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Portable Sounds [edit]
by TobyMac | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 20, 2007

On the heels of two gold albums and five No. 1 singles, tobyMac is set to take things to the next level with his third solo album, Portable Sounds.

The album's first single, "Made to Love," is already a smash hit, and Toby, having sold 7 million records with dcTalk and more than 1 million as a solo artist, is just getting things started. As one of Christian music's most unique and successful pioneers, tobyMac's new album Portable Sounds is destined to be one of the biggest records of the year.

Track Listing
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01. One World (feat. Siti Monroe)
02. Made To Love
03. Boomin' (Opera Trip Interlude)
04. I'm For You
05. Face Of The Earth (Chuck @ Artist Development Interlude)
06. No Ordinary Love (feat. Nirva)
07. Ignition
08. Hype Man (truDog '07)
09. Suddenly
10. All In/Mr. Talkbox Interlude
11. Feelin' So Fly
12. No Signal
13. Lose My Soul (feat. Kirk Franklin & Mandisa)/Afterparty
14. Boomin' (Digital Bonus remix) (featuring Shonlock)
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15. Ignition (Digital Bonus remix)"
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TOP 10 OF 2007 - BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Posted November 19, 2007
I debated for awhile about putting such a successful release at the top of this year's list. tobyMac's third album is so sugar coated that is goes down a little too smooth. I've never questioned the album's music and have had no trouble digesting anything it's had to offer, but it almost seemed too easy to fall in love with. I questioned whether my "fanboy" was violently taking over, shielding my ears from truly being able to judge the album on its own merit.

This is tobyMac's third album, and the third time he's made it into my top 10, however it's the first time that I've honestly enjoyed his music more than anything else during the year. From the pop sensations of "Made To Love," "I'm For You" and "Suddenly" to the rockin' choruses of "Boomin" and "Ignition" to the "bring me some roller skates and a disco ball" addiction of "Feelin' So Fly", there's something everyone can latch onto and enjoy. True standouts include "No Ordinary Love" and the final track "Lose My Soul" that invites Kirk Franklin and Mandisa to the party.

The proof of a top album is in the details, and you'll find them all over Portable Sounds. You get them in the layered elements of each song, in the hilarious transitions between songs and the return of Toby's son, TruDog. You can actually hear the sweat and time that went into this album, and if it came as easy to Toby as it is to listen to the final results, then huge props to one of Christian music's most popular artists today. Either way, this album can't be denied as one of the best of 2007.

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It's was a rollercoaster ride for me. | Posted June 29, 2008
If you can't tell by my username, I'm a rather large fan of tobyMac. So I was obviously anticipating this album more than anything else that entire year. It was something that was the beginning and end of my calendar.

Portable Sounds is a very cleverly unique album. It's from toby, so what did I expect? He can't be put into a box, and this third album just pushed even farther from any genre lines, it's not even funny.

When I first got it, I immediately started listening. The second song, "Made To Love" (the first single from the album), had been playing on the radio station for quite some time, so I knew what that was all about. I liked that song.

There were a few others that I fell in love with as soon as I heard them. "No Ordinary Love" just has a great sound, along with a great lyrical meaning. "Face of the Earth" has a more down to earth feel, a bit more emotional, I enjoyed that from toby. "Ignition" blew me away at first listen. But some of the other songs I didn't take to right away. For example,the album's opening song "One World" seemed a little to 'in your face' and abrupt.

It had to grow on me, though, it just had to. AND it did. I now enjoy all the songs. I can find the album on my mp3 player, and listen to it all the way through without having to skip any songs.

If you haven't yet bought it, I encourage you to. Just be aware, it's not the same as any his other projects. But then again, you weren't really expecting that, were you? You may love it right away, or it may have to grow on you. But I can almost promise, you will love it.

