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I'll Wait For You, My Love by Greg I'll Wait For You, My Love by Greg
What You Need To Know:
Greg LaFollette...
Heaven Come Closer (feat. Madison Street Worship) by Corey Heaven Come Closer (feat. Madison Street Worship) by Corey
What You Need to Know: 
Seeing For the First Time by Derek Charles Seeing For the First Time by Derek Charles

What You Need to Know

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I'll Wait For You, My Love | Posted May-28-2020
What You Need To Know:

Greg LaFollette is an artist and spiritual director in Nashville, TN. He has been involved in more than one hundred records in his career; working with Andrew Peterson, Audrey Assad, Sara Groves, Leslie Jordan of All Sons and Daughters, Robbie Seay Band, and many others. LaFollette has been featured in multiple prominent podcasts and published in CCM Magazine, The Rabbit Room, Relevant Magazine, and The Gospel Coalition. His previous records have garnered much attention and have been supported by church partnerships across the US. LaFollette has had multiple placements in international advertising campaigns and has contributed many songs to others' records.

What It Sounds Like:

Greg gives us a relaxing album packed with emotion. From beautiful background vocals to a number of instrumentals, this album will help you rest and worship God. The song “Never Alone” is a piano ballad that will quiet your spirit instantly. 

Best Song on the Record:

While it’s hard to choose just one song on the record, “I’ll Wait For You, My Love" is a favorite. This song offers amazing vocals with inspirational lyrics. "These songs give words and movement to my prayers," explains Greg. "They offer inspiration, challenge, and consolation; and I want to share those gifts with you.” “I’ll Wait For You, My Love” shows his mission has been accomplished.

Spiritual Highlights:

There are spiritual highlights throughout. “Even Still” is a song that tells us God will heal us and He is always with us. Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can’t heal is a line that instantly grabbed my attention. It reminds me that no matter how much pain or sadness I am dealing with, God will help and heal me of all my pain.

For Fans Of:

Jon Guerra, The Porter’s Gate, Audrey Assad

Final Word:

I’m happy that I came across Greg LaFollette. His music is beautiful and overall relaxing during a never-ending busy world.

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Heaven Come Closer | Posted May-01-2020
What You Need to Know: 

Corey Voss is a Tennessee-based worship leader and songwriter who serves as the Worship and Creative Arts Pastor for Gateway Church in Shelbyville, Tennessee. His songs include "Praise The King," "Psalm 92 (O Most High)," "Nothing But The Blood," and the Selah-recorded single "I Got Saved." Corey has also written and recorded music with Michael Farren, Lauren Daigle, Jared Anderson, and Dustin Smith. His latest project is Songs of Heaven & Earth: Volume 1.

What It Sounds Like:

Corey’s latest album will draw you into a state of praise and worship. In our chaotic world, Corey's new project gives you something uplifting and positive to rest upon. You might even find yourself singing to some of his songs. “Dancing on the Grave” has some singalong qualities to it.

Spiritual Highlight:

Each track offers a spiritual highlight. “Miracle in Motion” has a great spiritual message: "This is a miracle in motion/It’s a sign of your affection/It’s your will that this should happen/So let it be, let it be/This is a moment in your presence/When the earth becomes like heaven/It’s Your will that this should happen/So let it be, let it be."  This song shows us that God is always making a miracle around us--even in chaotic times. Earth will become like heaven and all will be peaceful. And, we can rejoice and be glad in his kingdom and on earth. 

Best Song On Album:

“God of Salvation (I Still Believe)” is the best song on the album: "I still believe you're the God of salvation/I still believe that anything can happen/I still believe you'll do all that you've promised." These three truths stand out the most. 

For the Fans Of:

For All Season
s | Influence Music | River Valley Worship

Final Word:

Corey Voss has brought us an incredible album from start to finish. In a chaotic world, he offers a fresh worship album to listen to. I can’t wait to listen to future Corey Voss albums. The sky is the limit for this new artist. 

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Seeing For the First Time | Posted April-10-2020

What You Need to Know

Raised in Northern Minnesota, Derek Charles was a kid who grew up listening to contemporary Christian music. As a youth group teen in the '90s, he soaked up any and every "youth pastor-approved" CD he could grab. A quick playlist at the time included artists and bands, such as Michael W. Smith, Matt Redman, Petra, Delirious and, of course, DC Talk. It was those influences and many more that led him to develop a deep love for Christian music. That love, coupled with a passion for worship ministry, led Derek to pursue a degree in leading worship. 

