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Invader Volume 1 [edit]
by Rapture Ruckus | Genre: Electronic/Dance | Release Date: February 25, 2014

The newest release by Rapture Ruckus is the energetic digital EP, Invader Volume 1, which features the hit single “In Crowd (feat. Soul Glow Activatur),” and the upcoming single “In this Together (feat. Shuree).” This album follows the highly successful 2011 EP Open Your Eyes.

Fronted by MC Rapture (Brad Dring), Rapture Ruckus debuted in 2002 at New Zealand’s Parachute Festival (one of the largest music festivals in the Southern Hemisphere) breaking the event’s record for highest-selling new act. Rapture Ruckus has continued touring, supporting bands throughout North America, Europe, Africa and Asia and will be on tour this spring with Newsboys.

Rapture Ruckus released their music to the United States via BEC Recordings in 2010. The self-titled debut was nominated for a Dove Award in “Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year” category.

Track Listing
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01. In Crowd ft. Soul Glow Activatur
02. Everybody Get Up
03. Head Held High
04. Interlude: Invader (Part I)
05. Carry Me
06. In This Together ft. Shuree
07. In Crowd (David Thulin Remix)
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Inspired by you | Posted April 21, 2014
Rapture Ruckus has always written their songs with a specific person in mind, someone to encourage and uplift. Family or friend, vocalist and Ruckus founder Brad Dring will home in on the root of that person’s struggles and develop a song of hope. And as often happens when stories and music unite, these songs become a beacon of spiritual refuge not only for those by whom the song was inspired, but for hundreds of others who can relate.

So who inspired this New Zealand hip-hop band’s latest musical endeavor? You. The fans. You who’ve met the guys after shows and shared your stories. While you were inspired by their songs, they were inspired by your lives.
Setting the tone for the Invader Volume 1 EP is In Crowd, an anthem for the outcasts as it were, featuring Family Force Five’s very own Solomon Olds (a.k.a. Soul Glow Activatur). Brad Dring describes it this way: “This song is about celebrating our diversity. God made us all different and we’ve all got a unique quality that no one else has. It’s like everywhere you look there’s something that’s telling you how you need to look, what you need to wear, how you need to act. What the perfect person looks like. God didn’t make you to fit in with the crowd – He made you to stand out.”
The music video for In Crowd features Brad as a school janitor, jamming through the halls of a high school amassing his own “in crowd” of “uncool” kids. The video drives home the message that you don’t have to be a clone of society in order to matter. In fact, why blend it when you can stand out?
Everybody Get Up sports a unique blend of old-school funk and rap. Another call to stand out and buck against the flow, it challenges listeners to seek more out of life than cheap, fleeting entertainment. In one of the last lines, Brad states God’s transforming work in his life as the reason he wants to be a new kind of role model for today’s youth. “Some things in life that you just can't explain, like who I was to who I became. That's why I just can't be here to entertain. Gotta speak my mind, and go against the grain.”
Head Held High and Carry Me are similar to Rapture Ruckus’ popular single Hold On. These songs soar with hope in Christ and encourage those sludging through the darkness of pain and confusion that Jesus can light their way into a brand new day.
In This Together is a song of community, urging believers to be there for each other. A hand to hold, a listening ear, an uplifting word of truth. We were never meant to make it through our Christian walk on our own. We walk with a family of friends.
The title track of this EP, Invader (Part 1) is really one long rap verse, just about two minutes long. It nicely sums up the heart of the EP, stating that we will not conform to who this world wants us to be, but instead seek the ultimate power of Christ. A power that has dark forces running scared and scrambling to squelch our passion for the Creator.
And let’s not forget the amazing electric dance remix of In Crowd, remixed by David Thulin (recording artist, producer, and older brother of Press Play’s Jonathan Thulin). David’s remix is the perfect high-energy ending to the EP.
Although a bit more poppy than their 2011 release Open Your Eyes, Ruckus’ Invader Volume 1 delivers a strong message of spiritual identity and hope in Christ. I’m intrigued to hear what musical morsels Volume 2 will offer.

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The Ruckus Don't Stop | Posted February 25, 2014
Crowdfunding seems to be the way to go for most recording artists these days. It gives fans the rare chance to get involved in the recording process, while receiving some sweet incentives along the way. 

After a successful attempt at fan-funding their first music video, the New Zealand import known as Rapture Ruckus launched their second campaign late in 2013, raising the money the record a two-part series of EPs. Their initial goal surpassed in an 11th hour stretch, the Tooth & Nail trio was again successfully funded, and immediately got to work on new music. 

Following their US debut with 2011's Open Your Eyes, the first of their two 2014 extended plays, Invader V1, promises to deliver the vibrant sounds this upbeat group of techno rockers are known for, while still managing to push the creative envelope a step further. 

Right off the bat, "In Crowd" shows a clear evolution in the band's sound, while still remaining consistent in both their uplifting message of anti-conformity, and their signature electronic elements. The brief appearance by former Family Force 5 frontman Solomon "Soul Glow Actiavatur" Olds is a nice touch, and no doubt his addition will catch the ears of a few more listeners.

"Everybody Get Up" serves up a modern vibe atop a funky 70s beat, while the lyrics are the true star of the show. Cheeky and unapologetic at best, some listeners might be surprised by the brute honesty. Once you get past the shock factor however, what you'll find is clever song about giving up any false fulfillment the world tries to offer, and living for Christ regardless of what we might have to lose.

"Head Held High" is a stern encouragement that goes out to anyone feeling like their walking through hell on earth. It brings to mind the progression found in Manafest's music, due mostly in part to frontman Brad Dring voyaging away from rap, and into more proper singing. 

A brilliant interlude, or all-too brief track? With "Invader Pt 1," it's your call. Perhaps the sequel to this quirky space themed tune, about a rising army of pious protagonists, will come in the next installment of EPs. Time will only tell.

"Carry Me" falls victim to being the weakest number on the project, mostly because it follows a series of tracks that are so melodically strong. 

The bubbly, synth pop "In This Together" would be a fun song to rally a crowd if played live, and with the guest vocals of Chicago based female vocalist Shuree, I becomes one of the band's strongest and most unique songs to date. 

A David Thulin remix of "In Crowd" ties up this EP nicely, with the perfect blend of dubstep ticks infused into this already danceable track. 

Closing Thoughts:
Rapture Ruckus continues to push boundaries with the first of their Invader EPs, both on musical and lyrical fronts. Confronting strong topics in a way that can come across PG-13 at times, it's that kind of brutal honesty that has won the trio the trust of so many listeners, and will continue to win over many more. It also serves as another sonic leap for the group, as they branch away from their melodic formula, and into uncharted territory.

While the second installment of Invader is promised to be more mellowed out and unplugged, its predecessor is an impressive collection of tunes well worth your time and attention. 

Song To Download: 
"In Crowd" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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