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Nothing Changed But My Stage Name [edit]
by Eddy Puyol (FKA Rawsrvnt) | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: April 19, 2024

When a recording artist switches up his public persona and presentation, it’s certainly reasonable for fans to inquire about the reason behind the decision. This is especially true for musicians with brands built on their faith.
With his new album, Eddy Puyol, formerly known as Christian rapper Rawsrvnt, wants to assure listeners Nothing Changed But My Stage Name.
It’s not the first project since the modified moniker (see 2022’s Pronounced Pooh-Yole), but it’s still a question posed to Puyol from time to time. The project’s title also reminds him to align the purpose of both his life and music.
“Over the years it just felt natural to adapt my performance identity from Rawsrvnt to the name I was given at birth. But best believe I’m still on the same mission to honor God and love people through my art,” Puyol said.
This current collection of songs proves to be quite the self-portrait for Puyol. Several, “Like a Cadillac” and “Bang Bang Baby,” sample his previous work. Others, such as “Everything I Got,” “Good Time,” and “You Gotta Vibe,” all draw inspiration from various members of his family. Eddy also had a large hand in producing each track with longtime collaborator Chuck Hemann.
“It’s quite fulfilling to design and build a work like this,” Puyol said. “The name on the album cover might be a bit different than you’re used to, but the message in the music will always be the same.”

Track Listing
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01. Trust God
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02. Bang Bang Baby
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03. Club Five Twelve
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04. Like a Cadillac
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05. Good Time
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06. Everything I Got
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07. You Gotta Vibe
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08. Blessings
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Different Stage Name, Same Unashamed Level of Faith | Posted July 01, 2024
What You Need to Know
For nearly 20 years, Eddy Puyol (fka Rawsrvnt) has been blessing microphones and fans with his lyrical skill set, faith, and raw talent. The Floridian-based rapper has released seven total studio albums, five EPs, and a few handfuls of singles. Some of his biggest hits include “Father I Trust Ya,” “The Almighty,” and “Holiness.” Soul Deep Records has been his main record label to support all the releases since 2006. Puyol recently celebrated his first wedding anniversary this year with his second wife and is an amazing father to a total of four children.
From time-to-time, Puyol is poised with the question related to his stage name change stemming back to 2020. Nothing Changed But My Stage Name is a proclamation that Puyol remains faithful to his Christian walk, his art, and conveying the message of the Gospels to the world. The 8-track album portrays a self-portrait for Puyol. Several, "Like a Cadillac" and "Bang Bang Baby," sample his previous work. Others, such as "Everything I Got," "Good Time," and "You Gotta Vibe," all draw inspiration from various members of his family. Puyol also had a large hand in producing each track with longtime collaborator Chuck Hemann.
Essentially, the album is a “get to know” session of who Puyol is and has always been since his debut album, In Rare Form.

What It Sounds Like
The retrospective album draws from previous works over the past two decades, however, the overall sound is fresh, translucent, and provides your car speakers a thorough workout through the stomping 808s throughout.
Several samples pull from cataloged songs such as “Flossin’ Him” (2011), “Beautiful / Be With You” (2012), and “This One’s For You” (2022). The selected samples pay homage to previous works and content which ultimately influenced Puyol’s most current songs of faith. While the entire album has the sound and feel of the Rawsrvnt days, Puyol added enough of a modernized touch to mold everything into a retro throwback of cultural vibes.
As mentioned, Puyol and Chuck Hemann handled the productions duties covering the album. The dynamic Floridian duo remained authentic to the southern sound and bump infamous with the region. Memories are filtered throughout the tracks designated with varied tempos and sounds signifying such. Puyol’s trip down memory lane is filled with head nods and a certain bounce throughout the body.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights
Eddy Puyol’s faith is smothered throughout this project. The first track titled, “Trust God” to the last track “Blessings,” Puyol ensures the audience hears how prominent the evidence of God is within his life and family. The track “Club Five Twelve” emits faith poured out to the highest of degrees. Repeatedly, Puyol exclaims, “Jesus, I love you.”
Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) is a vessel to spread the name of Jesus throughout the urban culture. Puyol remains true to the subgenre, art, and faith itself. Questions do not exist when debating if this is a Christian album or not, which Puyol takes great pride in such a declaration.

Best Song On The Record
“Trust God,” the opening track of the album snags my pick of the favorite from the eight selections included. It’s the most unashamed track on the album and sets a standard for the rest of the album. I love the inclusion of the lower chords and notes of the piano. Reminded me of some iconic Dr. Dre production for 2 Pac and his own creations. Puyol reminds us how vital it is to proceed through life with the everlasting love and trust in God. 
For Fans Of
Nu Tone, J-Phish, Legin    
Final Word
Aside from referring to Puyol as his birth-given name, Puyol’s art, message, music, and all else remains the same. He’s unashamed for Christ and continues to spread the love and redeeming nature of God throughout all his days. Nothing Changed But My Stage Name is exactly that. Christ-centered southern-style music with a particular swagger to it perfect for summer BBQs, sporting events, or just a cruise on a Friday night.  

Stream the album on Spotify or purchase Nothing Changed But My Stage Name on Apple iTunes


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