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Skillet no longer in Comatose
Posted November 09, 2007
By Nathan,

Before Skillets latest album, they were a below average rock band who was not very popular, but now with the release of Comatose, their first three singles of their album ("rebirthing", "the last night, and "older I get") have been smash hits, as Comatose was the best rock album of the year.

In the past Skillet had used some techno music, but had mainly been a harder rocking band, but Comatose has a much more refined rock sound, but a main reason the album was so popular was lead singer John Cooper's lyrics. It's clear that from the first song to the title track that the music is incredibly good. "Rebirthing" and "Comatose" are very impressive rock songs. But some of the rock is a little too hard as Cooper resorts to yelling on "better than drugs" and "falling inside the black" which fall into the back of the album.

A sturdy rock song "whispers in the dark" shows fans that Skillet can offer solid rock music without sounding the same as the previous track. One song that doesn't quite fit is "those nights' which is a punk song, and it does not go well with John Coopers voice, but is still a cool song. "The last Night" is also a great rock song about However Skillet saved the best rock tune for last on "looking for angles" which is brilliantly done I everyway and is the highest point of the album.

Another part of what distinguishes Comatose, aside from their rock sound, is their lighter music, which is brilliant and adds the perfect balance to the album. the lighter songs are: "older I get", "yours to hold" and "don't say goodbye". Each one is great, having their own sound that makes them flat out amazing which really makes them the rock on which the album is built. Coopers vioce is good but is over done when he yells at a few points in the song.

The lyrics are another fantastic part of the album, and the most important. "Rebirthing" and Comatose has similar messages about wakening up to God, and the "older I get" is a great song about relationships with people. The good rock tune "The Last Night" is the powerful song about a friend who talks someone out of suicide. "Looking for angels" has some of the best lyrics you can find in a song. The rest of the songs, while not all talking about God, are positive and mostly meaningful.

Skillet has emerged as a top Christian Rock group by making every song, from beginning to end worthy of a listen. "Comatose" gets gets high marks for when the music fades there will be the strong messages they send.

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