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Resuscitate [edit]
by Remedy Drive | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 18, 2012

Resuscitate showcases three new members of Remedy Drive; Timmy Jones/drums, Dave Mohr/guitar, and Corey Horn/bass join lone original member and frontman David Zach. Produced by Pete Kipley (Matthew West, Kutless, MercyMe), the album's ten songs were all co-written by the band.

Track Listing
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01. Better Than Life
02. Lost Cause
03. Resuscitate Me
04. God I Hope So
05. What Are We Waiting For
06. Don't Forget
07. Make It Bright
08. Crystal Sea
09. Glory
10. Hold On

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KellyS (37)

This Band is Breathing Again | Posted August 13, 2012
After over a year of major changes and reinvention, Remedy Drive releases Resuscitate to anxiously awaiting fans. In late 2010, frontman David Zach's brothers decided to leave life on the road, giving their blessing to continue on with the band, but leaving three empty spots. Zach was determined to find bandmates worthy to fill that void and according to longtime fans, he has. Releasing their first full-length album as a new foursome, Remedy Drive has proven they're not going anywhere and is poised to continue their mission of breathing life into a dying world.
With the first listen of track 1, "Better Than Life," it's immediately clear the unique sound of Remedy Drive hasn't diminished, even with all the recent changes. The song opens with the pretty plunking of a piano, quickly followed by symphonic electric guitars and drums. As Zach's familiar voice sings the passionate chorus, "I need You / You keep my heart beatin' / I need You / You keep my lungs breathin' / Cuz Your love is better than life," the unmistakable melodic, piano-driven rock and hopeful lyrics leave the listener reassured of the band's faithfulness to their original sound.
Title track and first single "Resuscitate Me" starts out with crunchy guitars and has more of a rock vibe than some others on the album. With a background chorus, Zach's gritty voice sings to God, "I need You to save me / It's not too late to resuscitate me / Don't let go / Your touch awaits me / It's not too late to resuscitate me!" As the energy builds and song progresses, it's clear this is definitely one of Remedy Drive's hardest songs on the album, which rock lovers will enjoy. With some of the guitar riffs, drum beats, and distorted vocals, this song could even be mistaken for something you might hear from Switchfoot.
Even with slower tracks like "God I Hope So", "What Are We Waiting For" and "Crystal Sea", lyrics continue to remain hopeful with an uplifting energy all their own. Containing a prevalence of piano and soaring guitar, every song has a solid truth for listeners to hold on to and be reminded of God's love for them, no matter what the world may bring their way.
"Glory" definitely has an electronic dance vibe that will get any audience moving, while final track, "Hold On," reverts back to the familiar piano-rock sound. As Zach is joined by a chorus of voices singing, "When everything is broken / Everything is gone / When there's nothing left to hold on to / You give me something better / More than just a feeling / You give me something real to hold on to", leaving us with the reminder that God is the only constant in our lives and He is all we need.
Closing Thoughts:
Despite the many changes and adjustments David Zach has had to make over the past year and a half to keep his vision for Remedy Drive alive, Resuscitate is evidence that the new foursome is on track to continue what was originally started over 10 years ago. While each new bandmate brings their own unique musicianship to the table, the familiar piano-driven melodies and hopeful lyrics that set Remedy Drive apart from their peers, remains front and center. After listening to Resuscitate, loyal and longtime fans can rest easy knowing the sound they've grown to love is still in good hands.
Track You Need to Download:
"Resuscitate Me"

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Beanie17 (52)

Nice | Posted June 15, 2013
I like this CD alot. Every song is really good and fun. And they sound good when heard live. My favorite song from this CD is "Resuscitate Me." It really rocks, reminding me of a Switchfoot song. I also like "Better the Life" and "Crystal Sea."

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Resuscitate | Posted October 24, 2012
 Resuscitate is the best album Remedy Drive has put out by far. With the song that will touch everyones heart in one way or another. From the up beat song called Make it Bright, to the slower but powerfull song God I Hope So. This is an album that will not disapoint anyone.

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Mixed Feelins | Posted September 25, 2012
I have to say that as a Remedy Drive fan (their CD is constantly on replay on my ipod) I was a little disapointed with this release. As a music fan, I enjoyed it, though. It was a well-written, well thought out CD that had a balance of harder rock songs and softer, thoughtful songs. Why I was disapointed was a lot of the CD was a different sound completely than I am used to from Remedy Drive. Not a bad thing, just not the "always on repeat" sort of album that I was expecting.

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Resuscitate. | Posted September 17, 2012
 Remedy Drive according to people are best when it comes to performances on stage and maybe they should just drop a LIVE album cos that wouldnt hurt. The songs on the album will be great during a live show but most of the songs don't appear so great on the cd or lets say the studio versions of these songs.

One thing i can say for sure is that Resuscitate is a grower, it actually grows on you because i remember first listening to the album and not getting into it, i had just about two or three songs that i could say good things about but with time that changed, again why i said they will make a good live band (although they already are a great band to see according to fans).

Best Songs

Don't Forget

Crystal Sea

Better Than Life

Lost Cause

God I Hope So

What Are You Waiting For

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Great Album | Posted September 11, 2012
 I'm more of a fan of Remedy Drive's first two albums: Rip Open the Skies and Daylight Is Coming. The lyrical content of which resembles a worship song and the extremely catchy hooks made both purly amazing albums. While the musical content is not of the catchy calibur of the first two, it does deliver. As with any artist the music style has changed over time. After two full lenght albums and two EP's, Remedy Drive delivers an album more on the side of Contemporary Christian with a hint of pop/rock rather then a full blown alternative rock album as in the past. Lyrically it delivers on nearly the same level as before, glorifying God in every avenue and never ceasing to realize how much we need Him

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Glad I Pre-Ordered this one | Posted September 11, 2012
This album is so good! I didn't hear one song I didn't like. I'm so glad I pre-ordered it and can't wait for it to get here! I saw them in concert back in July, and they put on a great show! Altogether awesome band!

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