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  • "Find Yourself in You" from Everlife (Expanded Edition)
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  • "I Could Get Used to This" from Everlife (Expanded Edition)
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  • "Real Wild Child" from Everlife (Expanded Edition)
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  • "What's Beautiful" from What's Beautiful EP
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    When three totally different women blend their voices into amazing symmetry and harmony, something beautiful happens. The sisters of Everlife carry so many talents, among them graphic designer, personal trainer, and jewelry designer. Yet Amber, Sarah and Julia share a love of music, and each other, that comes from deep within.

    Singers and songwriters from a very young age, Everlife can lay claim to wonderful success after being signed by the Walt Disney Company as teens. Their wholesome lifestyle and creative talent were a perfect fit for the brand that sets their standard high with families. The results culminated in world tours, contributions to 12 Disney compilation records, 2 CDs of their own and performances for millions of fans.

    Spurred by the dream to stretch their wings and sing as young adults to an audience of their peers, Everlife headed out alone -- without the typical teen celebrity rebellion and away from the mega marketing and production machine that drove their success. It was a risky decision driven by the need to express their own opinions and feelings through songwriting, rather than perform, even the most incredible, music that was handed to them.

    Ditching the tour bus for a 12-passenger van, Everlife’s journey took them through Europe twice. They realized their dream to write songs inspired by true-life occurrences and feelings that dwell in many young women. Honest and raw, their thought provoking lyrics now reflect personal thoughts about divorce, love, loss and self-doubt along with the courage to express them.

    Sometimes people need even more room in order to stretch their wings completely. True love allows that to occur. The Everlife story started and ends with a song. Returning musically to their Nashville roots, Amber, Sarah and Julia now sing their last chapter together -- their final story of life, love and harmony in song.

    What song will you sing At The End Of Everything?

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    :( | Posted July 17, 2012
    I am so sad that they are recording their final album "At the End of Everything". It is entirely fan funded, so I am excited that it can be what they want, no outside influence other than fans.

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    Everlife | Posted May 31, 2011
    Everlife are probably the best indie pop/rock band I know, everyone should listen to their music!

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