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#10: Escaping Darkness, Red Rock Mysteries Series by Jerry B. Jenkins #10: Escaping Darkness
by Jerry B. Jenkins | Genre: Young Readers
An unfamiliar car runs Bryce off a back road. He and Ashley discover a secret that puts them in a race against time to save lives. Will they be able to get help without becoming victims themselves? Bryce and Ashley Timberline are normal 13-year-old ...
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#11: Windy City Danger, Red Rock Mysteries Series by Jerry B. Jenkins #11: Windy City Danger
by Jerry B. Jenkins | Genre: Young Readers
It has been years since Bryce and Ashley have been to their hometown. This trip to Chicago presents a new mystery when a family friend disappears. Can they unravel the clues and find him before it's too late? Bryce and Ashley Timberline are normal ...
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#12: Hollywood Holdup, Red Rock Mysteries Series by Jerry B. Jenkins #12: Hollywood Holdup
by Jerry B. Jenkins | Genre: Young Readers
A family crisis causes Bryce and Ashley to volunteer to house-sit for some friends, but as soon as they move in, they notice strange happenings with the neighbors. Could one of them be involved in a series of robberies? While they watch the neighbors, ...
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#9: Instant Menace, Red Rock Mysteries Series by Jerry B. Jenkins #9: Instant Menace
by Jerry B. Jenkins | Genre: Young Readers
The eighth grade is supposed to be the best year of middle school, but after their new principal takes away the most fun thing in their lives, things go from bad to worse. Bryce encounters Internet threats, Ashley is stuck with the school bully, and they ...
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A Fish Out of Water, 9 Strategies to Maximize Your God-Given Leadership Potential by George Barna A Fish Out of Water
by George Barna | Genre: Christian Living
Being a leader is not easy. Because so much is expected, it is normal for leaders to often question their abilities, their methods and their effectiveness. If you are struggling in your role as a leader, you are definitely not alone. According to leadership ...
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A Gentleman's Kiss, (Regency Series #4 - Heartsong Presents #683) by Kimberley Comeaux A Gentleman's Kiss
by Kimberley Comeaux | Genre: Fiction
Lady Claudia Baumgartner is not the woman London expects her to be. She longs to make a difference - but as she searches for her estranged grandfather and secretly tends to orphans and widows in the city's slum, the unexpected occurs. Claudia falls in ...
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A Perfect Wedding, Inviting the Author of Romance to Make Your Day Beautiful by Eric and Leslie Ludy A Perfect Wedding
by Eric and Leslie Ludy | Genre: Marriage & Relationships
In today’s world of broken hearts and divorce papers, is it possible to experience a perfect wedding, and subsequently, a perfect marriage? This book proves that the answer is yes. By inviting the Author of romance Himself to be your wedding planner, ...
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Answering the Objections of Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics,  by Ron Rhodes Answering the Objections of Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics
by Ron Rhodes | Genre: Bible Reference
Many arguments from atheists, agnostics, and skeptics are difficult, or at least intimidating, for most Christians to answer. With clear reasoning and understandable language Ron Rhodes provides readers with the explanations and scriptural background ...
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Being A Girl Who Serves,  by Shannon Kubiak Primicerio Being A Girl Who Serves
by Shannon Kubiak Primicerio | Genre: Christian Living
How do you react when God asks you to do something "beneath" you? Do you ignore His voice, hoping He'll find someone else to complete the job? How often do you sacrifice yourself to help others? Serving others is not a cushy job; it often requires that ...
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Being A Girl Who Serves,  by Shannon Primicerio Being A Girl Who Serves
by Shannon Primicerio | Genre: Christian Living
How do you react when God asks you to do something "beneath" you? Do you ignore His voice, hoping He'll find someone else to complete the job? How often do you sacrifice yourself to help others? Serving others is not a cushy job; it often requires that ...
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Boundaries with Teens, When to Say Yes, How to Say No by John Townsend Boundaries with Teens
by John Townsend | Genre: Parenting
Help teenagers grow into healthy adults who take responsibility for their behavior, values, and lives! The father of two teenage boys, best-selling author Townsend shares experienced, biblically based insights, including how to bring order to an out-of-control ...
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Boyland, A B.A.B.E.'s Guide to Understanding Guys  by Andrea Stephens Boyland
by Andrea Stephens | Genre: Teens
When it comes to boys, every girl wants a little advice. Why do boys act the way they do? And why are they so annoying and yet so cute? With her fresh and fun-loving style, popular author Andrea Stephens explains the differences between the sexes - shares ...
