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Always [edit]
by Chris Tomlin | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: September 09, 2022

Grammy-Award winning artist Chris Tomlin is set to release a new full-length worship project, ALWAYS, on September 9th and is revealing the cover, track listing, featured artists.

"These songs were written with the intention of helping people connect with God," shared Chris. "And already throughout just the beginning of this process, with the songwriters, our families and friends, and the incredible team that helps bring these songs to the world, I have started to see God take these songs and impact hearts and lives. My prayer is that god continues to take this music and use it in ways I could have never imagined... in ways only He could and in that, points the glory back to Him."

Track Listing
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01. YAHWEH (No One) (feat. Elevation Worship)
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02. Always
03. Strongholds
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04. Holy Forever
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05. O Lord, You're Beautiful (feat. Steffany Gretzinger)
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06. The Answer
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07. Great Forgiver
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08. I Believe In Jesus
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09. I See You (feat. Brandon Lake)
10. Father Of Lights
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11. History
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12. All In All
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13. Precious Love
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A Pure Place of Worship | Posted September 08, 2022
What You Need to Know

Contemporary worship artist, Chris Tomlin has released his 17th album, Always. In an interview with E! News, Chris reveals the inspiration for this record: times of worship at home with his family during the pandemic lockdowns, and particularly teaching them the song, "O Lord You're Beautiful" by the late singer/songwriter Keith Green. He wants Always to bring people back to a pure place of connection with God in worship, in the same way, those times of worship at home reminded him of his early days in worship. 

The album features collaborations with fellow worship leaders Steffany Gretzinger on a cover of Keith Green's "O Lord You're Beautiful," Brandon Lake on "I See You," and Elevation Worship on a new recording of "No One," first released by Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music.

What It Sounds Like

 "YAHWEH (No One)" opens the album with energy and has an air of '80s influence. It's a more contemporary worship-leaning take of the Gospel version released on Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music's Old Church Basement album. I personally prefer the Gospel version. But I love that the different styles represent diverse expressions of worship in the Church and give local church worship leaders options on how best to incorporate this song into their own communities. 

"Always" has a strong bridge, perfect for corporate worship. "O Lord You're Beautiful" is a beautiful, simple piano ballad. "Father of Lights" and "History" lean more toward Country Pop. Songs like "Strongholds," "Great Forgiver," and "I See You" round out the project with joyful and energetic praise.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights

The consistency of God's character is a theme throughout the album. Whether singing about His faithfulness, His forgiveness, or His holiness, God is front and center on this release. In a time when many songs in the worship genre lean towards singing about God to one another or songs of faith and prayer for our personal lives, it's refreshing to have an album with so many songs directed toward God and simply exalting Him for who He is. There are still songs that are prayerful or declare God's promises over our lives, as there should be; those songs are needed in the Church, too. But Always gives a good balance of each theme.

Best Song

"I See You" wins the best song for me. It stands out the most on the record because of its style and, in my opinion, is the most fun song on the album. This lighthearted midtempo is clearly Pop influenced but still has that corporate worship feel that we know and love from Chris Tomlin. It's also interesting to hear Chris and Brandon Lake's unique styles come together on this song about the different ways we see God at work in our lives.

For Fans Of
Phil Wickham, Leeland, Jeremy Camp

Final Word

What I love about Chris Tomlin is that he's consistent. When you listen to a Chris Tomlin album, you know what you're going to get: songs that are accessible for anyone to play and sing along with pure worship, and the truth of who God is. True to Chris' mission in ministry, Always will point your heart to God in adoration.

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BPence (150)

Songs for the Church | Posted September 19, 2022
Following up his 2020 album Chris Tomlin & Friends, in which he partnered with country music artists, Tomlin is back with Always, doing what he does best, writing and singing worship songs for the church, though a few of the songs do have a country music feel to them. I have long enjoyed Tomlin’s music, and I really like this new album. It is one of my favorite albums of 2022.
Here are a few brief comments about each of the thirteen songs on the album: 
Yahweh (No One) – This song was written by Chandler Moore, Jason Ingram, Chris Brown, Steven Furtick and Tomlin, and produced by Jeff Sojka and Ben Glover. The song is a cover of Elevation Worship’s “No One” and features Chris Brown of Elevation Worship on vocals. The upbeat song highlights the first commandment “You shall have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:3), and the third commandment “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.” (Exodus 20:7). A good opener.
Key lyrics:  
There will be no other God before You
There is no one above You, no one beside You
And nobody like You

