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What Life Would Be Like [edit]
by Big Daddy Weave | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: July 22, 2008

Big Daddy Weave has long been known for their poignant messages and words of encouragement through song and lyric. Songs like "Every Time I Breathe", "Let It Rise", and "Audience Of One" deeply resonate with audiences and have had a lasting impact on listeners. Their latest release What Life Would Be Like dials up the intensity and asks the church body to step back and evaluate what a life with Jesus' influence would look like in the full spectrum of living. Not that the members of Big Daddy Weave have it all together, but it's an encouragement to step out together, to fail together, to link arms together and witness the masterpiece God desires to paint through each one of us.

Track Listing
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01. You Found Me
02. What Life Would Be Like
03. We Want the World to Hear
04. Revive Us Again
05. Blue Skies
06. Another Day In Paradise
07. Right With You
08. Falling Into You
09. From Here
10. Just Like Somebody Else

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Big Daddy Weave's Best, Top 10 of 2008! | Posted December 08, 2008
Big Daddy Weave has impressed me since their debut album One & Only, which included the hit song Audience Of One. The next 3 albums included the hits Fields of Grace, Without You and Everytime I Breathe. If you like southern rock like Dave Matthews Band and Third Day, then you'll enjoy this band, who mingles excellent musicianship and vocals with incredible lyrics which are biblical and challenging.

What Life Would Be Like is definitely the best overall album by this great band and is one of my top 10 albums of 2008. You Found Me kicks off the album with a great introspective calling out to God in prayer. The hit title track What Life Would Be Like is truly an anthem of faith and a real challenge to all believers to wonder what life would be like if we let Jesus live through you and me. There are truly no filler songs on this album and once again there are a couple of cover songs and they are better than ever. Revive Us Again is a hymn re-write and extremely worshipful and then I was amazed by the excellent version of Another Day In Paradise, which actually is better than the original version by Phil Collins. The next songs Right With You and Falling Into You are also personal songs of worship and the closer Just Like Somebody Else is a great rocker and great way to close out this amazing album.

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Big Daddy Weave [What Life Would Be Like] | Posted October 07, 2008
Big Daddy Weave entered the studio for the fifth time in their decade long career with a singular mission – to create a collection of songs that might somehow communicate the word placed on their hearts to the hearts of those who hear it. It might have been easier to simply try to recreate the success of their previous hit songs, such as “Every Time I Breathe” or “Audience of One.” Instead, the band set out to craft the most ambitious and varied album of their career by doing what they’ve been doing all along – refusing to compromise while stretching the artistic boundaries of what a Big Daddy Weave record is supposed to sound like.
What Life Would Be Like is a call to me and to everyone else who is sick and tired of same-old-same-old, to learn how to let Jesus live through us.  It is that revelation, combined with the heightened amount of collaboration on the new songs, that makes What Life Would Be Like the climactic culmination of Big Daddy Weave’s first decade together.
As I started listening to this album and preparing to write this review I immediately connected with the title song “What Life Would Be Like”.  This song is amazing.  It REALLY made me think.  The song says “I wonder what the world would be like if we let Jesus live through you and me”.  I guess I never thought about it like that before.  Another part of the song says “the world waits, while His heart aches”.  How much longer will you continue to wait?  The bible says we are not promised tomorrow (or your next breath).  It is time to stand up and realize that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.
Another song that stood out to me is “We Want the World to Hear”.  This song says “There is none righteous.  There is none worthy.  There is none Holy but You the King.  I will live my life to sing of Your wonder.  To shout of Your glory so creation will hear God.  We want the world to hear”.  This is a great example of how we should live our daily lives.  There should never be a question of whether you’re a Christian or not.  People should be able to tell immediately.  Remember, we want the world to hear.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph this album has the same Big Daddy Weave sound.  I personally love the way they sound.  When the album is released you will notice a couple of things.  Track 4, “Revive Us Again” is an old hymn.  The arrangement these guys have done of this song is simply wonderful.  I usually don’t get into the old hymns, but found myself lost in this version.  It is a song that I have heard over and over again growing up in church.  But, this rendition grabbed me and really spoke to me.  I can’t stop singing it in my head and aloud.  Another song you will recognize on this album is track 6.  It is a song that is by someone you may have heard of, Phil Collins.  The song is Big Daddy Weave’s version of “Another Day in Paradise”.   When I first heard this, it totally caught me off guard.  It wasn’t exactly what I expected.  I will say that Big Daddy Weave has given Phil Collins a run for his money with this one.

