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Amped by 116 Amped by 116
When I Got this Cd I was so excited. I put it in and fell in love with it! This whole album was just pure genius. To Combine Modern Rock with Rap was just awesome. The chord progressions are just so clever...
13 Letters by 116 13 Letters by 116
This album was pretty decent. 116 in my opinion has the best rappers in the Christian market. The point of 13 Letters is they take the Pauline Epistles from Romans to Hebrews and create a song for each...
Turn the Tides by 38th Parallel Turn the Tides by 38th Parallel
38th Parallel has a great sound. Their musical skills are superb. Unfortunately this is their only album because I really enjoyed this album. I wish that they could have come out with another one. They...

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A Tale That Needs To Be Heard | Posted September-18-2008
Tales of a knife is just amazing. the bands musical talents are just amazing and the lyrics are just as good. This band was a vary good and talented band but never progressed after this. Their sound is really great and unique, which is hard to find nowadays. I reccomend getting this album.

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Genius | Posted September-18-2008
Jonezetta, what can i say other than genius. their sound that reminds me mostly of The Killars but also they add their own sound as well. i love how their songs are all so catchy and fun to listen too. almost every person that I have shown this album to has liked it a lot. Really good sound and unique style.

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A little getting used too | Posted September-18-2008
Honestly I wasn't too happy with this album when I first got it. I listened to it and just wasn't happy. I felt like they were trying to hard to make a good album after their first one. BUT then I listened to it more and more and realized that I really did like it. I realized that their lyrics were still really good and their music was also really good. I especially like their solos and their little licks during the songs. This is actually one of my favorite albums now.

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Great Lyrics | Posted September-18-2008
I really love this album. Their sound is great and their lyrics are even better. I don't know how they get these lyrics in their songs and still make it sound really really cool. All for You is just awesome. How they managed to get those lyrics in the song along with making the music sound really good.

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Sweet sound!! | Posted September-18-2008
I honestly like the sound of this band. I especially liked Suck Out the Poison. The lyrics are pretty good in my opinion as well. I like how they have found their own style and try not to copy most bands.

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Another one!! | Posted September-18-2008
Yet another great from Hillsong!! I love how their musical talents are so great. Their lyrics are still awesome and still meaningful. Their songs are also really fun to play and when you can get a band together and play Brake Free you feel like your one of the best bands out there. I love listening to them all the time and this album is one of my favorites!!

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Worship is Great | Posted September-18-2008
Now when it comes to Worship Hillsong is where it's at. I'm sure that most of you know that they are great and almost everything that they do is just awesome. This album is yet again amazing. I love just worshiping to this album and also using them for when I lead worship. Their lyrics are phenomenal and really get you to think about your relationship with the Lord. All Christians should have this album.

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Later Jeremy | Posted September-18-2008
It stinks because Haste the Day had in my mind an awesome lead singer who had a vary unique scream. But this album I was excited for just didn't do it for me like Burning Bridges. I like it but the screaming just isn't the same. It feels like it lost something but your not sure what it is. Even though you do. But It's a new sound and not all bad. Their lyrics are still good and have good meaning to them and their music is still really really good.

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Oh Haste the Day | Posted September-18-2008
This Album...Pure Greatness!!! I love the vocals and everything else. They are so musically talented and have a great sense of energy. I love all of the chord progressions and all of the breakdowns. Their vocals are awesome as well. Every song is my favorite song!!! Their post hardcore style is amazing and needs to be heard by everyone.

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The art of a cd | Posted September-18-2008
This album is really cool. Their style is like no one else that I've heard. I really like the whole thing. This is the album that got me on to Grits and I'm glad that it did. When I was in High School my Youth Group and I loved listening to this full blast and just having fun

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