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Brother's Keeper,  by Terry Burns Brother's Keeper
by Terry Burns | Genre: Fiction
Mistaken identity. Robbery. False arrest. Race riots. It's just another day in the Old West. James and Ross Campbell are identical twins—and that's where the similarities stop. Ross is an outlaw with a Texas Ranger on his trail; James and his mother ...
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Changed at San Quentin...for Better or Worse,  by Kathi Macias Changed at San Quentin...for Better or Worse
by Kathi Macias | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
Life is hard at San Quentin, for correctional officers and inmates alike. But throughout my thirty-year tenure at the prison, during which I worked with such notorious criminals as Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, and George Jackson of Black Panther fame, ...
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Christianity: An Introduction,  by Alister McGrath Christianity: An Introduction
by Alister McGrath | Genre: Theology
The new edition of this popular textbook by leading theologian, Alister E. McGrath, will be essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the dynamics of the world’s largest religion. Fully revised to include greater coverage of the Catholic perspective, ...
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Created For Work, Practical Insights For Young Men by Bob Schultz Created For Work
by Bob Schultz | Genre: Christian Living
Although geared toward the younger reader, Created For Work can teach lessons to any boy of any age, old or young. Whether read alone, used with a journal, or read aloud in a group, this timeless work from Bob Schultz will encourage and motivate ...
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Daily Steps for God Chicks, The 90-Day Devotional for Real Women by Holly Wagner Daily Steps for God Chicks
by Holly Wagner | Genre: Womens Interest
Holly Wagner’s best-selling book, God Chicks, was the inspiration for this 90-day devotional that takes women on a humorous, uplifting journey to cultivate aspects of the “God Chick” within. Based on Proverbs 31, Daily Steps for GodChicks highlights the ...
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Drawing Near, A Life of Intimacy with God by John Bevere Drawing Near
by John Bevere | Genre: Christian Living
In Drawing Near, John Bevere invites readers to explore a life of intimacy with God. Emphasizing the need for obedience, he urges us to practice-just as we would practice anything we hope to improve-our communication with the Holy Spirit. Understanding ...
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Faith of My Fathers, Chronicles of the Kings series book 4 by Lynn Austin Faith of My Fathers
by Lynn Austin | Genre: Fiction
Constant companions in their youth, Manasseh, son of Hezekiah, and Joshua, son of the palace administrator, have been primed for leadership of Judah. But anger toward God begins to smolder in Manasseh's heart upon his father's unexpected death. As Manasseh ...
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Falling Up, (Kim #3) by Melody Carlson Falling Up
by Melody Carlson | Genre: Teens
Answer girl has a zillion questions. And zero answers. Kim Peterson, the Just Ask Jamie "answer girl," is about plum out of answers. As if losing her mother to cancer wasn't enough, the hits just keep coming. Dating Matthew is about as unpredictable as ...
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Grace, You Don't Deserve It; You Can't Buy it; You Can't Live Without It by R.T. Kendall Grace
by R.T. Kendall | Genre: Christian Living
As believers, we struggle to "do better" and "try harder." But Kendall offers a welcome reminder: We are totally acceptable to God through faith in Jesus Christ! Rediscover the good news of the gospel in this in-depth study of the Ten Commandments---under ...
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I Can't Do It All, Breaking Free from the Lies that Control Us by Allison Bottke I Can't Do It All
by Allison Bottke | Genre: Womens Interest
"Drawing from their varied life experiences, Tracie, Allison and Dianne offer an honest, biblical perspective on breaking free from sin and denial and moving forward with God." - Liz Curtis Higgs, best selling author of Bad Girls of the Bible Let ...
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In the Shade of the Jacaranda (Regalo Grande Series #2),  by Nikki Arana In the Shade of the Jacaranda (Regalo Grande Series #2)
by Nikki Arana | Genre: Fiction
When privileged lawyer Angelica Amante marries a handsome but illiterate Mexican stable man against her parents' wishes, she thought happiness could overcome every hurdle. But their challenges are only beginning.
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Integrity, The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality by Henry Cloud Integrity
by Henry Cloud | Genre: Business and Finance
Integrity -- more than simple honesty, it's the key to success. A person with integrity has the ability to pull everything together, to make it all happen no matter how challenging the circumstances. Drawing on experiences from his work, Dr. Henry Cloud, ...
