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Innocence & Instinct - Deluxe Edition CD/DVD [edit]
by RED | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 10, 2009

GRAMMY-nominated rock band Red’s second album, Innocence & Instinct, is a primal and provocative look into the dark and sometimes seemingly hopeless “fight inside” each one of us, told through the powerful sphere of the band’s hard-hitting, intense music. “Innocence” is where we all begin. “Instinct” can quickly take over. A lifetime is spent in this internal tug of war between who we really are and who we hope to be. Produced by the award-winning Rob Graves, mixed by Ben Grosse (Sevendust, Disturbed, Depeche Mode) and including a song co-written by Benjamin Burnley of Breaking Benjamin, Innocence & Instinct is thoughtful and powerful rock music, with a challenging look at the personal struggle inside each of us.

The Deluxe Edition includes 3 Bonus tracks and a bonus DVD. The DVD contains "Death of Me" music video, documentary making of "Innocence & Instinct", exclusive photo gallery, Behind the Scenes of the Death Of Me Music Video and a 12-page expanded booklet.

Track Listing
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01. Intro: Canto III (deluxe only)
02. Fight Inside
03. Death of Me
04. Mystery of You
05. Start Again
06. Never Be the Same
07. Confession (Whats Inside My Head)
08. Shadows
09. Ordinary World
10. Out From Under
11. Take it all Away
12. Overtake You (deluxe only)
13. Forever (deluxe only)
14. Nothing and Everything (deluxe only)

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djgreen (15)

Great Sophmore project!!! | Posted February 02, 2009
I got the new Red album today (yes I know I was surprised too, it was 8 days before the release date) and I have to say, I am very impressed.

The album starts out great with the two great rockers "Fight Inside" and "Death of Me," which, although really don't bring anything new to the table, are awesome songs. Next, their is the unique "Mystery of You," which is already one of my favorites. It changes up a little, and seems to be new ground for Red.

Next, the album goes into "Start Again," a good, solid track that is catchy and, although it seems a little average, still is a good song. Red then breaks into their CHR single "Never Be the Same," a song that I really like. I also like the change up to a bit of a softer feel after all the rock songs to start the album.

The next two songs, "Shadows" and "Confession (What's Inside my Head)" are both good songs. "Shadows" could be my favorite song off the album and is very catchy. "Confession" is another good solid rock song with a lot of emotion in it.

The rest of the album consists of a lot of solid tracks. Red's cover of "Ordinary World" is satisfying, and I enjoyed it. They definately change it up with "Take It all Away," a much softer song than anything else (at least in the beginning).

Red really shines in their sophmore album, and although there's not a ton of new stuff, every song has a lot to offer. I would definately recommend this album to rock lovers!

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Red | Posted February 01, 2011
I have to say when this album came out I absolutely loved it. Ive grown past it but because of my previous love of it, I'll give it five stars. Go Red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Worth the extra money | Posted January 24, 2011
The deluxe edition is well worth money. The bonus tracks Overtake You, Forever, and Nothing and Everything are all amazing.

Overtake you is heavy and fast. "You'll come to get me but you'll end up dead". Those are powerful lyrics.

Forever is about our relationship with God. Things do not always go as we want them to and sometimes when that happens we become sad or even angry at the world, God, etc. But God chases us down even when we don't want to be found.

Nothing and everything is a powerful and beautiful piano driven version of fight inside.

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jcoker (5)

Album of the Year 2009!!! | Posted February 25, 2010
Red has made the album of the year for 2009! It took three years to get it here, but well worth the wait. The album starts off strong with tradional "Red" rock of singing with occassional screams and string arrangements to make it perfect. Then not only do they team up with "Breaking Benjamin's frontman to write "Shadows", the very next song they cover Duran Duran's "Ordinary World" and make both sound like "Red". Just make sure you get the Deluexe Edition because of the best songs is a bonus song called "Forever". Three more years til the next ablum is fine with me as long as the quality stays as strong as it is right now.

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Simply Amazing | Posted August 19, 2009
I got the CD Monday, and have been rocking out sence! Red really turns up the heat with this new CD! They keep up the amazing steam from their 1st album, and I will be following them for years to come! Overall they rule!!! FANTASTIC!!!

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heck yeah | Posted May 26, 2009
This RRRRROOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKSSSSS. Hardcore. this is my pick for dove album of the year this year. Go BUY (as in not steal from the internet) this now.

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Rockin Red! | Posted February 24, 2009
Innocence & Instinct picks up where End of Silence left off. It is an amazing rock album that doesn't fit into the typical "sophomore slump" that many bands face.

What makes Red unique is their instrumental didlys weaved inbetween songs. Add some profound lyrics, killer guitar riffs, sweet beats, cool strings, and outstanding vocals, and it is hard to go wrong with.

Shadows, Forever, and Death of Me are my top 3 songs on the album. Death of Me is by far the bands heaviest track. It starts off with a sweet intro then dives full throtle into the the song. By the end of it I can't help but hit the repeat button. My complaint is that christian radio stations do not play this song (if so i have yet to hear it)Probably to heavy for the christian market. It is kind of sad when a non christian rock station plays more of their music then the christian market.

The album does have slower songs that are more freindly to the christian radio market. Example Never Be the Same. It is a great song, but i'm not use to this side of Red. However, I do beleive it makes the band more rounded when they can do songs like these.

Ordinary World is the only song i'm not a hundrent percent on. It is a great song and it has more edge then the original, but i feel that red doesn't need to do remakes and should continue working on original music.

The band also has plenty of slower songs on the album more freindly to the christian radio market.

The deluxe edition is worth the extra 4 or 5 bucks for all the bonus features. Most deluxe editions I find blah and the "bonus" songs seem to lacking compared to the rest of the album. Red once again surprises me by delivering 3 amazing songs, music video, and behind the scenes footage. Overtake you is a fast upbeat song with some great guitar riffs. Followed by, perhaps one of my favorite songs on the album, Forever. Nothing and Everything is toned down song of the Fight Inside, and features a great piano medley. The Intro to the album isn't anything outstanding, but fits into Red's instramental didlys.

For all the reasons listed makes Innocence and Instinct my favorite album of 2009. Based on the current release dates I have no doubt it will be so well into the summer.

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