Always – This song was written by Ben Glover, Daniel Carson, Jeff Sojka, Jess Cates, and Tomlin, and produced by Glover and Sojka. The song about our everlasting God, features acoustic guitar, piano, drums, bass, backing vocals.
Key lyrics:
The Lord is faithful, yesterday, now, and always
Strongholds – This upbeat song about our freedom in Christ was written by Ed Cash, Louie Giglio and Tomlin, and produced by Cash. The song features drums, bass, guitar, and keys. All obstacles are coming down by the blood of the Lamb.
Key lyrics:
Jesus is undefeated, the battle is the Lord's
Shout it out, every stronghold must come down
Holy Forever – This song of worship to Jesus was written by Phil Wickham, Jenn Johnson, Jason Ingram, Brian Johnson, and Tomlin. It was produced by Jonathan Smith. The song features a choir, keys, guitar, drums and backing vocals.
Key lyrics:
Your name is the highest
Your name is the greatest
Your name stands above them all
All thrones and dominions
All powers and positions
Your name stands above them all

O Lord You're Beautiful – This is a beautiful version of the classic song written by Keith Green. It was produced by Ben Glover and Jeff Sojka, and features Steffany Gretzinger on vocals. The song features piano and strings.
Key lyrics:
O Lord, You're beautiful
Your face is all I seek
And when Your eyes are on this child
Your grace abounds to me

The Answer – This song about Jesus was written by Josh Kear, Charles Kelley, Ben West, and Dave Haywood (of Lady A). The easygoing song, which has a country music flavor, and would have fit nicely on Chris Tomlin & Friends, was produced by West and Haywood. The song features keys, drums, guitar, and backing vocals.
Key lyrics:
Who is gonna love me all my life
Who is gonna never leave my side
Who is gonna be the heartbeat of everything I do
The answer is always You
Always You

Great Forgiver – This mid-tempo song about Jesus as our great forgiver, was written by Bear Rinehart (of NEEDTOBREATHE), Ben Glover, Jeff Sojka and Tomlin, and produced by Glover and Sojka. The song features drums, keys, guitar, handclaps and backing vocals.
Key lyrics:
'Cause You are the great, great forgiver
Nobody else gonna take my trouble
Nobody else gonna take my shame

I Believe in Jesus – This worship song confessing Jesus as our Savior and Lord, was written by Mitch Wong, Ben Fielding, and Tomlin, and produced by Ben Glover and Jeff Sojka. The song, which gently builds, features piano, bass, backing vocals, strings, and drums.
Key lyrics:
I believe in Jesus
He is the Son of God
He died and rose to save my soul
I confess that He is Lord

I See You – This song of praise was written by Bryan Fowler, Jonas Myrin and Tomlin and produced by Fowler. The mid-tempo song features Brandon Lake on vocals. The song features keys, drums, bass, guitar, backing vocals and a memorable chorus.
Key lyrics:
I see You in the morning light
I feel You in the fire by night
I hear You say, "Child, I am with you
Everything will be alright."

Father Of Lights – This song was written by Ben Glover, Jeff Sojka, Steven Furtick, Jason Ingram, and Tomlin, and produced by Glover and Sojka. The song, which has a country music feel, is based on James 1:17, and features guitar, bass, drums, and backing vocals.
Key lyrics:
Every good thing in my life
Comes down from the Father of lights
It comes down from the Father, down from the Father
Down from the Father of lights

History – This song about thankfulness and gratitude for the goodness and faithfulness of God, was written by Jess Cates, Cody Carnes and Tomlin and was produced by Jonathan Smith. The song features guitar, handclaps, drums, bass, backing vocals, and a memorable chorus.
Key lyrics:
I've got so much history of how good You are
You've been the guiding light in me right through the dark
Whatever giants I may face, I don't have to be afraid
'Cause I've got so much history of how good You are

All In All – This song was written by Corey Crowder, Tyler Hubbard (of Florida Georgia Line), Jason Ingram and Tomlin and was produced by Ben Glover and Jeff Sojka. The worship song to Jesus, slowly builds and features piano, guitar, bass, drums, and backing vocals.
Key lyrics:
Where would I be now without Your love
Precious Love – This song was written by Ben Cantelon, Sam McCabe and Tomlin and was produced by Jonathan Smith. The song, which takes us through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, features piano, guitar, drums, bass, and backing vocals. An excellent song for congregational singing.
Key lyrics:
Oh, the precious love of Jesus
Oh, the fount of grace divine
Flowing as a mighty river
Washing sinners in its tide
There will never be another
In whose name we are redeemed
Oh, the precious love of Jesus
Pouring out for you and me

Favorite songs:
Yahweh (No One)
Holy Forever
I Believe in Jesus
Father of Lights
Precious Love

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