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Alive and Transported CD/DVD [edit]
by TobyMac | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 27, 2008

TobyMac is putting on a concert in your living room. Well, sort of. After years of requests, his explosive concert experience is finally being released on a DVD and CD combo. As Christian music fans know, Toby has one of the most fun and boomin' shows around, and the full-length Alive and Transported puts you on stage with Toby and the Diverse City Band as they perform "Made To Love," "Gone", "Burn For You", "Diverse City", "Catchafire (Whoopsi Daisy)" and many more.

Track Listing
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01. Intro
02. Ignition
03. Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy)
05. Boomin'
06. No Ordinary Love
07. J Train
08. Gone
09. Irene
10. I'm For You
11. In The Light
12. Yours
13. The Slam
14. Love Is In The House
15. Lose My Soul
16. Diverse City
17. Made To Love
18. Burn For You
19. Jesus Freak
20. Extreme Days
21. Video Preview

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Pure Gold! | Posted September 08, 2009
I'm a huge TobyMac freak, so of course I had to buy Alive and Transported! And after watching it for the first time, I decided that it was even better than I had expected! If you love Toby's concerts, or even if you've never been to one and want to know what Toby's stage performance is like, then you've got to get this awesome CD/DVD combo! It's extremely well done in sound and pictures quality, and it brings back memories of the Portable Sound tour for me every time I watch it! You won't be able to sit down when you watch this DVD! You'll be jumpin', dancin', singin', and cheerin' along with the rest of the crowd! (At least that's what I do!) It's front row access to a TobyMac concert in your own living room, anytime you want one! And once you're finished rockin' and groovin' with Toby during the concert, take a look behind the scenes as Toby talks about what it's like on the road and the stage. You'll also get a glimpse of each individual member of the Diverse City band, learn how they met Toby, and discover how each one brings a little somethin' to Toby's music. It's one party you won't want to miss! This baby is pure gold for all Toby lovers!

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Your Ticket....To A GREAT Buy | Posted August 12, 2009
Myself like so many other tobyMac fans were estatic to learn that he would be releaseing a live CD/DVD sometimes in 2008. Toby puts on, what could be, thee most electric live show in Christian music, so the possibility of a live recording would put many fans over the moon. And this CD/DVD doesn't dissapoint.

Recorded live durring the 2007 'Portable Sounds' tour with BarlowGirl and Thousand Foot Krutch to a sell-out crowd in Texas, this CD starts off with fan favorite 'Ignition', implementing just how many stops and hits Toby and his band Diverse City apply in thier live show. 'Catchafire (Whoopsie-Daisy)' is next followed by an amazing version of 'Boomin''.

'No Ordinary Love' smoothy transitions into 'J-Train'. Toby gives a short promise to his fans about given them the show that they paid for that night befor diving right into one of his biggest hits 'Gone' and 'Irene' (with an AMAZING guitar intro by Diverse City guitarist 'TimmyRose'). 'I'm For You' is cut short in the set to share with the audience some of 1 John 1, the passage that inspired the next song 'In The Light' (Toby and the DC crew do an amazing job with this song consitering dc Talk did this song brilliantly live).

'Yours' starts off slower and then builds up to the classic rock tune that fans know and love, followed next by 'The Slam' and 'Love Is In Th House', before which Toby gives an amazing message on what it means to truly show the love of Christ. 'Atmopshere' is next up while Mandisa makes a guest apereance on stage that night for the hit song 'Lose My Soul'. DCer GabeReal does an amazing job of ryhming Kirk Franklins part, but you can't help but miss Kirk's soothing vocals in the live version. 'Diverse City' was supposed to be the last trac of the night but due to an overwhelming audience (which you will hear on the album repeatedly screaming 'One More Song!!!') the crew comes back again to preform not only 'Made To Love' (which is FANTASTIC live, almost better than the recorded version in my opinion) but 'Burn For You' and yet another dc Talk classic, 'Jesus Freak'--which they pull off seamlessly in thier own special way with new breaks and grooves, an amazing re-make, although it will never be the same without Micheal and Kevin in my eyes...The album comes to an end with an energetic version of Toby's first solo hit 'Extreme Days'.

This CD is amazing. From a technical point of view, the recording is very smooth without ever having to wonder what was said. And although you will find yourself listening to it time and time again, once you see the DVD, you will understand most of the screams and cheers the audience offers a certain points in the songs.

The DVD has the exact same track list as the CD, seeing at it is the same exact live show, only this time, seeing exactly what you've heard before. Once the lights and sights are added in, you can truly see why his live show is consitered one of the best. Another treat of the DVd is seeing the things you would miss in the CD--including guest guittarist on 'Jesus Freak', Rebecca Barlow. Simply said, the DVD is worth seeing for yourself, there is too much detial put into one of his live shows to simply put into words. I'll let you be the critic from here.

