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Toby Mac's Best!
Posted March 12, 2008
By Nathan,

In the age where large CD's are not as appreciated since the up rising of down loading music, tobyMac found the solution. He shortened up his album, added a little more effort to each individual song and the result is rock fused hip hop, as tobyMac continues his ever increasing popular hybrid style of music.

tobyMac seems to do it all on this album, a little rock, a little rap, and a lot of fun hip-hop and just a dab of reggae. His opening smash hit single "made to love" is a brilliant rock/hop hop song that set the stage for portable sounds brilliantly. And comparing opening songs from his previous album Diverse City ("hey now" and the super hop hip tune and hit single "one world") it just doesn't compare. The beats are incredible, the 'title track' "boomin" is a great 'rockin song, despite the opera trip, and so is "Ignition" which features the help of Trevor McNevan which also rocks. The most hip hop songs are "no ordinary love" and "feeling so fly"; the latter song is more annoying.

The album really gets super charged with the crossover songs like the hit single "I'm for you", and the speedy and awesome "suddenly". Toby and his son Trudog do Hype Man (truDog 97) and it's a fun song, Truett gets better with each album. Face of the Earth has a tad bit of reggae in it but it's a great soft song, so is "all in". "no signal" is a little out of place and breaks up the pace of that album a little. Portable sounds end perfectly with "lose my soul" staring Kirk Franklin and Mandisa. Mandisa is a little out of place with her little bit but her back round vocals are great, and Mr. Franklin is very welcome with his superb job. Oh and tobyMac does a good job too.

The lyric is full of the same quality that the music is. Covering peoples backs is a recurring theme in Portable sounds, starting with "one world" and "I'm for you". "suddenly" and "face of the earth" are great songs about relationships. "No ordinary love" and "made to love" are simple and so is "all in". going out into the world to preach the Gospel is in "boomin". Aside from the music "lose my soul" is a great anthem in a world "filled with self love".

Portable sounds is a excellent album sure to have something that will please everyone, however not everyone will like everything. Every album tobyMac comes out with he gets better, the amount of songs might have shrunk but the quality has grown bigger.

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