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Setting Boundaries with Your Aging Parents Finding Balance Between Burnout and Respect by Allison Bottke
Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children Six Steps to Hope and Healing for Struggling Parents by Allison Bottke
One Little Secret  by Allison Bottke

A STITCH IN TIME  by Allison Bottke
God Allows U-Turns for Women The Choices We Make Change the Story of Our Life by Allison Bottke
GOD ALLOWS U-TURNS FOR TEENS The Choices We Make Change the Story of Our Life by Allison Bottke

I Can't Do It All Breaking Free from the Lies that Control Us by Allison Bottke
GOD ANSWERS MILITARY PRAYERS True Stories from People Who Serve and Those Who Love Them by Allison Bottke
GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS Inspiring True Stories of Faith and Hope by Allison Bottke

Journeys of Hope 30 True Stories of Faith in Adversity by Allison Bottke
Journeys of Joy 30 True Stories of Abundant Living by Allison Bottke

Journeys of Love True Stories of Undeniable Devotion by Allison Bottke
Journeys of Friendship 30 True Stories of Kindred Connections by Allison Bottke
Get Real  by Allison Bottke

Pastrami Project  by Allison Bottke
Friend or Freak  by Allison Bottke
Laughter and Love  by Allison Bottke

God Allows U-Turns a Woman's Journey True Stories of Hope and Healing by Allison Bottke
More God Allows U-Turns True Stories of Hope and Healing by Allison Bottke

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    When Allison Bottke's life changed, it wasn't merely another bend in the journey. It was a brake-locking, tire-screaming U-turn in the middle of a fast moving highway in order to head in a completely opposite direction. Affectionately known as the "God Allows U-Turns Poster Girl," Allison's story is one of triumph over tragedy. A frequent guest on radio and TV programs around the country, the 700 Club featured her life story in what has become one of their highest rated programs ever, and she has appeared on the covers of such national magazines as Writer's Digest, BOND, Obesity Health (OH), The Christian Communicator and Christian Women Online (CWO).

    As the Founder, Allison heads up God Allows U-Turns, an international outreach that includes books, tracts, logo merchandise, a line of greeting cards, a speaking ministry, and a foundation. The cornerstone of God Allows U-Turns is an inspirational book series many are calling "the next Chicken Soup." The God Allows U-Turns book series is available around the world with over a dozen books in the U-Turns "brand" currently available for adults, kids and youth. Allison's first novel in the "hip-lit" genre, "A Stitch in Time" premiered in 2006, as well as a new non-fiction book, "I Can't Do It All," based on the lies women believe being co-written with Tracie Peterson and Dianne O'Brian. Her second novel, One Little Secret, was released in August 2007. With her move to fiction, Allison has defined the genre of "Contemporary women's fiction-with-an-attitude!" Her next non-fiction book, "Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children," released February 2008. Allison speaks and teaches at conferences and writer's events around the country, often attending as an Acquisitions Editor for books in the God Allows U-Turns true short story compilation book series.

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