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Rip Open The Skies [edit]
by Remedy Drive | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 03, 2006

Rip Open The Skies focuses the energy and momentum of a band most known for the harmonies and intensity in their piano driven rock tunes.

"The last thing any of us are looking for is a diluted existence -- the shadow and not the substance." says David Zach, songwriter for the band. "But I find myself chasing the wind. I catch myself actually believing that success can bring happiness -- that accomplishment can complete me, that gold or plastic can validate my existence."

This music echoes a call to live for something more then the American dream -- more then suburban accomplishment, more then 65 years and a mortgage. This music is a call to a new life and a new heart.

Track Listing
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01. Come Up
02. Real Thing
03. Statues
04. King Of Failures
05. Right Side
06. Break
07. Here's For The Years
08. Upgrade
09. The Sky's Alive
10. How Great

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Awesome album! | Posted February 09, 2011
I LOVE this album. Probably one of my all time favorite CDs. I got a free on a music website a few weeks ago, and have stuck on it ever since. My favorite song on the album is 'Statues'. Very catchy song, but an awesome message along with it. With Remedy Drive, that is always something to expect. ;) Remedy Drive has been one of my favorite bands for a while now, but after hearing this album, their almost at the top for sure. The message in each individual song is just beautiful. I HIGHLY recommend this album. Especially if you are a Switchfoot, Needtobreathe, or Jars of Clay fan. Awesome group, awesome album.

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Rip Open The Skies | Posted December 28, 2010
Remedy Drive is a band composed of four brothers, that sound very Switchfoot-esque. This cd was their 6th independent album. It's also free on Noisetrade.

First off the song, "Come Up", is a song about a struggling Christian, and the chorus could almost be interpreted as the verse in Revelation that says, "Come Up hither, and I will show thee things which must be hereafter". I don't think this is the intention of the lyrics, but that message can be interpreted from this song. Overall, this is a good song, with positive lyrics and good music. This is a nice, easy listening kind of song.

Next is the song, "Real Thing", which rocks a bit harder, but doesn't really break any new ground. Seeing that this album was released in 2006, we'll let that fly. This song is a plea for the real thing in life, with lyrics like: "Give me the real thing not this watered down or in between
I want the real thing not this middle ground
I want the sight unseen"
I really like this song, and you can definitely hear the influence of Switchfoot in their band.

Third is the song, "Statues", which starts off with a nice enjoyable pop/rock feel, is all about refusing to live the normal life, to do something and "Rip Open The Skies". The ending of the song is a beautiful musical jam session that I really liked. Well written lyrics and an enjoyable beat make this song a favorite.

The fourth song is called, "King of Failures". This song slows things down a bit, but does not disapoint. The song is all about Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice he made, how he took our place. The second verse includes beautiful lyrics such as:"You were bruised
You took great pains for me to breathe now
Iím not a slave
You took my chains and set me free now.
Definitely one of the songs that stand out lyrically to me.

Halfway through the album,we come to "Right Side". The lyrics encourage you to make sure you are ready to go in the Rapture. This song sounds a lot like Switchfoot, and a few times, the lead singer sounds just like Jon Foreman. The music is good, with a very good guitar solo in the middle. This song is one of the best songs on the album, with great vocals and music.

Next is "Break". This is another Rapture song, but this one is all about the longing for the Rapture to happen. This is definitely the song where David Zach sounds the most like Jon Foreman. This overall a good song, but I find the music of the chorus to be repetitive and a bit annoying.

"Here's To The Years" is the next song. This song has great lyrics, full of promises that God is always there with us, and not to worry or fear. The music is good in this song for 2006. This song also has a nice guitar solo, which compliments the song well. These guys are good musicians.

"Upgrade" starts out with a great intro, about mid tempo speed. Throughout this whole album, I've seen a theme with the music, as if this cd was made for listening in the car; it's that enjoyable! The lyrics to this song encourage us to hold out for the "Upgrade" when Christ comes, and not to be content with this world. There is also another guitar solo, which Paul Zach pulls off quite well.

"The Sky's Alive" is another song about the Coming of Christ. I really like that so many of their songs include references to the Rapture. This is a well produced song, with good lyrics, and the lead singer doesn't sound like Jon Foreman on this song, and the guitar skills are put to good use.

The final song, "How Great" is a piano-driven track, but is the hymn, "How Great Thou Art"! Wow! They did an AMAZING job on one of my favorite hymns. The music and vocals are spot-on,slightly faster than the way we sing it. Or about the same tempo as my Southern friends sing it. :). I really love this version of the classic hymn!

Overall, "Rip Open The Skies" by Remedy Drive is a great album. Every song is good, and the recurring lyric theme of Christ's coming is refreshing. I would definitely recommend this album to anyone, any age. Also, it's free through Noisetrade, so even if you aren't a fan YET, get this album!

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Leah (12)

Remedy Drive | Posted August 23, 2008
This is an awesome CD!! I love every song. Remedy Drive has their own unique sound. The beat is really cool, it`s hard not to tap your feet and sing along. lol. :D

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Remedy Drive: Rip Open the Skies | Posted August 29, 2007
It was a spectacular album! Remedy Drive has a great easy listening sound that came across in this album!!!

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skybo90 (177)

Incredible | Posted July 24, 2007
Incredible album! Incredible band! Need I say more?

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