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    Johan Skoog
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    Johan Skoog from Älmhult in Sweden. I am 43 years old. Songwriter, musician, performer and teacher.
    Ever since I was little, melodies have been a big part of my life. When I was a baby before I could  walk or talk, when my mother drove me around in a pram, I could whistle. I think the story has been spiced up a bit and I'm told there were real tunes I was whistling but I don't know if I really believe it but it sounds entertaining. My first performance was in church and it was a school graduation where I got the chance to sing solo for the whole school and I still remember the whole song even though I never sang it again. It's called a web of legends. the reason why I never sang it again is probably because the experience was so strong that I kind of don't dare take the song to heart again. But one fine day I will probably dare. Since then, things have continued well with music. I have started bands in abundance where even at the age of 13 I wrote my first song. It's called Someday and it's about the fact that there is always someone there to see you. Even if you feel the most alone, there is someone. And when you need it the most, someone comes into your life in one way or another.
    Now I also tried out for revues, musicals, opera, theater and everything that had to do with singing. I didn't get enough. I just wanted to sing 24/7. Then I started a band called Swedish Emperors. I wrote texts about injustice in the world and picked up on topics like abuse of women, children having a shitty life in their homes and we wanted to show the world what was not talked about. Now it has to rise to the surface and really get a change.

    At the same time, I started at the music high school C4. This is where I really got an outlet for my music. I got to practice, play and test a lot and all this with the help of my teachers who could show me how to think in certain situations so that it would be easier or just better flow in my music making. I learned a lot during this time.
    Right after school, my band got a record deal with a small company in Sweden. But as in many bands, different thoughts and goals come into play when you start collaborating with money as the goal, and I, who don't follow the path that points towards riches, lost interest. This is not what I wanted to happen. I wanted to be able to live on the music, but it must not be the driving force in my creation, so I withdrew. After that, I've had about 2 bands where our common starting point is that it should be fun, entertaining and genuine. I still have the same theme in my lyrics in the band, but when I play myself as Johan Skoog, it's a very open theme. I want to spread love, experience, stories that can be recognized by others or just act as a big hug.
    In recent years, I have studied to become a music producer at the university in Växjö, where I really got to analyze how I actually write and create my songs. It has been a lesson I should have learned sooner. Not because I want to end up mainstream, but I want to know why I act in a certain way and clarify that particular thought.
    Nowadays I am an Artist, Musician and teacher. Teachers are something that is as fun as music. Imagine being able to stand in front of a class every day and show them how big the world really is. To be able to give them tips and advice on the way to one day daring to take the big step out themselves. Dare to fall, dare to take risks but also have a foundation to stand on as if a situation were to arise, they can always stand up again.

    Thank you for reading about me.

    Johan Skoog a completely ordinary person who believes that no one can do everything but everyone can do something. Therefore, I want to give the possibility that together with this song we can do something big!

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