What It Sounds Like

Derek’s debut album is a perfect listen if you’re looking for music that's similar to Jeremy Camp. It's a new release that impressed me from the minute I pressed play. It has a pop-influenced style with lyrics that stand out. Every song has a catchy synth beat. The artist stated, "I know every artist says this, but I believe these new songs are the best work I've done and I've asked God to bring about His perfect will throughout this process. I cannot wait to release these songs and am excited about the doors God is opening."

Spiritual Highlight

Derek’s song “Pray” is a great spiritual highlight: “But I never give up on you/'Cause I know one thing Is true/You hear me when I pray.” This verse shows us God is present when we pray, that He always hears our prayers no matter where we are, that He will never leave us, and that He will always be by our side no matter what. “Pray” is a song that you’ll find peace from when you hear it for the first time. You'll want to have the song on repeat every time after that.

Best Song

Each song has a great message, as well as great synth-pop music. “Doing Something New” is my favorite. It’s a pop song that you’ll find yourself singing and dancing to. Derek’s debut album is a blast to listen to and you’ll find yourself singing along in no time.

For The Fans of

Jeremy Camp, Mac Powell, JJ Weeks

Bottom Line

This is a very impressive debut album for an upcoming artist. Derek has great vocals that compare him to some great artists and has great lyrical meaning to his songs. Derek is an artist that I’ll keep my eye on for new music to come. 

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Acoustic Vol 1 | Posted March-19-2020
What You Need To Know 

As a new artist, Coby James showcases the instincts and songcraft of a seasoned veteran. Coby proves this on his debut single,
 "Paradise." At only 17 years of age, he co-produced, wrote, and performed the instruments on his debut single. This truly illustrates Coby's vast potential.

What It Sounds Like

Acoustic Vol. 1 is everything you would expect from an acoustic EP. It has the beautiful strumming of a guitar, accompanied by excellent vocals. It's just an overall great sound. Whether you want a slow or upbeat song, Coby has you covered. The stellar chords Coby plays with his guitar make this EP feel alive and fresh. Coby does his best to separate himself from the others.

Spiritual Highlight

This album offers a variety of spiritual highlights and it’s really hard to identify just one. The one that stands out the most is from the song “Paradise.” This song really captures our emotions and shows us a view of Heaven. The chorus itself is beautiful and it’ll make you sing along. “Think I finally found out that/Next to You is the promised land, the promised land/Paradise/Everything else is wasted time/'Cuz by Your side is/Paradise, oh my/Oh oh oh oh.” This song shows us God’s paradise in heaven.

Best Song On Record

Every song is created uniquely with its epic guitar chords and Coby’s talented vocals. Picking the best song is difficult–especially when all tracks are made their own special way. With that being said, the song “Happier” is my favorite track on the EP. It's a deeply personal song for Coby–an open letter to his grandfather who he hasn’t seen since he was young. The song really shows the pain and questions that Coby experienced when he was 17.


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Grave Clothes | Posted February-27-2020
What You Need To Know:

From addiction to redemption, from meth addict to worship leader, Stephen McWhirter’s powerful testimony is one of radical restoration after having encountered the presence of God and giving his life to Jesus. Today, he's a touring worship leader, songwriter, recording artist, and speaker. He's also been one of the prominent songwriters and voices for Iron Bell Music.

What It Sounds Like:

If you're looking for an easy listening EP, Grave Clothes is a perfect choice. Stephen has given us a worship EP that should be on everyone’s radar. From the title track to the hit single, “Now I Know, this EP offers something for everyone. 

Spiritual Highlight:

There are many spiritual highlights on this album. But, the biggest one is the title track. According to Stephen’s website, "Grave Clothes" is a declaration and powerful anthem, calling us to take off what is dead and to put on the fullness of life. His testimony is one of being radically restored from meth addict to worship leader, after encountering the One who called him from the tomb, removing his grave clothes, and putting on the resurrection. Listen to his testimony

Best Song on the Record:

The best song on the record is “Falling In Place.” The chorus states: "Nothing’s falling apart/It’s falling in place/Nothing’s falling apart/It’s falling in place/I won’t forget who you are/I will not be afraid/Nothing’s falling apart/It’s falling in place." This track is showing us to trust in God's plan, because even though life might be falling apart, it isn’t. God is putting your life in the right place. With that being said, we need to trust in his plan for us.

