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Age: 25
Gender: F
Relationship: In love
Location: United States
Occupation: Musician
Denomination: Baptist
Favorite Saying: "hate Pictures, Images and Photos imperfection marilyn monroe quote! "
Favorite Music: notes music_ Christian Rock, alternative, country, broadway, soundtrack, hip hop, some rap, etc. Any kinds that appeal to me!
Interests: Movies! love hOlLiStEr music Texting starbucks! ABCGFABC Church, usic, guitar, piano, songwriting, texting, writing stories, zoecity, friends, swimming, fashion, shopping, singing, theater, Tony Hawk, my laptop, cell phone, Monster, Starbucks, being in love, texting, talking, online, riding my bike, playing dodgeball, hanging out, writing songs, art, writing poetry, drama queening around, dressing up, having makeovers, hollister, the mall, manicures, my boyfriend, etc. Love it all!!!! <3 <3 <3

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one-in-a-million's Comments
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November 18, 2008, 19:26PM
November 11, 2008, 18:16PM
shhut up pixie stick!!!!!
November 10, 2008, 19:08PM
i would but one problem...i wuld get very lonely because of your passing on...
November 09, 2008, 07:43AM
shut up, pixie stick...
November 08, 2008, 19:04PM
if the girl i like right now became my gf then i'd have plenty of time for u cuz she lives in NY


one-in-a-million Is...

About Me
Peace Love and Kayla
i love guys in skinny jeans Pictures, Images and Photos
quotes and sayings
im one in a million
this is the story of a girl;
I love...Jesus, chocolate, ice cream, basketball, the Titanic (the actual ship, not the movie), texting, my laptop, ZoeCity, my friends, TV, movies, volunteering (I'm in a group called CHATA that is all about kids volunteering), reading, writing (I write stories, as well as my own music), guitar, piano, and sleeping over with friends and staying up all night and laughing my head off over really stupid stuff! LOL. My friends I have totally crazy inside jokes ("22w" and "Monday Night Football"; don't ask). I am sometimes shy, but usually not. I LOVE to meet new people and make new friends, and I'm really loud and crazy for the most part...except not around adults! My basketball team rocks; we're all really close and love each other; currently I am #41. I go to Berean Baptist Church (BBC) and it's totally awesome! All the Jr. High students there rock! Drama is totally my thing; I am a huge drama queen sometimes. I talk a lot, and probably get really annoying (my friend's brother says I really scare him and sometimes he thinks I'm on drugs 'cuz I get EXTREMELY hyper sometimes) and I text continuously for hours. I <3 all my BFFs to death! I am so awesome, and I'm so cute! (Not really, but I'm trying to be nice to myself.) My life ambition/goal is to be a songwriter/singer or a fashion designer or to be in the broadway production of either Hairspray or Wicked. My real name is Kayla, but I'm trying to get the nickname KayKay hooked, so you can call me that if you want, okay? So, yeah, did I mention I homeschool? (And I'm probably smarter than you, lol!) So, yeah, and anyway, that's pretty much it, so for now, peace out, luv ya, and 22-wide 4eva!

p.s. I also have an older bro named Daniel (my twin), an older sis named Christa. also, check out my zoecity at and I am in love with my best friend <3
she loved you
Blue eyed Beauty
stand out

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Houston We Are Go CD/DVD by Newsboys
Okay, first of all, I was at BOTH of the concerts where they shot/recorded this CD/DVD and let me tell you this is an AMAZING thing they have come out with!!!! It's almost as good as having been at the show!!! One thing I like about the Newsboys is ...
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Make Some Noise by Krystal Meyers
However, despite the fact that I really enjoy this CD and I think it is her best, people who are big fans should know her style has changed a lot since Krystal Meyers and Dying For a Heart...she is now more into pop, and much much less rock. Her songs ...
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Rock What You Got by Superchick
Okay, so I went to the Cross The Line Concert and pre-ordered the CD and it just came in the mail yesterday! Yay! I also got it autographed, and one for my best friend! It's an amazing CD, great songwriting, beats, and sound. I love jamming to it, ...
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Alive and Transported CD/DVD by TobyMac
Once again, I attended this amazing artist's show (I've seen him twice), and I was actually AT the concert where they recorded the CD and filmed the DVD. He is...let's just say that when you have old people who hate fun stuff jumping up and down to hip ...
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