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Coming Alive with Jesus
Posted February 07, 2019
By BrendanBurke_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What you need to know:
Radiate Worship is a worship band from Bergen, Norway. They started as a part of the worship ministry in a local
church and they have been focusing on writing and producing songs with a fresh expression since 2008. "We have a burning passion to show young people who Jesus is," the group explains. "We dream about crushing the boundaries of what worship can be." 

What it sounds like:
Radiate Worship’s new album, Come Alive, is a marvelous praise and worship album.
 If you enjoy some uplifting tunes and want to feel connected to Jesus, the group's third release is for you. Every song on the album makes you feel connected to Jesus. Songs like “Victorious” and “Trust” are two songs that everyone should listen to, but all songs are packed with uplifting messages full of inspiration.

For the fans of:
Passion, Hillsong Worship, Bethel Music

Spiritual Highlights:
I felt closer to God and fully inspired while listening to this album and it made me want to share his good news with everyone! The spirit was definitely infectious!

Best Song on Record:
The headlining song of the album, “Come Alive,” tells us Jesus is alive in every single one of us and he will never leave us.

Final Word:
Throughout the album, I grew in my faith journey and I felt connected with every song. This will certainly be part of my weekly shuffle.

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