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Nathan (188)

Toby Mac's Best! | Posted March 12, 2008
In the age where large CD's are not as appreciated since the up rising of down loading music, tobyMac found the solution. He shortened up his album, added a little more effort to each individual song and the result is rock fused hip hop, as tobyMac continues his ever increasing popular hybrid style of music.

tobyMac seems to do it all on this album, a little rock, a little rap, and a lot of fun hip-hop and just a dab of reggae. His opening smash hit single "made to love" is a brilliant rock/hop hop song that set the stage for portable sounds brilliantly. And comparing opening songs from his previous album Diverse City ("hey now" and the super hop hip tune and hit single "one world") it just doesn't compare. The beats are incredible, the 'title track' "boomin" is a great 'rockin song, despite the opera trip, and so is "Ignition" which features the help of Trevor McNevan which also rocks. The most hip hop songs are "no ordinary love" and "feeling so fly"; the latter song is more annoying.

The album really gets super charged with the crossover songs like the hit single "I'm for you", and the speedy and awesome "suddenly". Toby and his son Trudog do Hype Man (truDog 97) and it's a fun song, Truett gets better with each album. Face of the Earth has a tad bit of reggae in it but it's a great soft song, so is "all in". "no signal" is a little out of place and breaks up the pace of that album a little. Portable sounds end perfectly with "lose my soul" staring Kirk Franklin and Mandisa. Mandisa is a little out of place with her little bit but her back round vocals are great, and Mr. Franklin is very welcome with his superb job. Oh and tobyMac does a good job too.

The lyric is full of the same quality that the music is. Covering peoples backs is a recurring theme in Portable sounds, starting with "one world" and "I'm for you". "suddenly" and "face of the earth" are great songs about relationships. "No ordinary love" and "made to love" are simple and so is "all in". going out into the world to preach the Gospel is in "boomin". Aside from the music "lose my soul" is a great anthem in a world "filled with self love".

Portable sounds is a excellent album sure to have something that will please everyone, however not everyone will like everything. Every album tobyMac comes out with he gets better, the amount of songs might have shrunk but the quality has grown bigger.

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Overdue Review...But Still Worthwhile! | Posted March 24, 2011
Three years since his last full-length album, “Welcome to Diverse City,” former dc Talk member tobyMac comes back in 2007 with “Portable Sounds,” an album in classic tobyMac form with his mix of hip-hop, rock, reggae, and everything in-between. Sure to be a hit among many old and hopefully new tobyMac fans, “Portable Sounds,” will prove to be a sure competitor in favorite albums by the highly creative and stylistic lyricist, producer, and father (more on that later).

The album consistent of 13 unique tracks starts with what will be a great live hit on his upcoming tour. “One World” features Joanna Valencia and with its groovy beat and hip-hop sound, “One World” will bring many to their feet. His first single from the album released to radio, “Made To Love”, comes second on the CD and having incorporated the hit in his “Winter Wonder Slam” tour, the song has already many people singing the ‘Na Na Na Na’ that is followed by a great reggae beat. By no means does Toby stop with the hits as he presents “Boomin.’” Lyrically the song brings reference to the wonderful diversity that he made apparent on his previous album, uniting everyone in the bass driven song. Once the song is finished, however, the track reveals an opera track sung by none other than Season 5 American Idol finalist Mandisa. This wouldn’t be her only appearance on this album.

Many of the other songs, such as “Face Of The Earth,” might remind some of Paul Wright, an artist signed on tobyMac’s record label, Gotee Records. It’s reminiscent groove talks about Jesus wanting us to open up the door He is knocking so that he may come into our life. And again…the end of the track presents us with a hint of the next song to come in a humorous fashion. That song, No Ordinary Love, features Nirva Dorsaint-Ready and balances the album out on a mellower level, starting with its brass intro, having followed “Face Of The Earth,” only to be brought back up in beat and guitar-driven rock with “Ignition,” lighting up the album once again with a rock/reggae/hip-hop beat, presenting the massive creative genius behind tobyMac’s albums.

