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Love Without Measure [edit]
by Parachute Band | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: February 01, 2011

Love Without Measure features more great songwriting with pulsing drums, angular guitars, and odd synth-breakdowns that Parachute Band fans have come to expect.

Track Listing
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01. Gave It All
02. My Constant
03. Peace On Earth
04. You Remain
05. It's You (feat. Martin Smith)
06. The Redeemed
07. Saviour Of The Broken Heart
08. You Got Me
09. Anthem Of My Heart
10. So Much More
11. Sweet Surrender
12. Soar
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Love Shines! | Posted March 24, 2011
Take several Kiwi’s, some synthesizer, electro-pop, and a love for God, and what do you get?  The latest edition and first self-produced album by Parachute Band aptly titled “Love Without Measure.”  For those unfamiliar with the New Zealand natives, the first track “Gave It All” may sound similar to the sound of Newsboys from the Peter Furler era.  Proclaiming Jesus’ name and that He “gave it all for me,” the track opens up the album, testifying that because of His love, “all heaven is open.”  Moving the synthesizer into some rhythmic guitars and drums in more of a pop/punk sound, “My Constant” reiterates the unconditional love God provides and how God’s love is “a love like this one, there’s no love like this one.”  Finishing up with an anthem of praise from the words of 1 Corinthians 13:4a, “love is patient, love is kind, love is free, this love is mine” solidifies the recurring theme of the album.

The ‘meat’ of the album focuses on the praise and worship sound Parachute Band is known for, comparable to their neighboring Aussies in Hillsong.  “Peace on Earth” slows down the tracks as the band asks for “more of Jesus in my life, more of Jesus so I shine your peace on Earth.”  A more reflective “You Remain” focuses on the power the Savior has to take the hurting from the depths and it is He who remains “when all else fades.”  The end of the song climaxes into a drum and guitar chorus, propelling the track into full-fledged worship mode.  In “It’s You,” lead singer of former band Delirious?, Martin Smith, joins Parachute Band lead singer Omega Levine in this seamless transition from “You Remain.”  Continuing with the same theme, the song serves as a call to open up to His will and allow Him to “take down these walls” and “[make] a way.”  Referencing the beginning of Isaiah 6:8, the band concludes the track in a triumphant chorus, crying out “Here I Am, Here I Am.”

Next up is “The Redeemed,” commanding praise to the One who gives it all, paraphrasing John 3:16 with a piano lead until about halfway when drums and guitar parade into another celebratory anthem of praise and worship.  Rounding out the mid-album worship set, “Saviour of the Broken Heart” is the song in which the album title “Love Without Measure” has its basis.  As a central theme for the record and the band’s new partnership with World Vision, the band proclaims, “so this is our worship, to go where you lead, to love without measure, to clothe and to feed.”  Trailing off the end of the song is the reading of another Isaiah reference, Isaiah 58:6-9a.

Starting out a little slow but picking back up again into the familiar pop-rock feel from the introductory tracks, “You Got Me” seems to be the climax of the album as resolution has been made and a feeling of acceptance is shown as sung “you got me, all of me.  You got me Jesus, and all you are is all I want.”  The following track, “Anthem of My Heart” simplifies the purpose of the song very well in this praise to the One who loves.  With three tracks to go, “So Much More” slows down the mood once again, reiterating the recurring theme that Jesus is the one who truly does “Love Without Measure,” embodying how words cannot describe Him and “you are wonderful in all you are, beautiful, anointed.  Saviour and deliverer, mighty and amazing.  Jesus you are Lord of all, wonderful in all You are, Jesus you are so much more.”

“Sweet Surrender” leads in with the first truly acoustic track of the album, setting into place that the purpose on Earth is to worship Him in “sweet surrender” singing, “Jesus you’re all I’m living for.”  Only to add icing to an already worshipful album is the last track, *Soar*, written by Parachute Band drummer, Sam de Jong.  Just sit back, relax, close your eyes, and surrender yourself, meditating on the Savior before listening to this album all over again!

Closing Thoughts
As a first sampling of Parachute Band, myself, I will admit I was truly wowed and amazed by the feeling of completeness this album achieved.  Conceptually focused on “Love Without Measure,” the band has self-produced an album that I would like to see receive much more recognition than it may already have.  If you like Newsboys, Hillsong, or even Delirious?, please at least take a listen to several tracks and consider making “Love Without Measure” something to add to your collection, or even consider some of their tracks for your own church’s praise and worship set.

Review Written By: Mike Laxton [] on 2/7/2011 from

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Showing steady improvement | Posted January 31, 2011
I was a huge fan of the original Parachute Band and I was a little disappointed with the early efforts from the "next gen" Parachute Band but I think Love Without Measure is starting to head in the right direction.

It has a mixture of some good rock songs and more meaningful slower songs. It sounds quite good, if they can keep improving then they can really do New Zealand proud.

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it has its Ups and downs | Posted January 27, 2011
This new CD from the Parachute band has variety to it. A couple of the songs are kind of rocky and have a sound like Abandon. But the majority of the songs are slower. This is a great album overall. Great lyrics. With the exception of the couple of songs that sound like Abandon, I do not know who they sound like. I recommend this album to any fan of Christian Contemporary music. But if you prefer the more rock and upbeat sound, I would suggest just getting a couple of their singles- not their whole CD.

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What a way to start 2011 | Posted January 25, 2011
Wow. Parachute band is doing it again. The title of this, their third, album says it all, "Love without measure".
The lyrics are well written and are a loud and clear realisation just how immeasurable God's love is for us. "You remain" is an awesome track and reminds us that no matter what happens in life, or how life fails us, God always remain. There for us, just where and when we need him. Without fail and without measure. We realise just how "so much more" Jesus is.
The sound is refreshingly crisp and very well executed. With the lyrics "Come let us sing", together with the amazing, uplifting drum work in "The Redeemed", gets you singing out load, before the ends of the song.
I strongly recommend this album to anyone that needs just the right measure of uplifting in their lives. This is just what you need.
Well done guys. May God Bless you and lead you from strength to strength.

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justink (115)

I love this band | Posted January 25, 2011
I seriously love this band.
Gave it all is such a good opener and Savior of the Broken heart is awesome. the vocals are really unique and they draw you in- I like how it's a studio recorded album without having the feel of a canned studio recorded session- they give some fluidity to the songs which is nice.

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inspiring music | Posted January 25, 2011
great band and singer, inspiring music. i would definately recomend this to christian and gospel music listeners. Parachute band did it again!!!!!!!!!

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Good Sound and Message | Posted January 25, 2011
When I started listening to the featured songs the beat and music kept my interest. As I started listening to the Words it made the music even better. I would buy this album or at least some of the songs.

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Love Without Measure By Parachute Band Album Review | Posted January 27, 2011
This is a awesome worship album from Parachute Band. I loved every single song on this album. It is one of the best worship albums I have heard in 2011. It is awesome to see Martin Smith from Delirious? featured on It's You as he is a awesome singer. If your a fan of Parachute Band or just love worship music like I do then you will love this album. Check it out as soon as you can.

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