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Apathetic EP [edit]
by Relient K | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 08, 2005

This acoustic set from Relient K introduces seven previously unreleased songs, including the radio smash, "The Truth," and an acoustic version of their hit song, "By My Escape."

Track Listing
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01. The Truth
02. Apathetic Way To Be
03. Be My Escape (Acoustic)
04. Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet (Acoustic)
05. Over Thinking (Acoustic)
06. In Like A Lion (Always Winter)
07. The Thief

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Nathan (188)

Small CD, big songs | Posted July 19, 2007
In between Mmhmm, and Five Score and Seven Years Ago, comes Apathetic Ep from Relient K. The Ep is Relient K all the way, from the punk/rock tunes to the acoustic versions of some of their songs.

The first two tracks, the single, "the Truth" and "apathetic way to be" is traditional Relient K pop/punk, which are very good, and set up nicely for the newest album. Fallowing those, are three acoustic versions of older songs, two of off their CD Mmhmm (the hit "be my escape" and "which to bury, us or the hatchet") and "overthinking" from their two lets don't make a right, but three do, album.

"which to bury, us or the hatchet" sounds better non-acoustic, but "overthinking" seems to be born to be acoustic. The two final tracks is started of by "always winter", a song inspired by the lion the witch and the wardrobe movie. It is beautifully written, and is an awesome song all around. The final song, is "the thief" a strait piano song that adds to the wonder of the small disc.

When fans wanted something from Relient K, they got it in the form of Apathetic Ep, a CD that will entertain fans while they wait.

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art10 (115)

Best Relient K EP By Far | Posted July 19, 2007
Relient K knows, or knew, how to put out extra content, the EP. The early EPs had songs from the full length albums, as well as some goodies, sometimes good, sometimes not so much. But the trend turns with Apathetic EP, all original content, nothing old.

The album starts off with two new studio songs, both are great, but are in a in-between style, not Five Score, but not "Mmhmm" either.

The next three songs are marvelous acoustic tracks. All of them are great in their own right. I might prefer the studio version to "Over Thinking" musically, but for the overall emotion to the song, this version works best.

"In Like a Lion (Always Winter)" is one of the greatest Relient K songs of all time. Although it's not a rock song, it's their best, I guess what you call balled. If you haven't heard the song, please do, you will be blown away. Why this song wasn't on the Music Inspired By The Chronicles Of Narnia album, I don't know. I think it was a MAJOR mistake by the people that produced the album. Because this song is better than that whole album, combined.

The last song is by Matt T's side band, Matt Theissen and the Earthquakes. The song is only OK, not anything to write home about. I also had a hard time getting the whole vibe of the song.

And for those of you who got the acoustic version of "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been" it's a good version, but I think they took it down too much, which is probably why it was eventually cut.

Overall, the best EP by far, great find for fans, and the album contains many great songs. Only time will tell if another EP of theirs is made, this site only mentions a Christmas album coming out, but I hope they do an EP for Five Score. The Relient K EP is always the best middle album in Christian music, and probably music period. You don't have to agree, but it's my opinion, and I'm sticking with it.

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Emotional Apathy | Posted November 01, 2010
If the stress and craziness of the Christmas season finally drag you down, and you need to shut yourself in a dark closet to get some peace; this is the CD you should put into your dusty Walkman and listen to.

Relient K masters the balance of sadness and redemption perfectly in this EP. The mix flows nicely from recovering upbeat self-examinations to forlorn anthems, with the acoustic versions of some classics in the middle.

In Like A Lion is definitely my favorite, most comparable to I Celebrate The Day (not on this album).

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Apathetic: A Little Pathetic | Posted June 27, 2009
I didn't care for this cd as much as Relient K's other cds. The only songs I liked were "Apathetic Way To Be" and "The Thief". I didn't like the acoustic versions of their old songs (seriously, why redo a masterpiece?) and I didn't care for all the slow songs. I hate to say this stuff about a Relient K cd because frankly they are my favorite band of all time. But this was still a disappointment to me.

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MY Review Ep ;) | Posted February 25, 2009
ive always been a huge fan of relient k ;)...this is the only one of thiere eps where the songs on here arent from other previous albums....they are totally different songs...which is awesome!!.. i also like the acoustic versions of "over Thinking" & "Be My Escape" .... somewhat similar to "THE CREEPY EP" and then somewhat different....although thiere sound has changed alot over the years...but is still very good!! ;)....ROCK ON RK!!

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Not Pathetic! | Posted October 28, 2008
I pretty much wore this cd out....seriously it skips in different songs because of all the spins! :-) It is a really good ep,despite the fact that RK referred to it as a pathetic ep(thus the name). I really like "Apathetic Way To Be."

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amazing; | Posted August 24, 2008
always have and always will be a relient k fan. so every new cd surprises me and it seems like each time i get even more hooked. they have great talents :]]

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Apathetic EP | Posted April 01, 2008
Unfortunately it's an EP, and not a full CD, but it still has a lot to offer. I really liked the new songs that were on the CD, especially Apathetic Way To Be. There's a pun right in the title. I love Dave Douglas' vocals in this song. I liked the acoustic versions of old songs too, especially Be My Escape, which just made the song more beautiful in my opinion. Which to Bury... wasn't my favourite. The song lost most of its passion in the acoustic version. So although it was short, it's a really good CD.

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irocketh (89)

Good EP | Posted March 24, 2008
Never has being apathetic been so fun! The acoustic versions of the songs aren't quite as excellent as the originals but are still pretty good. The new tracks are the best.

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Pretty Good! | Posted November 21, 2007
I really liked this EP! My favorites were "Apathetic Way To Be" and "The Truth." I don't really like acoustic versions of songs too much...I usually like the originals better. I also liked "In Like A Lion (Always Winter)." In fact, the lyrics reminded me of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis and I was surprised that it wasn't featured in the "Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia" compilation CD!

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