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Jesus, Life Coach: Learn from the Best,  by Laurie Beth Jones Jesus, Life Coach: Learn from the Best
by Laurie Beth Jones | Genre: Christian Living
There was a time when only athletes had coaches. Now, everyone from CEOs to at-risk youth are being "coached." The International Coaching Federation-which began with only a handful of people-now boasts membership of over 5,000, and currently more than ...
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Just As I Am, Just As I Am Series book 1 by Virginia Smith Just As I Am
by Virginia Smith | Genre: Fiction
When purple-haired Mayla Strong struts down the center aisle of Salliesburg Independent Christian Church, the bug-eyed congregation strains to get a peek at her pierced nose and lip. But Pastor Paul welcomes her with a huge, infectious grin and baptizes ...
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King Me, What Every Son Wants and Needs from His Father by Steve Farrar King Me
by Steve Farrar | Genre: Family Living
How can a man raise his son to become a godly man of integrity and spiritual conviction? Popular speaker and author Steve Farrar offers fresh insights from a surprising source: the stories of "bad kings" and "good kings" in Old Testament times. Their ...
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Life in the Blender, Blending Families, Lives and Relationships with Grace by Sandi Patty Life in the Blender
by Sandi Patty | Genre: Womens Interest
"How do I put it all together? How do I keep it together?" Whether it's a blended family or the daily struggle to keep a balance between job and family, every woman experiences "blending" on some level. Drawing from personal "his, mine and ours" experience, ...
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Looking for a Miracle, (Brides of Lancaster County Series #2) by Wanda E. Brunstetter Looking for a Miracle
by Wanda E. Brunstetter | Genre: Fiction
As a child, Rebekah Stoltzfus suffered a freak accident that left her legs paralyzed. Now, confined to a wheelchair, she feels she'll never measure up to the expectations of her Pennsylvania Amish community that a woman should marry and raise a family. ...
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New Horizons (Mandie: Her College Days),  by Lois Gladys Leppard New Horizons (Mandie: Her College Days)
by Lois Gladys Leppard | Genre: Childrens Books
It’s 1906, and Mandie and Celia are off to college. Newly arrived at the exclusive Charleston Ladies’ College, the girls are faced with a campus full of unfamiliar faces and fresh challenges. Despite Mandie’s best efforts to make new friends, however, ...
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Pink (Shades of Style, Book 1),  by Marilynn Griffith Pink (Shades of Style, Book 1)
by Marilynn Griffith | Genre: Fiction
Meet Raya Joseph, the creative head designer at an up-and-coming new fashion design firm. Like employees of any fledgling company, Raya and her fellow designers face a variety of challenges--especially when it comes to bringing in business. So when they ...
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Secrets to Spiritual Success,  by Greg Laurie Secrets to Spiritual Success
by Greg Laurie | Genre: Christian Living
Why is it that some people who make a commitment to Christ seem to grow leaps and bounds, while others who make the same commitment never seem to make any lasting changes in their lives? Why is it that Christianity seems to work for some, but not others? ...
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Son of Perdition (Ahab's Legacy Series #3),  by Louise M. Gouge Son of Perdition (Ahab's Legacy Series #3)
by Louise M. Gouge | Genre: Fiction
Timothy Jacobs, son of the infamous captain Ahab, has rejected his father's name and spends his young life trying to prove that he is not his father. Certain of his own goodness compared to the misguided mariners he observes at the Seaman's Mission where ...
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Stanley the Stinkbug Goes to Camp,  by Max Lucado Stanley the Stinkbug Goes to Camp
by Max Lucado | Genre: Childrens Books
There's someone new coming to the garden's Summer Camp this year, and, well, he has a problem. He stinks. But that's what stink bugs do. So, when Stanley arrives at Camp-Bug-a-Boo, he creates quite a…well, stink. Everyone tries their best to put up with ...
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Story, Recapture the Mystery by Steven James Story
by Steven James | Genre: Christian Living
Using the power of imagery and the drama of narrative, Steven leads you through a journey into the mystery of faith. From creation to Christ's birth, from his first miracle to eternity and everything in between, you will see familiar scenes from the Bible ...
