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    Psalm (aka Lyricidal), born David Andrew Byrd, is an inspirational Christian rap artist based out of Boise, Idaho. He originally performed secular music under the alias Sketchy Waze, and had a modestly successful underground following under that title. He toured across the country for several years, including headlining performances at popular festivals and events. Throughout his career, he worked with renowned acts such as Tech N9ne, Spice 1, Hopsin, Swizzz, Dizzy Wright, Hed PE, Potluck, IV Seconds, Whitney Peyton, Kung Fu Vampire, G-Mo Skee, Hard Target and many more. In a couple of years, he had garnered over 2 million views on his online videos and was featured on popular hip-hop channels such as TeamBackPack, WorldStarHipHop and the Cypher Effect.

    Although by society's standards David was well on his way to a successful music career, behind the scenes his worldly pursuits were literally destroying his family. Throughout his childhood and early adult life, David sold and used drugs. He struggled heavily with addiction and battled with violent tendencies and sexual immorality. Surrounding himself with people who suffered the same afflictions as he did, he used his music to justify many of his actions and allowed it to become the sole focus of his life, neglecting his wife and child. In 2013 everything came to a head, and David's wife left him after 8 years of marriage. It was then that David heard from God, and actually listened.

    David claims that science and skeptics can not explain away the miraculous ways that God worked in his life during that time, and his testimony is powerful. God ultimately promised David that his family would be restored, and in return, David vowed that he would turn away from his worldly ambitions
    and use his talents to do good in the world. That year he walked away from the following and income of 'Sketchy Waze' to explore his spirituality and discover his faith. It would be two years before God put it back into David's heart to begin making music again; this time for a greater purpose. 12 months later, 'Covenant' was a finished product.

    While much of Lyricidal's lyrics are faith-based, his music doesn't quite fit into the conventional evangelical musical category, as he does not tip-toe around the sensitive subjects of corruption and sin. He addresses these issues head-on, using his own personal experiences and past afflictions as inspiration.

    While many church-goers may believe these messages to be too abrasive to be considered gospel music, Psalm says he doesn't want to use his music to minister to a church of believers, but wants to reach people where they are; lost in the world and hopelessly enslaved to iniquity, just as he had been, and provide them some hope for a better life through real, meaningful messages of redemption and second chances.

    It is in this formula that something unique happens; gospel music that isn't quite gospel music. While believers can appreciate the underlying messages of God's promise, many of the stories throughout Psalm's 22-track LP will be equally relatable to people who have lived and experienced the lifestyle of sin and separation from God. It is in this way that Psalm hopes to help people who are still in the dark places he has been.

    Psalm prays that his new mission will be blessed by God even more than his old endeavors, not through financial gain, but through being able to share his message with those who may need it, and who may not feel comfortable seeking it out in the traditional church settings. He has become an ordained minister and attends discipleship school through Calvary Chapel Treasure Valley. An award-winning film-maker, he also serves in his church's ministry with videography services. Psalm's music is currently featured on Pandora radio.

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