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Rival Factions [edit]
by Project 86 | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: June 19, 2007

As the name implies, Project 86 has delivered a confrontational 6th full length, where not a single note, lyric, or track is wasted. This is, for certain, their most song-oriented and diverse release to date, proving that progression through evolution is a divine mandate. The songs are commercial and accessible without sacrificing intensity. Expanding upon their patented sound, there are hints of everything from vintage Danzig, Psychadelic Furs, Joy Division, and early, east-coast hardcore. Frontman Andrew Schwab states, "We just wanted to write songs we would enjoy listening to ourselves. We started doing this because we are music fans first, and we didn't have any preconceived ideas about what this album should be, beyond knowing that the songs themselves needed to be memorable." From the Cure-esque drama of "Molotov" to the Queens of the Stone Age-like force of "The Kane Mutiny" to the Misfits macabre of "Illuminate" this is a rock n' roll record with more variety than most, which will keep you interested from front to back. In a time when heavy music is as narrow as it is predictable, Rival Factions may just challenge you to redefine your terms.

Track Listing
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01. Evil (A Chorus Of Resistance)
02. Put Your Lips To The TV
03. The Forces Of Radio Have Dropped A Viper Into The Rhythm Section
04. Molotov
05. Slaves To Liberty
06. Pull Me Closer, Violent Dancer
07. Illuminate
08. The Sanctuary Hum
09. Caveman Jam
10. Normandy
11. The Kane Mutiny ( Bonus Track) (currently it is only available on itunes)
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Entry last edited by deanshredder11 on 08.07.08

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FABULOUS | Posted October 18, 2008
This record is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!Bet you never thought you'ld see that word in a P.86 review!:-) But it is really good. The music is incredible and the lyrics are, usual. This is definitely my fav P.86 cd!!!!!!!!!!

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Pretty Much amazing | Posted April 05, 2008
yep, I was excited when this cd came out I got it the day it came out and was so excited to listen to it. The things that bummed me were that it was really short like 35 minutes. All of Project's other cd's were a lot longer than it. A good thing about the cd is they did something a little different from their other stuff. I think it makes good variety. Project can pretty much do whatever they want. I do however hope that their next cd will also be more like atrwf or stbybb. i mean i love this cd and all idk. There all amazing and this IS A GREAT CD! I love it!

Best songs: jeez its really hard because they all have the same equivilancy of radness to them.

right now id have to say my favorites are illuminate and normandy.

but yeah so go buy this cd if you like Project 86 or just any type of rock!

it surprisingly has a little bit of 80% style to it its pretty unique.

so ya! woo!

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Timbo (13)

10 of the best songs you'll ever hear. | Posted March 28, 2008
To be honest, there is not one song on this album that stands out...they all do! I cannot pick my favourite song, cause on each listen you find a new favourite. I suggest you go get it, now. And if you can't read the book, like you copy didn't come with a blue outside, like mine, then find a peice of dark blue cellophane and look through it.

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so cool! | Posted February 22, 2008
i love this cd alot too! i like everything from the cover to the songs, i love how some of them have that 80s feel! its amazing. Project 86 makes it hard to pick a favorite!

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Let’s Ignite | Posted December 10, 2007
In my opinion, each and every album by Project 86 betters the one before, and Rival Factions makes no exception of this rule...and that is no small achievement. And The Rest Shall Follow is a first class album no matter which way you look at it and topping it was always going to be a big ask, yet Rival Factions does seem up to the challenge. It's worth noting that this was not my initial opinion; after the first couple of listenings I had have to confess that I thought Project 86 was resting on its laurels...but after a few weeks spent in my current playlist I find that the quality and strength of the songs presented here is becoming more and more evident. Of the ten songs on Rival Factions only two ("Put Your Lips To The TV" and "The Forces Of Radio...") have yet to totally impress...but considering the way all the other tracks have grown on me, I assume it's only a matter of time.

Personal Highlights: Illuminate / The Sanctuary Hum / Normandy
Personal Low Points: Put Your Lips To The TV / Only 10 tracks

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The Projects | Posted September 08, 2007
Ever since receiving Drawing Black Lines from a friend I have followed Project 86, there is something about their lyrics, cutting guitar riffs, and their very unique bass sound that brings this band an edge that is all their own. The band members themselves are amazing people and men of Christ, they are what some would call Warrior Poets, out there on the front lines for Christ preaching his message but still letting people know that they are not perfect and that they go through hard times as well. There are few greater feelings than being in the front of a pit at a Project 86 show and seeing the passion in Andrew Schwab's eyes and hearing the passion through his vocals.
Check out the video's for Spy Hunter, My Will Be a Dead Man, and Evil (A Chorus of Resistance).

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very nice | Posted August 22, 2007
Project 86 has a feel that no other band has. I don't know what it is about this bands music but i love it. They take a completely different approach to their music. The result is a great sounding band with awesome lyrics.

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It's different. | Posted August 21, 2007
Project 86's CD is no doubt different from anything else I've heard this year. But that's not say that's not a good thing from awesome guitar riffs to Andrew's amazing vocals this is must get if your look for something different.

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cgiguana (15)

easy | Posted August 21, 2007
this is easily the best album of the year perhaps the best hard rock album ever. a change of pace that sumhow seems the same

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Rivaling the best of 86's work...Truthless Heroes | Posted August 21, 2007
You know those albums from, any band really, that when you pop it in and the first track plays, and you know from that 0.02 secondth of that song that the album is going to be an amazing milestone in that band's career...This album is it my friends.
As soon as I heard "Evil(A chorus of resistance)" I asked my dad if he was sure it had the right CD in the case.
People, it is very different, but in a sensational way. No its not what you'd normally expect from such a band with a name that when you hear it you go, "YES", but it is genious, the diversity in the album itself is truly well-planned.
Personally i can't get enough of Caveman Jam.
You could say, that Project86 could be a little more on the bright side of things but then it just wouldn't be Project86.

I took away half a star because it wasn't long enough. The last song (Normandy) left me wanting more...more until i throw up Project86ish goodness.

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