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The Art Of Breaking [edit]
by Thousand Foot Krutch | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: July 19, 2005

Thousand Foot Krutch is back with their follow up release, "The Art of Breaking", coming on the heals of their highly successful debut album, Phenomenon from Tooth and Nail Records. Features the tunes "Absolute" and "Breathe You In."

Track Listing
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01. Absolute
02. Slow Bleed
03. The Art Of Breaking
04. Stranger
05. Hurt
06. Hand Grenade
07. Move
08. Hit The Floor
09. Go
10. Make Me A Believer
11. Breathe You In

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Nathan (188)

A step down | Posted November 02, 2007
After a very solid rock album Phenomenon, Thousand Foot Krutch followed it up with the Art of Braking a much anticipated album. The problem with a big hit is the band has to come out with another CD al least as good in quality, if not better.

Some of Thousand Foot Krutch's best moments on the Art of Braking is the solid rock tunes like their singles "Absolute", "move" and the title track, unfortunately the singles are pretty much the best part of the album, because everything else is simple and not that impressive rock. "Stranger", "go", and "slow bleed" are not bad but they don't have the life that the singles have,

Over all what keeps the album from sinking into a "just a couple good songs CD" is the title tracks excellent sound and pace. Also the song "hurt" is super, along with the smash hit "breathe you in"; both are light but very well done and are the high points on the album. But for the most part the rest of the CD is just okay.

The bands Lyrics are another annoying part on the album, as it seems in a few songs that Thousand Foot Krutch just throws in extra lyrics to make their songs rhyme. However there some good stuff on the album like "hurt" and "breathe you in", and there is some clever song writing to.

Art of Braking is a good rock CD, but Thousand Foot Krutch did not make this one a Phenomenon.

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Great Album! | Posted September 05, 2012
This album was the very first TFK album I had ever heard.  I was immediately hooked!  Every single song is just amazing!  I am so glad I found this album!  Definitely one that you will play over and over again! 

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Pretty Good. | Posted April 16, 2012
If I could chose one song on this album it would be a tie with Art of Breaking (song) and Breathe You In. Those are two solid songs. Hit the Floor ain't that half bad either. But the moral of this comment is that this album is GREAT.

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Ahead of it's time! | Posted April 14, 2012
This cd doesn't fit the other cds in tone, style, or pace particularly well, but the artisanship, heart, and hard rockin good time are all there, and in my opinion they were all taken up a notch for this cd.

While the cd was giving into the trend of running from the nu-metal sound it went in it's own direction. Instead of going metal, or wimpy girl rock it actully went for a bit of an old school rock tone and style, while obviously keeping many of it's modern rock roots.

To start Phil X's guitar work on the album is INTENSE, and way ahead of it's time for a modern rock cd. It's been 8 years and we're really just now starting to see this level of guitar playing even being considered acceptable in modern rock. Before that it was called "showing off" or "outdated" for reasons that are questionable at best, and yet here is a great example of how much it can add to music. Imo the solos were a tad short, but other than that they really add a lot of intensity, and feeling to the songs.

The lyrics, while occasionally a bit hard to decyfer, are good and interesting, which was also ahead of it's time for modern rock. In 05 most of the modern rock bands were singing blunt songs about relationships, or fighting battles. TFK actually used metaphore, and had worship songs (Some of which are still some of the best worship songs you can get.) which was generally looked down upon by fans of modern rock (Even in many of the Christian rock community.) at the time. 

Vocally the album was strong, while Trevor has grown since then, he still had it and rocked it like a boss. His voice fit the music, and added a lot of feeling, and intensity to the songss. He kept it aggressive, when appropriate, and toned it down when it fit the songs, which is NOT something a lot of singers of the time can lay claim to.

While the drumming, and bass were a tad on the typical side, they kept the album solid and let the guitar, and vocals grab you.

Overall I give the album 5 stars for it's artistry, and being so far ahead of it's time. Give it a listen or ten if you get a chance.

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ARNgal (15)

if they had to | Posted June 05, 2011
i guess this is better than the other direction they could've gone. great music, but not as "grab-ya-and-pull-ya-in" as Phenomenon. i personally love the song "the art of breaking", because it's very real. they say what everyone feels but no one else will say with that song. and, "move" is just too jammin' to not love. ;) 

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Not Their Best | Posted March 09, 2011
I think the Art of Breaking is very much a hit and miss CD. The songs that are good- Absolute, Move, The Art of Breaking, Hit the Floor, and Breathe You In- are very good. Classics for any TFK fan.  But the rest of the songs all seem to blend together and the lyrics are probably the worst out of their CDs. I wouldn't recommend this album as a whole, but there is still some songs on here worth checking out.

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TFK!! | Posted January 25, 2011
One of TFK's best albums!! The Art Breaking was, and still is, one of my favourite discs to listen to while doing just about anything!! if you’re looking some new rock music to listen to i would definitely recommend any of TFK's albums, Set It Off, The Art of Breaking, The Flame in All of Us, Phenomenon, and Welcome to The Masquerade. I am hoping they are coming out with some new music soon although Trevor is busy working on a new cd with FM Static.

The Art of Breaking tracks are-
Absolute- It start off a bit slower, but is one of my favourite tracks from the album and also from TFK in general!!
Slow Bleed- Not real high in my list.
The Art of Breaking – AWESOME!!
Stranger - its all right, but still not to high on my list.
Hurt- Pretty good, like 4 and half stars!
Hand Grenade- Not bad!
Move- Pretty rockin good.
Hit The Floor – 5 stars hands down
Go- meh…all right
Make Me A Believer- Good Song
Breath You In – Slow song, but so good!!

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TFK-TOO FREAKIN' KOOL | Posted October 22, 2008
Thousand Foot Krutch proves themselves as artists with every record they release! The Art Of Breaking is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.!!!!!! Hurt,Hand Grenade,Hit The Floor,and Breathe You In are my favorites...although every song is AMAZING!!!!!!!! TFK is Too Freakin' Kool!!!!:-)

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Excellent!!! | Posted October 01, 2008
This is a excellent CD.
I LOVED all the songs not just a couple.
If you like TFK, you won't like it you'll LOVE it!!!!!!!! You will soon find yourself singing all the songs out LOUD and dancing to it!!!!!
Throw up your RAWKFIST!!!!

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AmyLee (6)

exhilerating | Posted July 09, 2008
these guys were freaking awesome live!! i saw them at Alive 2008 in Fulton, Ohio, along with toby mac, ff5 and others. this is my favorite album of theirs and my fave song would be absolute i think. great music all around. gets you psyched very speedily.

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