Following “Ignition” is Toby’s son, Truett, as his alter-ego truDog, bringing an older version of the truDog from Toby’s previous album, taking control of his own track and making one wonder if he’ll outdo his dad someday. The next couple tracks again balance out the hype of the previous tracks only to again raise the house with “Feelin’ So Fly,” another hopeful hit that can again be an easy live hit. Nearing the end of the album, “No Signal” is a short reggae track only to be followed up by the closing track of the album, “Lose My Soul.” The concluding track features Kirk Franklin and Mandisa, reflecting on the business they all are part of and focuses on how though they may be lifted up among the masses by the public, they ‘don’t want to gain the whole world and lose’ their souls.

Overall, the album is one that has a large replay value among tobyMac and dcTalk fans. There are some personal preferences when it comes to the music of the album, hence the reason for the rating, however, this is by far an album one should add to their Christian music collection for enjoyment now and when the Mac comes to town.

Review Written By: Mike Laxton on 2/10/2007 from

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art10 (114)

tobyMac and The Mac Is Back, No Slack | Posted July 14, 2007
It took awhile, but the master finally made it on his own. This is in short a near-perfect album. There's something for everyone here, and more. But, you can't experience the true joy of this album without listening to the CD through some very good speakers, turned way up. This is truly some great driving music.

The album is everything you want and more. It's catchy, it's rockin' but it also slows down, the beats are INCREDIBLE, but most importantly almost every song is memorable. You won't forget this album anytime soon.

However, the only thing keeping this album from being perfect is Trudog. Yes, the kid is cute, and sometimes funny, but he's been on every single record. We need a break from the dog.

Other than that, the album is a must-listen. However, I wouldn't recommend buying the album until the fall, when the special edition comes out, according to this very site. Get this, and you're sure to maximize the money you spent. So far, one of the best albums of the year. Is there anything the Mac can't do?

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Sounds You can take anywhere | Posted June 22, 2009
I love this cd. It's my favorite out of all Toby's albums. My friend had heard Toby Mac before but she wasn't crazy about him until one day i was playing this cd in the car and now she totally has changed her mind about him. I love all the songs on this album, but my favorite is Made to Love because that is exactly what we were created to do. I would recommend this album to anyone who is thinking about buying it. I also didn't mention that i love the cover art. it's so simple but it's such a good message about how we should be spreading the good news of Jesus Christ everywhere we go.

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Tobymac is Awesome! | Posted February 11, 2010
This is by far my favorite of his albums. Tobymac is the only rap type music I listen to!

On this album "Made To Love" is by far one of the best songs. But dont listen to me...try it for yourself!

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gizmodad (75)

Best yet | Posted December 30, 2009
I think this is Toby's best release so far. It's an album filled with energy, fun and great lyrics. I especially like the last track "Lose My Soul". I used to take more pleasure in my possessions, but this song has taught me that I could have all the money in the world and still have nothing, because I don't have the love of Christ. Toby is an artist blessed with a god-given talent to spread the Good News through song.

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Toby is Awesome | Posted September 17, 2009
I luv TobyMac and his music. The Portable Sounds CD is great. I think it's Toby's best one yet. I can't wait until City On Our Knees comes out next year :)

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probably my favourite tobyMac cd | Posted July 13, 2009
I'll just flat out tell you: I love this cd. I'm not really a fan of rap, but I just love something about tobymac's style. He blends rap with a perfect amount of rock, and it just sounds right. Almost all of the songs are really upbeat; you could totally have a dance party to this cd. =D My youth group plays the song "Boomin'" a lot, and we all dance to it and have a good time.

I love almost all of the songs on this cd, the only one that I don't like as much is Face of the Earth, because it's a pretty slow song. But I love the lyrics to it; in fact, all of the lyrics on this album are superb.

So if you're looking for a new album, check this out. Even if you don't usually like rap, check it out first; you just might like it. I sure did.

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Portable Sounds | Posted March 26, 2009
They new Tobymac cd Portable Sounds is awesome. I listen to it all the time and it never gets old. Like the rest of his albums it is high energy and fun.

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