, politics, and life experiences and puts them into fascinating songs that are so complex that no brief summery would do the lyrics justice. There are some occasions, few but they exist, where the messages seem obvious and rather weak like “Journey Into Space, Part One”, “sooner or later”, and “if you were mine” which revolve around girl/guy clichés (but the first named track does stress commitment to his significant other). “In The Valley of The Dying Sun” contemplates Jacob boxing match with God (‘i wrestled the angel. to undo the curse. that burdened me all of my life. and for the first time i could see. that God was not my enemy… i’m living to shine on’); with such skillful song writing and good lyrics it’s hard to picture that same band writing “faces”, a dark and dreary song with no light at all.

A timeline that takes up space is World War II in “Code Name: Raven", a story song about a French spy who sees his homeland invaded, while no apparent theme or propose is clear the prospective is interesting and well written. “By your side” is set in the same time frame which focuses about two brothers drafted in the military. Move a few years forward and “baby’s a red” looks on the issue of communism and man whose lover is a communists, once again the man’s commitment is to be commended but the song does take a whack at McCarthyism a topic that is often misused. “Leave you now” is about a man who is ‘breaking his back’ trying to get to America but being persecuted by his homeland. Though it’s vague the meaning of “voices” could be awe at God’s incredible mercy (‘the ears of God hear everything. and he hears them still. every cry, every breath. in every land that i have slain, cause. just to save myself. how can God show mercy? i was merciless to them’). From the confusing “lose control” to the faith filled “field of daggers” (‘oh God. bring forth your colored beauty … i long to bring my father to glory’) The End is not the End is virtually packed with worthwhile views.

Their narratives are thoughtful; the music is original and compelling, but The End is not the End is just so strange and so much is unexplained that is it fair to call it one of the best albums of the year? I don’t know but House of Heroes certainly has my attention from now on. Whether or not this is one of best album of the year is unsure, but it is among the most notable.

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Amazing new rock band! | Posted March 23, 2009
Wouw.. why did i discover this band this week! This is a amazing new band with great music! The music has some infullence of Hawk Nelson, Stellar Kart, Relient K, Switchfoot...amazing! I love it! Go and buy it :D

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Amazing | Posted January 19, 2009
I havent been this impressed with an album for a long time. Every single song is carefully crafted to the last detail. It is very unique and like no other band I have heard. Lyrically, it is complicated and abstract. The song writer said that many of the songs were inspired by events from World War 2. When I first listened to this I was blown away by all the different sounds and variety of instruments. I am now listening to the lyrics and understanding them more every time I listen. These songs get better every time you hear them!

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As seen in concert with Skillet & TobyMac | Posted March 10, 2010
We were introduced to House of Heroes through the internet radio site out of Columbus, OH. My son and I ventured to Purdue University last weekend to experience HOH, Skillet and TobyMac (highly recommended!). HOH played 4 songs (my favorite being "Lose Control") and sounded almost as good as their latest record. The music and lyrics on this record are awesome, so I highly recommend it. As a sidenote, the guys were gracious enough to talk to us for several minutes before the concert (okay, so maybe a small benefit of being a relatively unknown band...but not for long).

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The end is only the beginning | Posted March 09, 2010
In the case of House of Hero's, the end is definitely only the beginning. This album is solid through and through. The band really showed everything they had to give. The album, themed with songs about war and love, has something for everyone. From the fast paced, "Lose Control," to something a little slower, like "Ghost." Overall this album was a great stepping stone for House of Heroes. They bring something fresh to the scene and I for one am loving it.

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My New Discovery | Posted October 21, 2009
They were described as "The Beatles circa Srgt. Peppers and Relient K". I can hear that significance. This album is musically creative and poppy fun. Highly recommend this for any Relient K fan.

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username2 (375)

A Monumental Acheivement In Music. | Posted May 26, 2009
This is probably one of the best albums I have ever heard in my life. All 15 songs are special in it's own way and they do manage to resonate with you after listening. There are some songs on here that will definably have radio single written all over them. The songwriting is top notch, the production is spot on, and the riffs are memorable. This is one album that no one should pass up.

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A must for any collection | Posted October 24, 2008
A lot of younger audiences don't have the patience to listen to an entire album(CD) these day - if you fall into that category you will definitely miss out on a great concept project. HOH offers a great rock sound and delivered with creative song writing, song orchestration and enough variety to keep all listeners content. Go buy this one today.

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Second best cd of the year IMO | Posted October 09, 2008
This album is the second best cd of the year second only in my opinion to Thrice's Alchemy Index volumes 3 and 4. House of Heroes have outdone themselves since their debut cd. I love every single track on this album, especially Valley of the Dying Sun, Lose Control, if and By Your Side. This album is phenomenal

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Worth the Wait !!! | Posted September 23, 2008
This entire cd is absolutely amazing and well worth the seemingly unending wait!There isn't one song to skip on this album.It is very original and inventive...not a ton of cliches.The music,lyrics,and vocals are all incredible! I personally find it to be the best release of 2008 so far!

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