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Mountains Move [edit]
by Kristian Stanfill | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: January 11, 2011

Emerging as one of this generationís most compelling worship leaders, Kristian Stanfill has proven to be an artist with rare insight and vulnerability. Stanfillís fearless lyrics and ear for authenticity infuse his songs with a visceral resonance that connects with listeners on multiple levels.

His second album was produced by Jason Ingram and Rusty Varenkamp (Tenth Avenue North, Brandon Heath).

Track Listing
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01. Lord Almighty
02. Day After Day
03. Say Say
04. You Will Reign
05. My Reward
06. Like A Lion
07. Always
08. Holding My World
09. Be With You Forever
10. Over All the Earth
11. We Glorify Your Name

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Kristian Stanfill [Mountains Move] | Posted January 11, 2011
Most recently known for his energetic and powerful song ?Say Say,? featured on Passion: Awakening, the newest member of the sixstepsrecords? roster, Kristian Stanfill unveiled his sophomore record Mountains Move. Kristian has been a featured worship leader at the annual Passion conferences, which regularly attract 20,000 university students. Emerging as one of this generation's most compelling worship leaders, he has proven to be an artist with rare insight and vulnerability. Stanfill's fearless lyrics and ear for authenticity infuse his songs with a visceral resonance that connects with listeners on multiple levels. Opening song ?Lord Almighty? has a very catchy worship chorus, ?You are the Lord almighty, none can stand against Your Name, Your Name has the power to save.? First single ?Day After Day? is a stand-out song on the album and one of my new favorite songs. Similar to The Museum?s ?My Help Comes From The Lord,? the song is based on the truth of Psalm 121 and Kristian?s passionate vocals are very engaging. What?s great about ?Day After Day? is that the song is congregational and hits home with the poignant lyrics ?men will try to rule the world You made, but we know power is Yours alone to give and take.? I can?t get enough of the Biblical truth of the song and I love when artists take Gods? Word from the Bible and turn it into a great and catchy song filled with truth.

?Say Say? and ?Like A Lion? keep the worshipful flow going, and are both great upbeat studio recordings of the songs from the last Passion album. ?You Will Reign? is the title track and opens with ?Oh great God, there?s nothing You can?t do, You speak and mountains move, and we believe.? These are some of the most encouraging, upbeat and relevant worship songs I?ve heard in the past year. ?My Reward? slows down the tempo and is a confessional song ?You are all I need to know, You are my reward, all I?m living for, I surrender all my life to You, All consuming fire, You are my desire, no One else but You, I surrender all, I surrender all my life to You, all to You my Jesus.? I really connect to the message of the song and I love the bridge ?nothing compares to knowing You, nothing compares to loving You, I?m giving my life to follow You my King.? ?Always? is another slower tempo confessional song in the style of David?s Psalms. ?My foes are many, they rise against me, but I will hold my ground?I will not fear, His promise is true, my God will come through?always.? ?Holding My World? is an acoustic ballad and stands out with sincerity and a relatable theme, ?I will not worry or fret, my God is the God Who will never forget, all of His goodness and all of His promises, He?s holding my world in His hands.? It is a great reflective song to pray along the words to God when struggling with stress or worry. A musical highlight of the album is next with ?Be With You Forever.? The OneRepublic-like electronic pop musical style reminds me of hit songs ?I Will Follow? by Chris Tomlin and ?Light Up The Sky? by The Afters. ?These songs are about having faith in God,? Stanfill notes, ?and believing that God is who He says He is, no matter what our circumstances are. There?s a beautiful phrase: ?Let?s stop living according to the size of our issues and start living according to the size of our God.? That?s really what the record is saying. The situation might seem impossible, really bleak and dark right now, but remember how big our God is. Remember His promises. That gives you hope.?

"Lord Almighty" and "Day After Day" are both great worship songs that I can imagine singing with fellow believers. We've sung Kristian's version of "Jesus Paid It All" at my church and many of these songs have that same sincere worship style. This is a great collection of joyful, encouraging worship songs. Other highlights for me are ?You Will Reign,? ?My Reward,? ?Always? and ?Holding My World.? I found myself relating to the songs right away and I enjoy singing along in worship. If you like Fee, Charlie Hall, Chris Tomlin and Tim Hughes, you'll enjoy Kristian Stanfill. This is the first ?can?t miss? worship album of 2011.

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great album | Posted March 21, 2011
 my son ordered this album and i immediately fell in love with it. kristian really stepped up his game. :)

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Worshipful | Posted February 15, 2011
A very strong release with lyrics that are centered on Christ and very worshipful. I think I enjoyed the first two releases a little more than this latest one but still greatly respect and admire the band and all they do to proclaim Christ and minister in His name. In some ways I felt this latest album went a little too "Christian rock band worship cookie cutter" for me in that it doesn't stand out as much as I thought the first two did and starts to kind of sound like a large volume of things I hear on CCM radio. It's not that it's bad at just seemed to blend into too many other things I've heard. It may grow on me though after hearing it a few things though as it is still a very solid release.

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Move | Posted January 28, 2011
The title says it all. I much anticipated the release of this album; the wait was well worth it! 'Say, Say' and 'Like a Lion' were also previously released on the live cd "Awakening". The remastered versions are just as exciting. May I also recommend 'You Will Reign'. We recently performed it in worship and it yielded a powerful response from the congregation.

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tura8010 (28)

Great album | Posted January 16, 2011
I had a chance to listen to few of the songs.. they are really nice. They are simple and makes us more involved in praising the Lord. Its a great effort by Kristian.

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Few Days Early | Posted January 08, 2011
I got the album today from Was I suppose to get it before the release date? Oh, well. It's amazing! Love these new anthems of praise to our God.

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