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As I Have Loved You  by Nikki Arana
The Fragrance of Roses  by Nikki Arana
In the Shade of the Jacaranda (Regalo Grande Series #2)  by Nikki Arana

The Winds of Sonoma (Regalo Grande Series #1)  by Nikki Arana

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    It was May of 2001 when I first felt the tug of the Spirit, then a whisper, then a strong impression that got me to thinking about writing. I enrolled in an Internet course called Writeriffic. It was on-line so I did it at my desk at work when I had a break. That teacher, Eva Shaw, really encouraged me. She said I should send out my writing for publication. I didn’t know how to do that, so I bought some books and followed the directions and send out my homework. I sold everything I sent out.

    I thought it was fun and easy and I’d always liked to write poetry. So I bought some books and found out what kind of poetry publishers wanted. Free verse. I didn’t know how to write free verse … so I took an online class from the University of Washington. I sent out my homework and sold it. Here and in Canada.

    When I started selling things I was asked for a bio. I didn’t have one because I’d never written anything. So I decided I should join some clubs. I went online and found the Idaho Writers League had a local chapter in Coeur d’Alene. I joined and went to my first meeting in June of 2001. At that first meeting I found out that they had a section where you read your work. I read a story I’d written about two brothers going to a wrestling tournament. Write what you know, they’d told me. One of the ladies there said, “You know I think that’s good enough for the state contest.” So I entered. I won second place. Now, this was a secular organization and my story was blatantly Christian. It was called “Wrestling With the Wind” and the wind in the story was the Holy Spirit.

    In March of 2002, I began to feel the Lord was calling me to write a book. So I bought about ten books on how to write a novel and then sat down at my computer and started. In May I became aware of a writers conference in Seattle that only cost $99 and I could drive there. I read in the brochure that the Acquisitions Editor for Tyndale, Publishers of the Left Behind series, would be there, and if you wanted, you could be part of a group interview. You’d have 3 minutes to pitch your book. I only had 3 chapters written but I knew where my story was going. But how do you pitch a book? My dad had given me “Publishing for Dummies” when I started writing so I went to it and found a page on how to write a synopsis … so I did. I went to the Seattle conference, pitched my book in three minutes and was asked by the Acquisitions Editor to submit the first four chapters to Tyndale. So I went home, wrote the fourth chapter, and did. A short time later Tyndale contacted me and asked me to submit my full manuscript for review.

    There are many more instances of God’s light on my path. He led me to an editor that had edited for Tyndale for 20 years so she could polish my manuscript before I sent it. He caused me to be noticed by a top agent, Natasha Kern, who has built the careers of many first time authors. He brought me a concept editor, Carol Craig, to teach me story structure and characterization to move my writing to the next level.

    Why? Why is this happening to me? Not because I am special, not because I am talented. It is, after all, His creativity being expressed through me. It is because it is His timing. He has placed me here at this time for this purpose.

    So if God put the desire to write into your hearts, don't ever forget His faithfulness to prosper what He has ordained.

    The word says: Write the vision and engrave it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may read it easily as he hastens by. For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to its fulfillment. It will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come. Habakkuk 2:3

    People ask me why I write. I write because of that empty grave, for the truth at Calvary.

    I testify to you that God’s timing is perfect. If you have been called to write, you are writing for His pleasure. You’re in training. Prepare yourself so you are ready when you feel that tug, hear that whisper, “It’s time.”

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