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Release The Panic: Recalibrated [edit]
by RED | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 29, 2014

RED returns with a unique mini-album of "recalibrated" songs from their best-selling album "Release The Panic". This edition includes six songs from "Release The Panic" that now have RED's signature strings, orchestrations, and other new elements added to the original tracks PLUS one new unreleased song from the "Release The Panic" sessions called "Run and Escape." This edition will provide RED's insatiable fans a new way to experience the music but this time even more intense than before.

Track Listing
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01. Run And Escape
02. Release The Panic (Recalibrated)
03. Damage (Recalibrated)
04. Hold Me Now (Recalibrated)
05. So Far Away (Recalibrated)
06. Glass House (Recalibrated)
07. As You Go (Recalibrated)

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Symphonic Sojourns | Posted May 12, 2014
When heavyweight hard rockers RED released their fourth full length studio album, Release the Panic, fans immediately were aware of a massive sonic shift which left behind the signature symphonic rock sound integral to the band's previous albums. Although the move into new territory proved the band's courage and ability to thrive beyond the style they'd initially developed, it left some fans missing the previous style. Release the Panic: Recalibrated answers those concerns with a unique remix album that focuses on recasting some of the album's highlights in a more string-centered mold. 

In many cases, the arrangements created are strikingly different, such as title track "Release the Panic," which leans more on frenetic violins to create the swell of panicked energy rather than the heavy crunch of electric guitar that carried the original. "Damage" and "Glass House" are heavy tracks re-interpreted similarly, building an entirely different sonic landscape to create a similar emotional pull. The originally softer tracks "Hold Me Now" and "So Far Away" mesh best melodically with the strong string presence, given that they were initially structured in a less heavy direction. 

In addition to the re-imagined pieces, RED offers up new track "Run and Escape," a beautifully eerie rocker that should assure any doubters that this is still the band we grew to love on previous classics "Breathe Into Me," "Death of Me" and "Feed the Machine." Though strings are present here, so are the crushing force of Anthony Armstrong's guitar riffs and the tortured-soul vocals offered by Michael Barnes. 

Closing Thoughts:
Although I find myself questioning the move of reinterpreting an innovative album in a safer direction, the result is undeniably incredibly solid. Though there are moments when the songs feel like they've been oversaturated with strings, this is mostly justified simply because remix albums need to be different enough to justify fans buying re-worked versions of material they likely already purchased a year ago. Overall the treatment suits the songs well, and is undeniable proof that RED has truly mastered the symphonic rock sound they once pioneered (a sound countless other bands have attempted to emulate much less effectively in the past decade). 

Song to Download Now:
"Run and Escape" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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One Word: SICK. | Posted May 03, 2014
This is amazing. I love the strings they added to this. I love Run and Escape too. I also love the beginning of Release the Panic. The thing I just love about it is that they put in this 'dark' beginning to the song. I always start to headbang so hard when it starts the chorus. I noticed another thing (that I love, shocker right?) they added in the strings in the first chorus of Release the Panic. Can't wait until a new full album comes out. Great job RED!


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