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Smile, It's The End Of The World [edit]
by Hawk Nelson | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 04, 2006

Track Listing
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01. The One Thing I Have Left
02. The Show
03. Bring 'Em Out
04. Everything You Ever Wanted
05. Something On My Mind
06. Is Forever Enough
07. Zero
08. Nothing Left To Show
09. Head On Collision
10. Hello
11. It's Over
12. Fourteen

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Solid Music | Posted June 18, 2010
Hawk Nelson doesn't reinvent the musical wheel, never did, and I doubt they tried to. But they do what they do well, and that is make catchy music. This album is notable for strong songs like the hard rocking "The One Thing I Have Left" and the emotional "Zero." Other standout tracks are the hits "Everything You Ever Wanted," "The Show," and "Bring 'Em Out." The album couples strong themes such as sticking with marriage, standing up for your faith, and even suicide. It isn't all fun and games; but there is a lot of that too. This is a good album to have some fun with. It won't blow your mind but it's a good musical ride.

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Smile | Posted September 11, 2008
This cd will make you smile :) puts one on my face. This album is a ton of fun!! The songs are very silly but like I said this album is just fun. Warning ~ this is the kind of cd that has songs that will stay in your head forever!!! Which is a good thing :) Best songs on this album are: "Bring 'Em Out", "Everything You Ever Wanted", "Fourteen", "Is Forever Enough", and "Something on My Mind". The rest of the songs are fun too! Don't forget to smile :D

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Nathan (188)

Hawk does not make a full head on collision | Posted July 21, 2007
After a successful debut, Hawk Nelson came charging back into the spot light with the hit song, "Everything you ever wanted" for their new anticipated album "Smile: it's the end of the world".

The band stays true to its genre, delivering 12 punk songs, with a little rock mixed in. The rockers within are shown on tracks "the one thing I have left" and "is forever enough". But the songs like "Hello" something "on my mind" and a would be hit single "head on collision", are the highlights.

Unfortunately the CD fails with coming up with too many solid songs. The two party songs "the show" and "bring them out" are not meant to be strong but one would hope for more on other tracks, those did not exist on the songs: "it's over" and "nothing left to show".

Hawk Nelson was clever with the design of the CD, its fun like the Album. It's sad that "everything you ever wanted" is the only really deep thing on a CD. It's sadder that they didn't make much progress to making better music, but hey, it's only a positive CD, in a negative world.

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art10 (114)

I'm Boycotting This Album | Posted July 24, 2007
I first became a major Hawk Nelson fan back in 2005, when I heard "Letters To The President". However, I got the special edition. So far, this album has been out for a year and a half, and no special edition. And I might just be paranoid, in fact I know I am, but I suspect that if I buy this album, they'll come out with a special edition, and I'll have wasted ten bucks for bad timing. So until there's definitive proof there will be no special edition for this CD, I'm not buying it.

But that won't be the only reason, the album is a step down from the debut in my opinion. In the debut they tackled issues with a blazin' guitar anthem, i.e. "Letters To The President". This time, they tackle them with the interest of a gnat, or at least I had the interest of a gnat. "Zero" and "Everything You Ever Wanted" suit the Christian radio crowd just fine, but for Hawk fans it just doesn't work.

"Something On My Mind", "Hello", "The Show", are highlights of the album, and would have fit great with their debut. "One Thing I Have Left" tries to channel the debut, but in my opinion comes out to hard rock, which I don't care for when taken to the extreme, except in special instances. However, a totally interesting song, totally surprising, and strangely works for me, "Fourteen" is a haunting song. What it haunts about, I have no idea, but hey, the song works for me, in some strange way.

Don't tell the feds this, but I listened to the album illegally. But, that's the only way I'm listening to it. The band cut a title track to the album, which didn't make it, but it would be great for a special edition, but no, they won't set anything in stone yet. And it's not even a great album, just OK, with the highlights being the only songs worth listening to.

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pacemaker (319)

great album | Posted March 19, 2011
 hawk nelson never disappoints. i really like this album. it only makes you want more hawk nelson!

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Their Best!! | Posted February 26, 2011
This is my best hawk nelson album!! if it want for this ablum i would not have fallen in love with them! They really matured between this album and Letters to the President, although they dont talk that much about their faith on this one. Overall this is an incredible album and it is one of their best!

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So So | Posted February 15, 2011
Nothing on this CD stood out to me, assuming I'm just not much of a fan of this particular style.

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Definitely their most fun album | Posted February 02, 2011
When you go see Hawk Nelson live, the songs that are the most fun to see are off of this album. From using a Kazoo to singing in French, they are a lot of fun. They are the songs that make you want to join this band and their craziness. Also, the song "Zero" causes the listener to think a lot and it is very valuable. I highly recommend this album!

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EPIC! | Posted August 06, 2010
This cd is one of my favorites from this band. They have some very inspiring songs on it that help me get through things when it feels like there is no hope. So basically this album brings hope and joy

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hawk nelson | Posted June 07, 2010
hawk nelson has a lot to offer. with there catchy choruses (she's got a lot of friends out there) and memorable lines (can somebody please radio for help cuz i think im allergic to myself), they will go far. they are on my top.

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AWESOME | Posted June 02, 2010
This is my favorite Hawk Nelson album to date. This album is pure good quality Hawk Nelson. None of the songs on it have gotten old for me, I always love listening to this album no matter what mood Im in. Bring Em Out is an awesome fist pumping song to listen to. Whereas Fourteen, though few words are said, is a song that forces you to take a step back and look at your life and the world. This is definitely an album you want on your shelf.

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