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Posted August 12, 2009
By SarahFine_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Myself like so many other tobyMac fans were estatic to learn that he would be releaseing a live CD/DVD sometimes in 2008. Toby puts on, what could be, thee most electric live show in Christian music, so the possibility of a live recording would put many fans over the moon. And this CD/DVD doesn't dissapoint.

Recorded live durring the 2007 'Portable Sounds' tour with BarlowGirl and Thousand Foot Krutch to a sell-out crowd in Texas, this CD starts off with fan favorite 'Ignition', implementing just how many stops and hits Toby and his band Diverse City apply in thier live show. 'Catchafire (Whoopsie-Daisy)' is next followed by an amazing version of 'Boomin''.

'No Ordinary Love' smoothy transitions into 'J-Train'. Toby gives a short promise to his fans about given them the show that they paid for that night befor diving right into one of his biggest hits 'Gone' and 'Irene' (with an AMAZING guitar intro by Diverse City guitarist 'TimmyRose'). 'I'm For You' is cut short in the set to share with the audience some of 1 John 1, the passage that inspired the next song 'In The Light' (Toby and the DC crew do an amazing job with this song consitering dc Talk did this song brilliantly live).

'Yours' starts off slower and then builds up to the classic rock tune that fans know and love, followed next by 'The Slam' and 'Love Is In Th House', before which Toby gives an amazing message on what it means to truly show the love of Christ. 'Atmopshere' is next up while Mandisa makes a guest apereance on stage that night for the hit song 'Lose My Soul'. DCer GabeReal does an amazing job of ryhming Kirk Franklins part, but you can't help but miss Kirk's soothing vocals in the live version. 'Diverse City' was supposed to be the last trac of the night but due to an overwhelming audience (which you will hear on the album repeatedly screaming 'One More Song!!!') the crew comes back again to preform not only 'Made To Love' (which is FANTASTIC live, almost better than the recorded version in my opinion) but 'Burn For You' and yet another dc Talk classic, 'Jesus Freak'--which they pull off seamlessly in thier own special way with new breaks and grooves, an amazing re-make, although it will never be the same without Micheal and Kevin in my eyes...The album comes to an end with an energetic version of Toby's first solo hit 'Extreme Days'.

This CD is amazing. From a technical point of view, the recording is very smooth without ever having to wonder what was said. And although you will find yourself listening to it time and time again, once you see the DVD, you will understand most of the screams and cheers the audience offers a certain points in the songs.

The DVD has the exact same track list as the CD, seeing at it is the same exact live show, only this time, seeing exactly what you've heard before. Once the lights and sights are added in, you can truly see why his live show is consitered one of the best. Another treat of the DVd is seeing the things you would miss in the CD--including guest guittarist on 'Jesus Freak', Rebecca Barlow. Simply said, the DVD is worth seeing for yourself, there is too much detial put into one of his live shows to simply put into words. I'll let you be the critic from here.

The Behind-the-Scenes footage is also atreat to watch, from a 'day in the life' style retospect into tobyMac's life to the story of how each of the members of Diverse City made it into the group, your sure to be left wanting to see more. The fun footage doesn't end here though, there are a few last minute tidbits that are sure to get you laughing--like Toby and some crew members trying to teach him to backflip, Shonlock imitating Toddiefunk playing video games and Tim's and Toby's 'debate' on how to pronounce Albany (worth the DVD alone if you want to have a good chuckle).

This CD/DVD set is worth every penny you will spend on it. Something the whole family will enjoy watching over and over--by the end, you yourself will be ready to go for the next tobyMac concert in your neck of the woods.

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