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Summer Of The Midnight Sun, Alaskan Quest Series Book 1 by Tracie Peterson Summer Of The Midnight Sun
by Tracie Peterson | Genre: Fiction
Leah Barringer's world is turned upside down when her brother brings home Jayce Kincaid, the man who spurned her ten years ago. Part of an expedition to the Arctic, Jayce shocks Leah by inviting her brother along. Helaina Beecham arrives in Alsaka to ...
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Take Flight! - A Sisterchicks Devotional,  by Robin Jones Gunn Take Flight! - A Sisterchicks Devotional
by Robin Jones Gunn | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
Spread your wings and soar with Take Flight! the first book in the Sisterchicks in the Word series! Robin Jones Gunn and her Sisterchick, Cindy Hannan, offer a collection of fresh, insightful devotions that will rejuvenate the quiet time gone dry. Along ...
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The Affectionate Adversary,  by Catherine Palmer The Affectionate Adversary
by Catherine Palmer | Genre: Fiction

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The Encore (Becoming Beka Series #5),  by Sarah Anne Sumpolec The Encore (Becoming Beka Series #5)
by Sarah Anne Sumpolec | Genre: Teens
Beka's senior year is in full swing when she finds herself at the center of a controversy that threatens to get a popular teacher fired. Of course, Mai is probably behind it all. She's still determined to make Beka's life miserable. But Beka has bigger ...
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The Irresistible Revolution, Living as an Ordinary Radical by Shane Claiborne The Irresistible Revolution
by Shane Claiborne | Genre: Christian Living
During college, a professor remarked, "Being a Christian is about choosing Jesus and deciding to do something incredibly daring with your life." Taking up that challenge, Shane's faith led him to dress the wounds of lepers with Mother Teresa, visit families ...
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The Making of a Christian Bestseller: The Making of a Christian Bestseller: "Working It" Workbook
by Ann Byle | Genre: Curriculum
Takes readers four or five steps farther thanks to writer Sharon Carrns’ fabulous curriculum. She has created action steps and thinking questions to augment each chapter. You’ll create a mission statement and business cards, think through your response ...
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The Pursuit of Holiness,  by Jerry Bridges The Pursuit of Holiness
by Jerry Bridges | Genre: Christian Living
What does holiness look like? For starters, it doesn't look anything like perfection. And it doesn't necessarily look like victory. Mostly, it consists of effort, prayer, grace, and obedience. "Scripture speaks of both a holiness we have in Christ before ...
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The Quilter's Daughter, (Daughters of Lancaster County Series #2) by Wanda E. Brunstetter The Quilter's Daughter
by Wanda E. Brunstetter | Genre: Fiction
Abby Miller leaves her successful quilt shop and patient fiance in Ohio to help her newly remarried and now pregnant mother in Lancaster County. While she's away, Abby's world is shattered in one fell swoop. How can God make anything good come out of ...
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The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern World,  by Alister McGrath The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern World
by Alister McGrath | Genre: Theology
Secular intellectuals have been announcing God's funeral since the eighteenth century. But as McGrath surveys today's world, he finds faith in the deity alive and vigorous. Why did the apostles of atheism fail so spectacularly? With insights gleaned during ...
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The Witness,  by Dee Henderson The Witness
by Dee Henderson | Genre: Fiction
This latest romantic thriller from Henderson (the two series O'Malley and Uncommon Heroes) and her first with Tyndale House has the elements that have made her so popular in the inspirational Christian market: interesting characters, an intriguing plot ...
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To Own a Dragon, Reflections on Growing Up Without a Father by Donald Miller To Own a Dragon
by Donald Miller | Genre: Biography
Reflecting with humor and gut-wrenching honesty on growing up without a dad, Miller reveals what he's learned in his relationship with mentor John MacMurray about identity, women, money, spirituality, fatherhood, and more. Through this blend of personal ...
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Trinitarian Soundings in Systematic Theology,  by Paul Louis Metzger Trinitarian Soundings in Systematic Theology
by Paul Louis Metzger | Genre: Bible Reference
Explores ways in which Trinitarian theology interfaces with major themes of systematic theology. The driving force of Trinitarian Soundings in Systematic Theology is that all of theology is to be shaped in view of the doctrine of the Trinity. To borrow ...
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Web Of Lies,  by Brandilyn Collins Web Of Lies
by Brandilyn Collins | Genre: Fiction
She was washing dishes when her world began to blur. Chelsea Adams hitched in a breath, her skin pebbling. She knew the dreaded sign all too well. God was pushing a vision into her consciousness. Black dots crowded her sight. She dropped a plate, ...
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