The Behind-the-Scenes footage is also atreat to watch, from a 'day in the life' style retospect into tobyMac's life to the story of how each of the members of Diverse City made it into the group, your sure to be left wanting to see more. The fun footage doesn't end here though, there are a few last minute tidbits that are sure to get you laughing--like Toby and some crew members trying to teach him to backflip, Shonlock imitating Toddiefunk playing video games and Tim's and Toby's 'debate' on how to pronounce Albany (worth the DVD alone if you want to have a good chuckle).

This CD/DVD set is worth every penny you will spend on it. Something the whole family will enjoy watching over and over--by the end, you yourself will be ready to go for the next tobyMac concert in your neck of the woods.

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Worth Every Penny | Posted June 24, 2008
Not surprisingly, this CD/DVD combo is quite remarkable. If you've ever had the priviledge of seeing tobyMac perform, you would know that he puts an incredibly exciting, energetic, and fun show. Some choegraphy, but not so much you get sick. He doesn't just sit there and sing a couple songs from his albums, but he mixes it up and will change a song so it can better fit a live show. He even throws in a few songs from his earlier dcTalk days. Considering all this, you just know this is something you must own.

The CD itself is quite a surprise. Usually a live recording will have sound errors and be hard to listen to, but not this one. It has a clean sound that is pleasant to listen to. Obviously, it's not studio quality, but it's not bad. It's very well made and is a fun listen. I'm not always a fan of live CDs, but this one is a must-have. I actually wasn't able to take it out of my stereo for a whole week after I ripped it out of the packaging the day it was released. The best part? If you watch the DVD first you can almost visualize the concert as you listen to the CD.

Oh, yeah, I should probably mention the DVD, considering it may very well be the better half. As I mentioned earlier, tobyMac's live shows are just amazing! Even if you don't like toby's music, you will probably enjoy his concert. The Diverse City Band just does a great job of making that happen. Now that we have the ability to watch them all perform whenever we so please, it's just great. I can't help but move around and sing along as I watch it. I'm sure that if you like to have fun at all, you would enjoy this DVD.

Besides the concert footage, the DVD contains some additional features. These clips just make it twice as good. Some introduce you to the different members of the band, while others are just fun to watch and laugh at. I would actually pay to buy this on a serperate DVD if necessary. The fact they give it to you one one disc is a fantastic deal.

Overall, it's just a great buy and I'd recommend it to anyone.

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tobyMac [Alive & Transported] | Posted September 24, 2008
[Main Review]

Out of all the concerts that I have attended while working with Christian Music Review in
the past four years, I have to admit that some of the most exciting have come at the hands
of one Toby McKeehan, aka tobyMac. Even at age forty-four (probably forty-three when
this concert was taped!) Toby still tears up the stage with his technically savvy and
innovative stage show, performing along side his long-time touring band, Diverse City.

The release of Toby's newest project, Alive & Transported offers fans the opportunity to
not only listen to an entire concert of his Portable Sounds tour on CD, but to be able to
watch the concert in it's entirety on DVD as well. The concert was recorded live in
Houston, Texas in 2007.

The live performance includes all of Toby's hits, some which include "Boomin", "No
Ordinary" and "Made To Love" from his 2007 release, Portable Sounds; "Burn For You",
"Gone" and "I'm For You" from his 2004 release, Welcome To Diverse City; as well as hits
from 2001's Momentum like "Extreme Days", "Irene" and "Love Is In The House". There
are even a few tracks on there from Toby's days with dcTalk with "In The Light" and
dcTalk's biggest hit and groundbreaking song, "Jesus Freak".

Alive and Transported has a little bit for everyone, offering those who have never seen his
electrified and intense live show a glimpse into what's it's like to attend in person.

I have seen Toby in concert four or five times, and honestly this is probably the best I've
heard him live. Not that the concerts I have been to prior aren't great, but this one in
particular had really good production, energy and seemed to progress smoothly from song
to song. Not a Tobymac fan? I would suggest taking a listen to this one, you might just
change your mind. It's definitely worth picking up!

Go and check out Mike Laxton's review for Tobymac's latest studio album, Portable Sounds here for more info and background on Toby's music.

Rating: 9 out of 10 (90%, A-)

Review written by: Jay Heilman

Review can also be found at:

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from Click here to visit today!

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art10 (114)

TobyMac: Bringing The Energy | Posted July 08, 2008
Concert CD's are a bit hit or miss. Most can succeed by drawing the listener into the audience, and make them part of the experience, with the energy, sing-a-longs and the like. However, if you just do a straight up live CD and don't try to bring the energy or new material, you'll flop every time. Thankfully, when it comes to Christian Music Mistro TobyMac, you don't have to worry about a lack of energy.

During uptempo songs, he'll be jumping on the stage, in the air, and in the concert's most satisfying moment, into the crowd. And it's not just Toby; his band is as energetic and get their party on just as easy, and every member gets their moment. I especially enjoyed Toby's guitarist, Tim Rosenau, with his great work on the guitar and the trumpet. He looked like he was having a pretty good time, getting into the action and the energy, all while strumming at the guitar.

