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Phantoms [edit]
by Acceptance | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: December 13, 2005

Acceptance's final album

Track Listing
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01. Take Cover
02. So Contagious
03. In Too Far
04. The Letter
05. Different
06. Ad Astra Per Aspera (Instrumental)
07. This Conversation is Over
08. Over You
09. Breathless
10. In the Cold
11. Permanent
12. Glory/Us

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Good, not great | Posted April 28, 2009
Hailing from Seattle, Washington, comes rock powerhouse Acceptance. In mid-2003, they released a seven song EP to much critical acclaim, and in April of 2005, they released this, their first full-length album, Phantoms.

This band is mostly popular in secular outlets, and Christian music enthusiasts are a few steps behind. Itís not entirely their fault, however. Most Christian media outlets offer them next to no press coverage. Itís almost entirely a word of mouth thing.

Still, spiritual references are few and far between on Phantoms. In fact, the entire album is fairly cryptic. Most songs, however, seem to address significant others, though "Different" makes a brief reference to God, and "Breathless" appears to allude to the supernatural, "Take this. Make it something beautiful again. Make this Heaven because youíre beautiful to them." The rest of the album is hard to decipher.

Acceptance possesses a whole lot of talent, and itís no wonder their album released a year ago, and itís still gaining momentum. If you are into aggressive rock with some pop sensibility that keeps you singing along days after the last time you listened, check Phantoms out.

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Excellence | Posted February 10, 2008
I have never heard of this band before I played a video game called NFL Street and I thought they sounded good so I decided to look into it further. The song on the game was "In Too Far". I loved the sound of the song, but once I heard the rest of the tracks I became more and more impressed with the band. It's pretty cool how a good Christian band can get some airtime in the secular market. The best song on the CD in my opinion is the opener in "Take Cover". Most of the songs talk about relationships and such, but it's the melodies that gets you hooked. The lead singer's voice sounds great as well. It is pretty hard to find a negative aspect of this album. Every song is an upbeat guitar driven rock fest that doesn't disappoint. They even have an instrumental in the middle of the CD that is well done as well. I recommend that you go out and get this one because it is a gem. A lot of people probably have missed this band amidst the rest of the rock bands, but give these guys a shot, you won't be let down.

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Totally Emo! | Posted September 19, 2007
The best emo CD ever! its songs are really cool, and its meanings are good to... everything you would want in an emo CD.

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cmt06g (26)

RIP | Posted September 16, 2007
Although Acceptance is no longer, this cd is still an awesome one to have in your collection! It rocks!

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Josiah (47)

i miss them | Posted August 14, 2007
i love this cd sooo much, i'm not sure how to describe it, i just love their sound and jasons voice is awesome

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Phantoms Rocks! | Posted July 15, 2007
This cd is great!
Acceptance presses the perfect amount of distorted guitars and heavy vocals into a compact disc. Phantoms is a definite must have!

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