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Song by Song review
Posted February 15, 2011
By Jakodog92,

Here’s my thoughts and ratings on them. I always listen to a cd twice over before reviewing it. I sum up the cd at the end.

1.Tally Ho-I like it ok, but it kind makes me think of Santa Clause when he says ho-ho. Kinda punchy and sounds like total fun to play on guitar. 2.5 stars.

2.Your Love Is A Mystery-I LOVE this one, I thought it was hilarious here, “I pray sincerely that your love is truly blind”, that was great. It’s gotta a great beat, great lyrics, something to work out to. I loved the message of the song, I loved the way they presented it, it’s pretty great. 5 stars.

3. Crazy Love-I absolutely love this song as well, it’s the reason I decided to get the cd. I love the presentation of the song and the message in the song. I can’t decide if I still like this one better than Your Love Is A Mystery or not. 5 stars.

4.My Last Breath-I thought this was a good one. It’s slower than the other ones, and has a great message. This is a really great worship song, gotta get this down on guitar. 4 stars.

5.We’re Alright-This is an ok song. It’s kind of a care-free, let go kind of song, just what I need right now. Kind of what I need right now. Great jam song but not one of my favorites on the cd. 3 stars.

6.Skeleton-I never was too fond of this one, sounds kind of fun on guitar.  I like the lyrics, but there’s something about it that makes me not like it as much as the others. 2 stars.

7. We Can Change The World-I thought this was a pretty great song. Loved the lyrics. It’s really got a great message, totally true and inspiring. We really need to get up and start changing the world before it changes us. Gotta be the underdogs and help those who need help, we really are God’s hands and feet. ,”Never walk away from someone who deserves help; your hand is God’s hand for that person.” Provers 3:27. 4 stars.

8.One Shote-LOVE this song! Totally awesome beat and lyrics. Love the total punk punch it’s got, inspiring, fun, catchy, just a monster of a song. Really want to learn this one on guitar. 5 stars.

9.Fraud-This one was pretty cool, nothin funner than a punk ballad(is it?). I loving walking through a song story, and I just loved the setup of the song. When the overlap voices(what’s it called? Overlapping? Voice-over?) it’s pretty cool sounding. Monster ballad. 4 stars.

10.Joanna-This one was another just fun one with a catchy chorus. Why Joanna though? It’s fun but not the best. 2.5 stars.

11.LAX-Did NOT like this one, but after reading all their tweets I can see why they hate airports and I do not blame them. I just didn’t like the way they did the song. Kinda wild though, for some reason the different ways Jason(I’m assuming it was him) did his voice reminded me of Marilyn Manson(!?), don’t know why… 1 star.

12.Done Holding On-This is a totally true song for everyone I think. I think everyone’s felt like  this at some point or another. I like the song, it’s beautiful. 4 stars.
13.Thanks For The Beautiful Memories-I thought this one was ok, it’s pretty cool the band summing things up and thanking all the fans. Cool kind of salute to everyone who supports them. 2.5 stars.

Altogether I’m really glad I got this cd, another cd to add to my humble little collection.  It was better than Live Life Loud(which I must admit is my least favorite HN cd, but there were several songs on it I liked).

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