For the Fans Of:

JJ Weeks, Stillman, Iron Bell Music

Final Word:

Stephen’s debut EP will be an instant favorite for anyone who listens to it. He does a fantastic job keeping us engaged, while we listen. This release is the launch of Stephen’s solo career. It's only the beginning for Stephen and the future is bright for him.

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Spotlight | Posted February-06-2020
What You Need to Know:

Samuel Day began his musical journey in his single digits. Writing led him to music production, which started with only a Packard-Bell chat mic and and a home PC. Fast forward a few years and a lot of learning later, and Day was producing, mixing, and mastering for bands in and out of state, including heavy metal, funk, and hip-hop acts, contributing arrangements and performances to their projects as well as guesting with them live. All while playing saxophone in UD's top jazz band, and being a church pianist/vocalist/guitarist.

What It Sounds Like:

is the newest single from upcoming artist Samuel Day. The song will instantly grab your attention with its first line: "I got up on the stage/And it didn’t feel like a thing it was supposed to." The music, with an instrumental background, will keep you hooked through its entire four minutes. 

Spiritual Highlights:

This song will help you follow the word of Word of God. The track will show you the way to follow the way of God. It will help us Christians experience all kinds of personal emotions but being inspired at the same time.

Final Word:

"Spotlight" shows us sometimes we just gotta stick to the Word of God, no matter the situation.

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Whisper EP | Posted January-17-2020
What You Need to Know

Jacob Stillman, who goes by the moniker Stillman, hails from Little Rock, Arkansas. With a loving and supportive family and his father who was a bass player, Stillman knew from an early age he was deemed to follow a musical calling. He was only a mere 11 years old when he joined his first band, writing songs and singing pop/punk music. Stillman became hungry for Christian theology, and it was August 2011 when he gave his life to Christ, being baptized in the back of a pickup truck in a garden center parking lot. He was ready to begin his new journey and had a new reason to create again, something he never thought he would get the chance to do.

What You Need to Know

Although Stillman started his musical career with a punk style, his Whisper EP is the complete opposite of it. Whisper gives you a fresh new wave of Christian pop music. The EP shows us how Stillman wants us to feel God's presence when we listen to the six songs. Whisper is the debut album from Stillman and Stillman knows how to get the best of your emotions.

Spiritual Highlights

While Whisper offers an impressive six tracks, the song, "Wherever You Are," 
makes the biggest spiritual highlight. The song includes the lyrics, "I wanna be wherever You are, You are, I wanna be wherever You are, You are, Where the sky meets the waters, And the winds meet the corners, I wanna be there where You are, I wanna be right where You are." This track is showing that God's presence is with us wherever we go and delivers a message that God created us in his image and he will always be by our side when we are alone.

Best Song on the Album

"Draw Near" is the best song on the album. The song recites, “Even when the heartache is for real, I have never left you through the years.” This song makes you realize that God will always be by your side even through all your pain.

For the Fans of

Westover, Coby James, David Leonard

Final Word

Whisper is a fantastic debut from the uprising Stillman. Make the time and listen to this EP. You will feel God’s presence with you. Stillman has stated, "These songs are my real conversations with God. I just pray they can continue to help others."

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The Whole Landscape EP | Posted November-01-2019

What You Need to Know:

Jared Anderson, the renowned songwriter behind anthems “Great I Am,” “Amazed” and “Rescue,” returns with The Whole Landscape, a 5-song meditation on aspects of God’s healing and restoration. The EP marks Anderson’s first project since signing with Franklin, Tennessee’s Rixon Entertainment Group for management representation.

What You Need to Know:

Jared offers beautiful vocals on every track. He consistently brings awesome lyrics during the astonishing five songs. He masterfully plays the piano in the title track, "The Whole Landscape." From there, Jared brings a modern worship vibe comparable to what we hear with larger groups, Passion and Elevation Worship, to the song, "Heaven Stands Up." "Work of Art" showcases a slow ballad where Jared uses his amazing vocals. "Kindness" includes amazing lyrics and great instrumentals that could be a standout radio single in the future. The EP concludes with "Irresistible," a spectacular track that reminded me of Phil Wickman at his best.

Spiritual Highlights:

Every song brings its own individual tone and message but "Work of Art" stands out as an inspirational highlight. The bridge of the track is really special. It says, "You're beautiful, You’re beautiful, Creating me, redeeming me, You’ll finish everything, That You’ve begun." This inspires us to show that God is beautiful and he created us in his image, redeemed us and that he will help finish what he started in our lives.

Best Song On Album:

“The Whole Landscape" is a can’t miss due to the piano melody and Jared’s beautiful vocals. Jared does a great job encouraging the listener to seek God in every corner of their life.

