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Glory Defined: The Best of Building 429 [edit]
by Building 429 | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 03, 2008

Dove award-winning Building 429 exploded into the Christian music scene with one of the most successful debut radio singles ever. Now Glory Defined: The Best of Building 429 is the first-ever compilation reaching back to where it all began with the smash radio hit, "Glory Defined." This 15-track album also features radio hits like "Space In Between Us," "Fearless" and "You Carried Me," plus fan favorites "No One Else Knows" and "I Believe."

Track Listing
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01. Glory Defined
02. Show Me Love
03. Above It All
04. No One Else Knows
05. The Space In Between Us
06. Shadow Of Angels
07. Fearless
08. I Belong To You
09. I Believe (with Jesus Is The Answer)
10. You Carried Me
11. Singing Over Me
12. Majesty
13. Power Of Your Name
14. Grace That Is Greater
15. Glory Defined (Alternate Version)

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Building 429 [Glory Defined: The Best of Building 429] | Posted October 07, 2008
There are good and 'worth the buy' Greatest Hits albums out there and then there are
Greatest Hits albums that really aren't worth buying. Is Building 429's new release, Glory
Defined:The Best Of worth the buy? Yes and no. Yes, all of the hits on here. The radio
hits. With the album's title track, "Glory Defined", the CD really delves into the success of
radio hits the band has enjoyed in it's five year (major label) career.

It's often times in my opinion that the really good songs on an album, are often the ones
overlooked by the record labels to be sent out as 'the next single'. Rise is a perfect
example of what I am talking about. While songs like "Searching for a Savior" (which was
missing from this release, surprisingly), "I Believe" and "I Belong To You" were somewhat
of successes on radio, it was the songs like "Now That It's Over", "Empty" and "Alive" (the
last three tracks of Rise) that really moved me. But unless you own the CD, you would
never have heard these tracks. That's where the Greatest Hits label kind of gets lost with
the question, are these really the 'greatest' of the hits? In the case of this album, they are
pretty much all there. So I am kind of stuck in the middle on this one.

So the question is, is it worth the buy? I explained the 'Yes' part. Now here's the 'No' part.
While I like most of the songs on the Greatest Hits CD, it's the songs that I really like that
are missing. I mean c'mon, a B429 Greatest Hits CD without the song "Free"? How about
"Empty"? These are the songs I think really got me hooked on B429 for the long haul. I
absolutely loved Space In Between Us and Rise, not so much with Iris To Iris, however the
message was very clear on that one. In my opinion, this is not a complete B429 Greatest
Hits collection, but for those of you who hung on every note of the radio play songs, this
CD is definitely one to pick up if you're a fan. Or if you like the group, but just hate
switching through 4 different CDs to listen to you favorite songs, this one is a good one to
have in that situation as well.

Keep an eye out in the fall 2008 for the release of Building 429's fourth studio album,
which is set to hit stores in October on the group's new label, INO Records.

I absolutely love Building 429. Their message has never been questionable in my mind. Their music is both entertaining and ministering and this CD is one to get if you are a fan or if you just want all the 'good stuff' on one disc. On the exception of a few songs (mentioned in the review) this one is worth buying. Go pick it up June 17th!

Rating: 8.8 out of 10 (88%, B+)

Review written by: Jay Heilman | Review can also be found here.

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Momma67 (24)

My son thinks he lost it | Posted May 15, 2011
I hate to admit it, but I love Building 429. Rock music isn't really what I tend to enjoy, but there is something about them that I really like. I borrowed this record from my son, and I have had it so long that he thinks that he has lost it.

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! | Posted May 10, 2011
 Awesome collection of this Christian rock/praise and worship band's best hits!!! A must-have for those who really love GOOD Praise and Worship music with a melodic ROCK edge. I highly recommend this cd! :)

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Good | Posted May 10, 2011
This is a great release for anyone looking for the popular radio hits from this band. I noticed though that many of the songs that people rate highest from the band are missing off of this release so I'm sure it will miss it's mark as being a true "greatest hits" album for many.

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