I was very impressed with this album.  It really made me think about things in a different way.  We try so hard to over complicate the things in life.  But with Jesus it just isn’t necessary.  The reason we were created is written in the bible and that is our sword we should take to battle each and every time we step out into the world.  Think about it, what would the world be like if we let Jesus live through you and me?  I took this and posted it to my MySpace page as my status.  I want people to think about that the way I have and pass it along like me.  There is a purpose for us being on the earth.  All you need to do is read God’s word and follow His will.
I would like to thank Big Daddy Weave and everyone that was involved with this album for doing the work of the Lord.  Big Daddy Weave, you are a phenomenal band and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.  God Bless!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10 (95%, A)

Review written by: Ben Collins | Review can also be found here.

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It’s been nearly six years to the day since Big Daddy Weave released its national label debut to the masses. Ever since, the pop/rock quintet has remained at the forefront of Christian music, releasing a handful of heavily played radio tunes, hitting the road for back-to-back tours and selling hundreds of thousands of units. Not a bad track record for a band that has consistently made a point of prioritizing ministry over media attention.

Fortunately, the mission-minded quintet has chosen not to forfeit the quality of music it produces, nor has it relegated its artistic creations to the world of worship music, recycling songs that have already been serviced well. Instead, the band issues a creative force that continues to progress at its own steady pace. And on the new release, What Life Would Be Like, it works.

Kicking off the 10-song set, “You Found Me” incorporates the band’s most commercial sound to date with an infectious hook Rascal Flatts or Keith Urban could easily spin to the top of country radio.

Back-to-back tracks “Right With You” and “Falling Into You” pay homage to the guys’ horn-hitting jams with a tinge of Jason Mraz laced into Mike Weaver’s rhythmic rhyme.

As a sucker for sentimentality, “From Here” is easily the album’s highlight. With simple swells and a finely picked acoustic guitar, the marvelously crafted parental love song is performed from the perspective of a deceased father in heaven, expressing his watch and love “ ... from here.

Though the band has its apparent influences, they’re not worth listing here. Big Daddy’s sound is neither entirely original nor solely derivative, but fans will like what the guys are serving up.

With a stretch of steady sales over four records and an incredibly contagious fifth disc that is progressing the band into its brightest era yet, Big Daddy Weave is headed down a good road. Let’s just hope they keep inviting us along for the ride. –Andrew Greer

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BDW. | Posted March 29, 2011
I love this album! Big Daddy Weave is always awesome. Each song has such an awesome message. Big Daddy Weave is also awesome getting to see live-They always knock my socks right off. ;) Highly recommended album!

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Mediocre | Posted November 16, 2009
Big Daddy Weave's 5Th studio album "What Life Would Be Like" is a mediocre album with some highlights like "What life Would Be Like", The Day That You Fond Me", and "Just Like Someone Else"

The opening track "The Day That You Found Me" delivers that classic Big Daddy Weave sound and lyrics, "What Life Would Be Like" has a powerful message in the chorus: He made the lame walk / and the dumb talk / He opened blinded eyes to see / That the sun rises on His time / Yet He knows our deepest desperate need / And the world waits while His heart aches / To realize the dream / I wonder what life would be like if we let Jesus life through you and me.

Then the second half of the album features the Phil Collins remake of "Another Day In Paradise" which is a long and BORING song (6:14) has a good meaning but is to long. The closing song Just Like Somebody Else" has a good meaning with powerful lyrics to get to the heart.

Big Daddy Weave's 5Th studio release is a slump compared to "Every Time I Breath". "What Life Would Be Like" is just mediocre.

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Wooh | Posted March 14, 2009
Big Daddy Weave is such a great band live. Loved this CD.

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