For Fans Of:

Phil Wickman, Jeremy Riddle, Kirsten Stanfill

Final Word:

The Whole Landscape is an EP that you will keep coming back to. As you sit with the release, you will find the music opens up incredible space for God’s presence to invade your heart. Through his masterfully written lyrics, Jared Anderson really knows how to encourage you to worship God.

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Supernatural EP | Posted October-03-2019

What You Need to Know

Paradise Now is a pop-rock group from Bridgend, Wales. Comprised of brothers Sam Taylor, Ben Taylor, and their longtime friend Nathan Beaton, Paradise Now is a trio of innovators. Years of sonic exploration and a shared passion for hybrid music lead to songwriting that crossed boundaries and built new genres–genres that continue to ripen and evolve with each song they write. The band wrestles together their adoration for both pop and rock by means of individual preferences and joint experiences.

What It Sounds Like

Supernatural EP by Paradise Now is a hard rocking, 6 song EP that reminds me of a younger version of Disciple. "Baptist" is a rock-solid song, while "WildOnesis a hard-hitting bop, and 'Machine" is a thrasher. Paradise Now offers a huge wave of much-needed rock in our modern pop and contemporary world. 

Spiritual Highlights

Paradise Now thrives on bringing hope to loneliness in their music. The EP offers a journey of self-discovery and perspective, reminding you not what people want you to do but what you were created to do. The song "WildOnesrecites the following line, “Watch it grow and it’s glowing in front of you.” This line shows that God’s love is growing for us as the bible says in 2 Thessalonians 1:3: We ought always to give thanks to God for you, brethren, as is only fitting, because your faith is greatly enlarged, and the love of each one of you toward one another grows ever greater." This song will reach out for you if you are struggling with self growth and will help you overcome it.

Best Song on the Record

From top to bottom, this EP is a must listen to. It is very hard to pick just one song to choose for the best on the record but if it had to be one, it would have to be the title track of the album, "Supernatural.
The song makes you want to get up and move and is definitely a headbanger that will satisfy all rock fans!

For Fans Of

Disciple, Thousand Foot Krutch, RED

Final Word

This 6 song EP will make you want to hit repeat for days to come. It’s a hard-hitting collection of songs that will help you overcome any of your challenges. This album was creative amazing to listen to from start to finish. You will find yourself in love with this miraculous EP and you won’t want to stop listening to it.

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Unmovable | Posted August-23-2019

Unmovable With Jesus

Unmovable EP By. Shae Wilbur

What You Need to Know: 

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Shae grew up on stage--literally--performing with her singer/songwriter father from the age of 8.Shae's "big break" came during season 8 of American Idol. Shae, with her experience led her to a gig as the "Face of FOX30",  serving as their Entertainment News Correspondent for 4 years, Shae also appeared in hundreds of commercials and promos for the station. Her in-studio and red carpet interviews, which have included Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, George Lopez, and Phillip Phillips, are as entertaining as they are informative. Sharon's innate ability to connect with anyone and everyone is both infectious and dynamic. Unmovable is the latest EP by. Shae Wilbur.


What It Sounds Like: 

After having experience on American Idol, Shae offers a beautiful singing voice for all ages to enjoy. Her vocals remind me of Colbie Calliet, and Sara Barrailes. The song “Unmovable” even has a special guest spot with Danny Gokey. These 2 blend well together and will help you enjoy this EP. The song “Endless” also helps show how beautiful her vocals are. Overall, this EP is a great one to add to your daily Christian playlist with Shae’s beautiful vocals. 


Spiritual Highlight:

The song “You Say” is a huge spiritual highlight due to her saying “Only you can tell me who I am, your voice alive”. It shows God is always calling you and has unconditional love for you. Every song is a spiritual highlight in its own way, “Unmovable” is also one by “ You set me on a rock, safe and secure I won’t be shaken, I’m weak but you’re strong enough.” It shows that you are strong enough with Jesus on your side.


Best Song of the Album: 

The song “Unmovable” is still the best song on this album due to the guest spot with Danny Gokey but the whole album is an awesome album just to play on repeat and you will want to play it on repeat as well.


For the Fans of: 

Francesca Battistelli, Kari Jobe, Lauren Daigle

Final Word: 

Overall this EP is great. Shae really knows how to capture your emotions and shows emotions through her own songs. Shae is a talented and upcoming artist. Make sure to give this EP a listen in the near future.


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