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Jessie Daniels [edit]
by Jessie Daniels | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 06, 2006

Jesse Daniels' full-length debut, also self-titled, features 12 power pop-rock songs, all written by the nineteen-year-old. The record lays bare Daniels soul, addressing life issues like coming of age and finding clarity amidst confusion. Ever true to her faith in God, Daniels also talks honestly about her spiritual journey in a real and relevant way. All of this is wrapped in a fun package with singable melodies and contagious hooks. Radio has already begun to jump on her first single, "The Noise," now receiving spins nationwide. With a natural beauty both inside and out as well as charisma that draws you into her high-spirited world; Jessie Daniels has something honest and unshakable to share with all who will listen.
The new album, for the first time, captures the true essence of Jessie Daniels.

Track Listing
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01. The Noise
02. Everyday
03. Hold Me Now
04. Next to You
05. What I Hear
06. Hello/Goodbye
07. Stand Out
08. What Happened To Me
09. Human Being
10. Letting Me Go
11. It's No Wonder
12. Bonus - Hold Me Now (remix) featuring Tom Pellerin from Overflow

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Nathan (188)

More than a bunch of noise | Posted September 21, 2007
If a CD was graded by how much the artist smiled, Jessie Daniels would get and F. But that is not the case and her self titled debut is far from failed.

The music style is pop/rock which, for the most part, is rather impressive for an opening album. Jessie Daniels voice is very good. Most of her songs are up-beat and have snappy tunes like her first two singles ("the noise" and "everyday"), but her lighter stuff is also pretty solid. The heaviest songs on her CD are the single "what I hear" and "hello/good bye", which Daniels goes a little over board with.

"What happened" and "next to you" are pretty smooth pop songs which is the CD is built around. Some of her lighter music includes: "it's a wonder" and "hold me now". At the end of the disc there is a remix of the song "hold me now" featuring Tom Pellerin from Overflow. It's a little odd that the remix would be of a soft song to a soft song, with no apparent change.

Although Jessie Daniels uses Gods name as much as Kelly Clarkson, He is still implied and is the main factor of the album. However, most of her songs are a little shallow, with none that have stand out lyrics. "hello/goodbye" and "What happened" are not bad, but could be taken for pathetic. Though "next to you" is silly the messages of the CD are firm.

Jessie Daniels with her first album is already ahead of some of her peers; her debut is surprisingly impressive on most musical areas. Her the lyrics could stand for some improvement, but after this CD there should be a large welcoming for her second album.

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art10 (114)

No Looks, No Substance | Posted August 02, 2007
Alright, there's only one minor enjoyable song on here, and that's the first, the rest including "Everyday" and "What I Hear" are disgraces to music. Really, it's that bad. And other people agree, they might not say those particular songs, but I think most would agree that there's at least one part of this album that is unlistenable. So why buy the CD? The vocals, lyrics, melody struggle throughout the whole record to say the least. What about looks? Sorry, nothing to look at here, move on. In fact, pass on the CD, and it's songs, period.

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could use work, but great CD | Posted October 30, 2009
The Noise is one of my favorite songs around. And also the best on the album. She has a nice sound to all the songs, and for dancing to or backgound noise it's great, but I do look forward to more stiring lyrics in upcomming albums. From what I heard in The Noise she certainly has it in her to put great sounds to great lyrics, so I look forward to another album from her.

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LampaFan (179)

Jessie Daniels is NOT Good | Posted November 22, 2008
Jessie Daniels is NOT good! Unlike other artists like Britt Nicole and Francesca Battistelli, Jessie's talent is thrown away under boring and bland "rock" tracks. None of the songs are catchy or radio-friendly. It's just boring! Sorry Jessie.

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ashley (4)

Jessie Daniels | Posted November 10, 2008
Jessie Daniels' first CD is pretty good. It has a good rock sound. To me her voice is ok, not my favorite, but good. I wonder what I'll see on her next album.

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[= | Posted November 10, 2008

This CD was great.

Way to go Jessie [=

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Jesse Daniels | Posted November 02, 2008
I think that this a pretty good cd. Jesse Daniels has a great voice and I think she has a bright future in music. The best song on this cd is Hello/Goodbye!!! It ROCKS!!!!!!!!....kinda :-)

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Mitzy (107)

love it!!!!! | Posted September 25, 2008
LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!! I am happy that i got this cd... i've been wanting to get it!! and i love it!!!!!!!love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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romans_8 (73)

Jessie | Posted August 25, 2008
uI really lik Jessie`s soaring pop/rock sound, but I really wish the lyrics could be a little more focused on God.This is a good cd for someone who likes Stacie Orrico.

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skyve (53)

yay!! | Posted June 07, 2008

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