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    Terry's was the life that almost wasn't. Upon his birth the doctor informed his parents that he would likely not live through his first month due to cranial stenosis (a premature closure of the soft spot in his head). His mother remembers pacing the floor with him every day and praying, "Lord, if You let him live, I will give him to You for Your service." The Lord heard a mother's cry and miraculously healed her baby.

    Terry believes that he not only received the gift of life at that time but also a special anointing and gift of music. It was at the age of three that Terry's mom began sitting him on the piano bench to occupy him while she looked after his brothers. Terry quickly began to discover the notes of 'Jesus Loves Me' a song he had learned in Sunday School. A steady progression took place. By the time he was five, he played his first solo in church. The gift continued to develop; Terry became the church pianist at the age of 11. Winning state and national talent awards in his denomination became a regular event during Terry's teenage years.

    It was in the summer of 1973 when Terry had a very unusual visitation from the Lord after an evening service at a youth retreat. He recalls, "It was as if God's presence was sitting on me like a cloud. His presence was so heavy that I physically could not even lift my head. I just knelt and trembled while His Spirit dealt with me. I knew that He was placing His mantle of worship upon me. I have never been the same since that special August night."

    The next 17 years of Terry's life were spent serving in music ministry positions for several churches and traveling in concert work across America. Then, in December of 1990, Terry moved his family to Colorado Springs. They started a church with a vision of raising Jesus up through worship over the city. Instead of a successful ministry venture, it was the beginning of a long season of wilderness for the MacAlmons. Terry describes it like this: "We threw a worship party, and nobody came. In fact, they stayed away by the busloads!" After waiting on the Lord's promotion for 8 years, Terry heard God speak to him in August of 1998. He said to gather the worshipers, for He wanted to bring an open heaven to Colorado Springs. Terry was reluctant to step out again after so many years of seeing nothing happen. He finally did launch a Wednesday noon worship hour at the Spirit's insistence, which became known as 'Lunch with the Lord'. For more than 6 years, it touched several hundred people each week.

    In 2001 Terry was contacted by tele-evangelist Benny Hinn, who invited him for one of his crusades in Shreveport, Louisiana. He believed that God had raised Terry to lead the church into a season of worship, or as he called it, 'a new era of worship'. During the event he said that Terry's songs were affecting his life, his ministry and his staff, claiming that each of his staff members had Terry's cd's. In the days following, the event was broadcasted on Benny Hinn's TV show 'This Is Your Day', which reached a worldwide audience. From that moment on, Terry's cd sales went up drastically and he started to receive invitations from all over the world.

    An accomplished songwriter and recording artist, Terry is called to lead and teach praise and worship to fellow believers everywhere. The path to the throne room is a familiar one for Terry, who is sensitive to the ebb and flow of the Spirit. He makes others comfortable with entering into the Lord's presence. They are then drawn into a place of deeper intimacy with the Lord. Terry now sees the hand of God through all of the waiting. He freely shares in his seminars, "I had the Lord's vision, but I never bothered to seek Him for His timing. The increase came when He chose for it to happen in our city. It's all God, all the time. Man is but a vessel, a channel for God's anointing to flow through. I'm very thankful He chose to flow through me at this hour."

    In April 2010, Terry founded New Glory International, which became his full-time ministry. At the end of that same year he also started to do international events. In the following decade, he has traveled through the United States and all over the world, leading worship and teaching at conferences, retreats, worship seminars and churches of all kinds of different denominations, which he still does this present day. Since the start of New Glory International, Terry has also published several new cd albums and a book.

    In the course of 2019, Terry said he was searching God for his own nation, the United States. He said that God instructed him to gather the worshipers from coast to coast in Dallas, TX, for a national worship gathering. At the end of 2019, he founded a new ministry, next to New Glory International, which he called 'Sing Over America', after the eponymous event that he is organizing in May 2020. Terry says he hopes that this will set a series of gatherings in motion throughout the United States of America. During the first Sing Over America event in May of 2020, he is joined by famous singers and bands, such as Don Moen, Paul Wilbur, Gateway Worship, Nathaniel Bassey, Vocal Majority and Joni Lamb & The Daystar Singers.

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    Rani (1)
    Blessings | Posted November 03, 2010
    This is awesome. Terry you are so blessed.

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