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Gasping For Hope [edit]
by Since October | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: January 01, 2006

As of right now, Since October is still an unsigned band relying almost completely on their Myspace for advertisement and sales. However, it can easily be stated that if they continue to produce CDs like "Gasping for Hope," which was recently released as their first full-length CD, their Myspace may indeed end up being the least of their worries for sales.

The album is kicked off with Ben Graham, the lead singer of the group, yelling, "Oh, how beautiful you are!" with no music, but just his voice alone. That is a great way for them to start off the CD because it practically shouts out that the CD is God-based, which a lot of Christian CDs fail to be.

All of the songs were written by Since October as a whole except for the song "Waiting," which was co-written by Ben Graham. In nearly every song, they are rocking hard, with very few exceptions. Most artists have a few softer songs separating the hard ones, but Since October has very few, which is pretty much the choice of the listener on whether or not it's a good thing.

The music was well composed. They didn't have very many instruments to work with because there are only four people, but even so, with what they did have, they still brought some awesome beats. In fact, they rocked with great beats that would basically never be expected by an unsigned artist.

The lyrics were also great for the most part. The best of which are from "Live to Die" in the chorus when it says, "I would sacrifice all my dreams and my love / for eternal life / God I swear that's enough", the chorus of "Disaster" which is "thank God for disaster / thank God for my reasons / my reasons to fear / every time that I've lost it all and death is calling me / I understand this is what saved my life again" and practically the entire song of "Follow Me Down." They have a video of "Disaster" on their Myspace, which uses the trade centers as the disaster.

There are very few things to say about Since October when it comes to things that could be improved. Some lyrics seem to have been in an order that doesn't exactly sound right, such as in the first song, "Beautiful", in the very beginning when it says, "Oh how beautiful you are / so perfect in my mind / so terrible and wrong / you look beautiful tonight."

Another need that would be a great improvement is to get more band members. It always sounds great to mix a lot of instruments instead of just a few, such as how the group Red does. It isn't a "must", but it's definitely a "would help."

If this was Since October's full potential, they're a pretty good band. If they can improve, you will definitely be hearing a lot about them soon. As of right now, they are unsigned, but if they improve as they continue to make music, it shouldn't be long before they have record labels gunning for them.

Track Listing
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01. Beautiful
02. Disaster
03. Follow Me Down
04. Guilty
05. In This Moment
06. Live To Die
07. Part Of Me
08. Run To You
09. Take My Breath Away
10. Waiting

Entry last edited by mike on 10.26.07

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get it for sure | Posted November 16, 2009
this album had the awesome song "Run To You" which was my favorite song for quite some time. It is really upbeat and cool. Another great song is "Take My Breath Away" it has amaing lyrics, "Breath in, breathe out/ come and take my breath away" it is really a good song. "Guilty" is another one on this album that I really liked. Since October has a lot of great music.

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Gasping for Hope | Posted September 18, 2009
This band is amazing! The best song on this cd is disaster. I also like beautiful and guilty. At first i didn't think much of this band, but after a few listens I love them! Hope they get new music soon.

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skybo90 (177)

Amazing | Posted May 24, 2008
This is one of my favorite cd's on the market today. The best song on the album is Beautiful, but all of the songs are amazing. This is a good album for anybody who likes hard rock music.

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