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Invader (Deluxe Edition) [edit]
by Rapture Ruckus | Genre: Electronic/Dance | Release Date: April 07, 2015

Rapture Ruckus released "Invader (Deluxe Edition)" on April 7th. This special physical retail piece combines both of the Invader Volume I and Invader Volume II along with the current charting radio single, "Volcano (feat. Jonathan Thulin)," which is currently charting Top 15 at Hot AC/CHR, Top 5 of Rock and on the National Christian Audience charts, and the hit single "In Crowd."

The Invader releases follow the highly successful 2011 release Open Your Eyes. Rapture Ruckus has continued touring, supporting bands throughout North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Rapture Ruckus released their music to the United States via BEC Recordings in 2010. The self-titled debut was nominated for a GMA Dove Award in "Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year" category.

Last year Rapture Ruckus released the first EP in the series, "Invader Volume I", which debuted for the first time on U.S. Charts. The album debuted on Billboard Top 200 as well as in the Top 10 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart. "Invader Volume I" also received two GMA Dove Award nominations for "Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year " and "Song of the Year" ("Head Held High"). In January of this year, Rapture Ruckus released "Invader Volume II" featuring the new song "Boomerang" as well as special guests remixes by David Thulin, Grapishsoda and Unikron.

The media have gravitated to these releases saying that Rapture Ruckus has had "definite growth and maturity," and that they have released a "fiercely extreme project" filled with "flawless melodic elements" creating some of the "strongest EP...and the best work Rapture Ruckus has released to date - bar none."

Track Listing
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01. In Crowd (feat. Soul Glow Activatur)
02. Volcano (feat. Jonathan Thulin)
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03. Everybody Get Up
04. Head Held High
05. Invader (Part I)
06. Carry Me (feat. David Dunn)
07. In This Together (feat. Shuree)
08. Fire to the Night
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09. Boomerang
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10. Mr. Roboto
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11. Mindfield
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12. Parallax
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13. In Crowd (feat. Soul Glow Activatur) [David Thulin Remix]
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14. Volcano (feat. Jonathan Thulin) [Matthew Parker Remix]
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15. Fire to the Night (David Thulin Remix)
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16. Mr. Roboto (Grapishsoda Remix)
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17. Parallax (Unikron Remix)
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Ruckus Rousing | Posted April 23, 2015
The New Zealand native lads who make up the group Rapture Ruckus have treated their rabid fan base to the release of their Invader Part 1 and Part 2 EPs (in 2014 and 2015 respectively).
Coming just a few short weeks after the release of the second installment, the group has compiled the two EPs to form the full length Invader.
Right off the bat, "In Crowd" shows a clear evolution in the band's sound, while still remaining consistent in both their uplifting message of anti-conformity and their signature electronic elements. The brief appearance by former Family Force 5 frontman Solomon "Soul Glow Actiavatur" Olds is a nice touch, and no doubt his feature will catch the ears of a few more listeners.
The addition of the new high energy track "Volcano," featuring the soaring vocals of Jonathan Thulin, make this the only real selling point to fans who might not have purchased the EPs separately. But it's certainly a stellar draw, serving as one of the most ruckus-rousing pieces on the project— no pun intended.

"Everybody Get Up" serves up a modern vibe atop a funky 70s beat, while the lyrics are the true star of the show. Cheeky and unapologetic at best, some listeners might be surprised by the brutal honesty. Once you get past the shock factor however, what you'll find is clever song about giving up any false fulfillment the world tries to offer and living for Christ regardless of what we might have to lose.

The bubbly, synth-pop "In This Together," with the guest vocals of Chicago-based female vocalist Shuree, will be a fun song to rally a crowd if played live. Frontman Brad Dring's abrasive rap vocals attack you as "Fire to the Night" embraces the underlying rock grit this band has always been at good at while toning it down in favor of more bubbly pop elements.
"Boomerang" doesn't take itself too seriously lyrically, but what it lacks in depth it makes up for in sheer musical splendor. This is a full-on four on the floor song, and it's near impossible not to hit repeat once the songs ends.

"Minefield" runs with their roots as a rap act and channels the likes of old school Thousand Foot Krutch with its in-your-face lyrical assault: "It's like this whole wide world wants to see me silenced, keep me focused on its drugs, sex, scandal and violence / But the all-seeing eye sees an act of defiance, 'cause they'll never get complete compliance."
"Parallax" takes what Rapture Ruckus is notoriously good at— pop music— and revamps its tired sound. This song is the perfect blend of what makes this band special, and if you're not wondering again why the band doesn't have more exposure at this point, you probably never will.
Closing Thoughts:
I had the privilege of reviewing both of Rapture Ruckus' Invader EPs months back, and while I'm not 100% sold on the idea of morphing them into a "new" project per se (especially when both are so vastly different, as I mentioned in my Invader Part 2 review), I applaud the musical diversity you'll find when you place them both together. This group runs the gamut melodically, and Invader is a fine example of that.
Song to Download Now:
"Volcano" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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