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Hope's Not Giving Up [edit]
by Remedy Drive | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 02, 2016

This is a collection of songs that we re-imagined in 2016 - my favorite songs that I wrote between 2004 and 2012. These melodies remind my soul of hope and hope reminds me of sights yet unseen and we felt like it was time to give these songs a new life.

Hope is a melody - a beautiful sight for the worn and weary eye. Brighter than the fires on the West Coast, louder than the bombs in Syria, more vibrant than a virus, stronger that the winds of the tornado or the shackles of oppression. She stands in the wreckage of lost accomplishment, she walks in the rubble of broken dreams, when castles in the sand are washed away, when the moon goes blood red and the stars fall, when the flood waters rise, when the bottom drops out - there’s Hope sweet Hope like a star burning bright - when the sun goes down and the fears begin to fly.

I want the new recordings of these songs to amplify the melody of hope above the noise of fear and despair. -David, Remedy Drive

Track Listing
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01. Better Than Life
02. Daylight
03. All Along
04. Resuscitate
05. Hope
06. Crystal Sea
07. Statues
08. Come Up
09. Guide You Home
10. Jack's Song

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New Life | Posted September 02, 2016
It's been a decade since Remedy Drive released their first album under that name. Independent album Rip Open the Skies would lead to stints with two different labels, two albums and a few hit singles before they returned to independent status for justice-driven album Commodity. With so much ground covered in the past decade, a retrospective of sorts was certainly due. That is what we get with Hope's Not Giving Up, a collection of re-imagined classics from Remedy Drive's first three albums.

The songs presented here are in a noticeably grittier format than Remedy Drive fans of Daylight Is Coming days might have come to expect. That album's titular hit, "Daylight," gets both a heftier bass line courtesy of Corey Horn and a stronger guitar presence. "All Along" sees a similar treatment. Most electronic production elements are stripped out of these versions (save for David Zach's keyboard, a consistent grounding presence).

"Statues" and "Come Up" from Rip Open The Skies sees perhaps the least alteration, unsurprisingly given that the album was the most raw to begin with. The reimagining is still a welcome inclusion, given that for many more recent fans, it may be the first time they've heard the songs. 

One of the album's highlights is "Resuscitate," a song from the band's 2012 album of the same title. The original was bursting with the potential to be a searing rock anthem, but was shined up to fit the sound on the rest of the album. This new version is delightfully brash and alive, carried by dirty guitar tones and thumping percussion from drummer Tim Buell. Another highlight is "Jack's Song," another track that may be new to many (previously featured on the Light Makes a Way EP). The honest, tender song is written for frontman David Zach's son, expressing common questions a child has as they grow up and answering simply "my son, I don't have all the answers / And I don't want to let you down. / All I know is that I'm running towards this hope that I can't see / And son, I hope you follow me."

The Bottom Line: Hope's Not Giving Up has a garage rock, DIY-sound that might challenge some more pop-leaning listeners--and enthrall rock and roll enthusiasts. Old classics are given new life, and some of the songs feel like perhaps they've found their truest form in this project. Hope's Not Giving Up serves both to celebrate the past and look ahead to more hope-saturated songs to come.

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"Jack's Song" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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