But, to experience this high energy atmosphere, you have to watch the DVD, because this energy is only amplified by the camera works that zips, zooms, jumps, and then zooms again. It's like everybody took a can of Red Bull before starting the concert.

There are some problems with the collection though. You might listen to just the CD portion, maybe twice when you own this collection, even if you're a hardcore Mac fan. By the contrast, the CD actually seems a bit sleepy, and a bit devoid of a jolt. But even if you watch the DVD, there are a few songs that just don't translate to this live CD. "Boomin'" was meant to be boomin' out your car studio in full surround sound stereo in your car. Live, it just sounds like it's missing something.

The song selection is pretty good. All the hits, and a few favorites from DC Talk. However, all those songs you didn't really care for on the albums, your opinion isn't likely to change on them with this CD. While I did like "J-Train" a little better, I only liked that crazy energy with the others.

But wait, that isn't all, I must either criticize the audience, or the sound guy, because when Toby had the crowd sing along to a couple songs, the crowd sounded pretty weak. Whether the mike just didn't catch it, or this was a Monday concert, we might never know.

Overall, a must for Mac fans. It's energetic and you get the feel when you're watching the DVD. And while the CD won't serve you much use, the DVD will be your companion for all those sleepy study nights. I don't know what TobyMac will do next, but he always seems to have something new up his sleeve, and it's usually something pretty good. But next re-mix CD, is going to have a lot of ground to cover.

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I got a ticket for Toby's concert! | Posted June 26, 2008
Once again, I attended this amazing artist's show (I've seen him twice), and I was actually AT the concert where they recorded the CD and filmed the DVD. He is...let's just say that when you have old people who hate fun stuff jumping up and down to hip hop at his concerts, and they bring out trampolines and do flips and stuff, it just makes you on a high! Woo! I think something very interesting about Toby is that he's able to attract a very large audience of all different ages (sorta like the Newsboys) and I think everybody as an individual each takes something away from his music. I'm not usually much for the hip hop sound (except for some cases) but I think it's really cool that he can have this type of genre for the people that do, and that it's Christian (because, no offense, most rap stuff isn't!). I love to hear little kids singing "Gone" or "Made To Love" and it just makes me smile, and if he can do that...WOW! Alive & Transported is really good, not as adrenaline-rushing as the live show, but the recording are very much alike, I love the DVD part, and the tracks he chose for the show/CD are a really good. Every time I listen to this CD, I relive one of the greatest nights of my life....and I love it! I totally recommend it for TobyMac fans. My personal favorites off the record are definitely I'm For You, Gone, his rendition of Jesus Freak, Irene, No Ordinary Love, and Diverse City. Oops! Well, for now I gtg! Enjoy the review! Hope I helped!

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Awesome | Posted June 01, 2008
Will first live cd/dvd for tobymac's solo career. what did i have to say is that it is totally awesome and worth getting because you get 20 of his greastest songs live on a cd and dvd and about an hour of bouns footage. And if you order it from you get the live cd/dvd and an autographed poster.

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Awesome! | Posted May 27, 2008
This cd rocks like no other live cd ever! The dvd is pretty much amazing too! I love it when the artist talk about some of thier songs live and tobyMac does a really good job of talking before some of his songs. I also think it's really cool that he threw in "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" durring "Lose My Soul". Very cool! Also Becca Barlow plays guitar on "Jesus Freak" which is pretty cool! Anyway aobyMac and the Diverse City band pretty much rock and if you havn't seen them live you seriously need too! It's intense! :p

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gizmodad (75)

Awesome stuff! | Posted February 13, 2010
This album is awesome. All the songs on the CD are fantastic and the DVD captures the awesome and energetic experience of a tobyMac concert. This is a great live project.

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patpc36 (58)

Five Star Live CD/DVD | Posted August 04, 2009
This live CD/DVD is HOT! He puts so much energy into every song and it easily won a Grammy this past year! I think this is going to be an all time live Christian CD/DVD for years to come probably a top five of all time. He has so many great songs on here including some from his old days at DC Talk. You must see him live if you ever get a chance.

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Boomin CD/DVD | Posted February 24, 2009
I am not a huge live fan, outside of concerts. There is something magical about going to a concert that can't be broadcast on video.

The dvd aspect of this is great. Toby delivers pure energy, and it reminds of seeing him in concert, with a better view. Crank on some surround sound and it is rockin. I also heard he won a grammy for this project so hats of to t-mac.

The cd part doesn't do much for me. The songs are better on his other projects. I do love the mix of songs from all his projects. Since i own all of his albums i created sort of a greatest hits based off it. If he ever releases a greatest hits, to date, those songs would work just peachy.

So i give the video a higher score over the cd. It is a great project, but music wise better off listening to one of his other albums.

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:) | Posted February 08, 2009
I absoulutely love this cd and dvd combo! the dvd alone is plain entertaining and never has a boring moment. the cd is filled with some of my favorite songs- catchy, upbeat, and meaningful!

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