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Letters To the President [edit]
by Hawk Nelson | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: July 13, 2004

These Ontario natives, discovered by Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch/FM Static, built their fan base by becoming one of the hardest working unsigned bands, fronting the bills for self-promotion, renting out venues and creating an underground following worthy of any label's notice.

Track Listing
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01. California
02. Things We Go Through
03. Every Little Thing
04. From Underneath
05. Letters to the President
06. Right Here
07. Recess
08. Take Me
09. Someone Else Before
10. First Time
11. Like a Racecar
12. Late Show
13. 36 Days
14. Long and Lonely Road

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art10 (115)

Rock That Doesn't Take Itself Too Seriously | Posted September 18, 2007
Trevor McNeven brought these guys into the Tooth & Nail fold, which is interesting considering there's some real comparisons to Hawk, and TFK side-project FM Static. The result is an improved fusion of both bands, with original Hawk mixed in.

"California," "Someone Else Before," "Letters To The President," "36 Days," are the highlights of the album, with all but the last being great punk rock songs that rival even Releint K, while the latter song is a I-Miss-You ballad, which is sung beautifully, and has great lyrics.

"Like A Racecar" is the only song I didn't like, which sounds way too much like TFK, which could be explained by the presence of McNeven. The song seems very out of place on the album, and could have been saved for another album. But's it's nice the band is trying all forms of rock on the album.

The rest of the album is a mixture of funky punk rock, and some slower songs that don't detract from the album at all, and might even enhance it. Some of the songs are short, but they burst of pure energy that could be compared to MxPx in their style of let the dam flow. Or, let it all out, don't stop.

Overall, a great debut by some rockin' boys from Canada, this is my favorite punk rock CD, and for good reason. The band really does a great job here, and leaves nothing in the open. It's an open and shut case, if you're looking for good rock, this is the CD for you.

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Nathan (188)

A fun debut | Posted August 11, 2007
The punk/rock Letters to the president is the debut of Hawk Nelson, a group who sings about life, girls, and God - mostly in that order.

Letters to the president is a up-beat refreshing album that has a verity of types of music. Through out the album is softer songs like "from Underneath" and the single "take me", but they also rock with Trevor McNiven (thousand foot crutch) on "race car". But the real appeal is the punk songs. Singles like "things we go through" and every little thing" are fun and sound great, but the best of the album is" California" and the title track. "Someone else before" sounds cool (but pointless), but that's the extent of the highlights.

Most of Hawk Nelson's songs are meaningless, which is not bad, but when they do talk about important things it's not very deep. "Every little thing" and "Take me" are good, but the best is "letters to the President", but over all though the lyrics are not very impressive.

A good sounding album but could improve in a lot of things, especially the lyrics. But Hawk Nelson does have good marks for their debut CD.

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Letters to the President | Posted May 27, 2011

Hawk Nelson's first major release. This punk/pop release is full of many catchy rhythms and provides a good dose of variety. I liked the upbeat attitude of this album overall. I came to Christian music looking for CD's that were a little stronger in their focus on Christ so this wouldn't be something I would purchase, but I'm sure will be enjoyed by many who like this genre.

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pacemaker (324)

great album | Posted March 19, 2011
 letters to the president is such a great album. i love the wide variety of songs on it.

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Still their best album! | Posted February 02, 2011
If there is one album to buy from this band. This is it! This album is so good and I love listening to it. The songs on here are by far their best and the videos they made to go along with it are great. From humor, to making you think, this album has everything that is Hawk Nelson.

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Letters to the president | Posted June 03, 2010
This is by far their best album. It is all about making a stand. the title track says it the best.
"if I was brave i'd write a letter to the president and have him pass it to the leaders of our parliament [Hawk nelson is from canada] but for now I wont say nothing" and then goes on to talk about different issues in today's society. all in all, a great album.

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great | Posted June 02, 2010
This is a pretty good album, not the best of Hawk Nelson. Donít bother wasting your money on the Deluxe Edition though, there is nothing special about it. Awesomest song on the album is California, can hardly listen to it without singing along. Letters To The President has some great songs on it, and some songs that I could do without. All in all a good album.

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LauraCC (256)

Pretty Good | Posted November 07, 2009
I liked the songs on this album pretty well. Some I recognized from radio. For $2.99 @ Goodwill it's a pretty good buy. Inspired a lyric too. Fave songs? "Every Little Thing" and "Someone Else Before"

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great | Posted September 21, 2009
this is one of my favorite cds ever
it has some of the best stuff from hawk nelson its there 1st album.
and it dosent disopoint me its a very good album and i would recomend it to anyone

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Twitch (7)

Like a Race Car | Posted June 17, 2008
This album is my personal favorite. it is one that you can listen to over and over againg without getting sick of it.
it has many AWESOME songs that truly speak to me.

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